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Five Reasons Why We Should Pay and Recieve Bills Online

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Five Reasons Why We Should Pay and Recieve Bills Online

Thursday April 25, 2019,

6 min Read

There are basically three ways by which you can make your online payment. Firstly through your bank in which you hold an account, on the biller's website or through a third-party bill payment service which happens through digital payment gateway integration. There are pros and cons to these methods and it depends on your personal preferences. Following are five basic reasons as to why should choose to pay bills online.

1.Fast, Simple and Secure

When you think of online bill payments, you apparently relate it to giving standing instructions to the bank to automatically pay your utility bills by debiting your account But there has been a drastic increase in the people opting to use their credit cards to pay online. More and more retailers are accepting credit cards as online payment. These reason people are opting for Online bill payment is since it faster and easier than issuing a cheque.

Basically, it eliminates the delay or postponing payments. It reduces the occurrence of events where it was chances of payment after dues date that resulted in into penalty. You can also set up monthly payments facility provided by the bank and never pay a late fee again. Also If you go and pay online the bills every month instead of doing automatic payments, that will also be saving your time and avoid frustration, visit your bank and cheque stamping.

Even if you wait until the last minute to pay online, you save precious days since online transactions typically process much faster than mailed ones. There is also a risk of the cheque being misplaced by the authority. Also during some dispute, you can go through the records online for respective dates and amount that act as proof. So on the contrary that was once believed, online bill payment is safer than snail mail, and there is addon security when you are using credit to pay bills.

2.Facilitates Payments through credit cards

These days when you pay bills online through credit cards, the issuing authority of the card provides various benefits in the form of reward points. Such reward points can be either converted into cash to pay the credit card bills or can be using for various other benefits like using as travel miles, purchasing shopping vouchers and so on.

Paying your bills with a credit card has a number of advantages. For one, think of all the travel miles you could rack up by using your airline-linked credit card to pay tuition and student loans! It also lends an extra layer of security to the payment process. And if you happen to be short on funds, using your credit card subtracts the worry about overdrafts from your checking account. You'll also be able to spot billing errors more easily if you're just looking at one credit card statement every month.

The greatest idea to begin using your credit card for online bill payment is by visiting your bank website and replacing the bank account information with your credit card details. And if you are paying online directly to the biller's website then you may replace the information stored with the credit card details. Here you must keep in mind to keep a check on a regular basis the card expiry details and there are no additional charges levied to you by the merchant for using the credit card.


The biggest problem the globe is facing currently is global warming. By opting to pay bills online we are indirectly preserving the Earth's resources as we are saving paper by not using cash, account statement printed on paper, cheque deposit and so on.

Paper consumption is decreasing day by day as more and more banks are opting to send bank statements emailed to you resulting in fewer physical mails and envelopes to open. This leads to a hassle-free life to people as everything is available to them with a single click of a button. And if fewer bills have to be generated, then it means much less energy and fuel being consumed on printing, mailing and sending them. So one more reason truly justifies our usage of online payment which tremendously benefits our environment.

And then there's the money-saving part. Obviously, if you're not sending checks in the mail, you're not buying stamps. And because of the aforementioned printing, processing, mailing and transporting, companies spend a whole lot less money on online transactions than they do on the snail-mail variety. This makes them happy, which (sometimes) makes them willing to spread the savings to you, which (sometimes) means lower fees.

4.Easy Consolidation

The best online payment gateway lets you sort your finances in one fell plunge. There are quite a few services -- like PayTm, Payu Money, Atom Tech, Instamojo, and Paypal. They are third-party online billing service that can be used for making smooth, agile and seamless payment. Such services can be outsourced by companies like Web Design and Development Company. Also, there are few software which helps you manage your billings. All of your bills are collected and emailed to you, saved in calendars for reminders and alerts when bills are due and few settings and information provided help your debit your accounts directly for billings without any delay. But such services come with a fee which many people determine that it's a meager price to pay for the convenience.

5.Easy Organization

When you're organizationally challenged and pay bills the traditional way, it is naturally possible to lose focus on your personal finances. Once you are paying a particular bill, that paper gets lots nowhere and never available for future reference unless and until you keep filing them in between various other piles of files. So there are great chances of paper getting lost, shredded in a heap of paper. But if you are paying the same bill online, you can see all your records and instantly know if something is missing. And if you use a third-party bill-payment service having a Customized Payment Gateway, all the statements are in one place and available for instant review. It is just like recruiting a professional organizer.