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Key Notes for SharePoint Customization

Considering both the opportunities and constraints in SharePoint Customization (On-premises or Online), SharePoint Consultants at Stridely Solutions have shared their expert insights which help out organizations in SharePoint solutions and services.

Key Notes for SharePoint Customization

Monday July 22, 2019,

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In spite of the fact that SharePoint can fulfill fundamentally out of the box absolute need of the organization for collaboration and communication, but just with the default functionalities, all the core requirements of any association are not fulfilled, so organizations opt to go for SharePoint Customization.  

SharePoint Customization

It might be a modification in dashboards or menu or additional functionalities or also syncing it with other software - although with SharePoint Customization it is definitely achievable but needs to take in context associated complexity, multiple risks and hurdles in the path. Considering both the opportunities and constraints in SharePoint Customization (On-premises or Online), SharePoint Consultants at Stridely Solutions have shared their expert insights which help out organizations in SharePoint solutions and services.   

Let's solve it with few questions -  

For what reason to Customize SharePoint?

The customization abilities of SharePoint let the organization meet its core objectives from Microsoft SharePoint. This requirements co-cordially includes an Intranet Solution, an Internet or a Portal solution, document management system, knowledge management system, ticketing and help desk system, collaboration platform with Microsoft communication sites or Microsoft Teams and many more.  

In such cases, organizations are already using the out-of-box functionalities provided by SharePoint, but they too believe to go for customization leveraging their business opportunities by getting rid of the below bottlenecks - 

  • Implementation of user-friendly UX and intuitive UI tending towards branding  
  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence with SharePoint Solution enhances the employee performance leading to business efficiency.  
  • Integration of other business tools like ERP, CRM with SharePoint, streamlines the workflow. This can help to overcome the duplication of data entries in two systems.  
  • Data Migration might be the issue, but with Stridely Solutions’ team of SharePoint, we make sure to migrate all your data seamlessly with compatibility with custom features. Moving to SharePoint cloud deployment is no more a hassle! 
  • Customization opens up gates for implementing a hybrid SharePoint environment with on-premises and cloud deployment which is adhered to compliance regulations. 


What-All to be Customized?

The main SharePoint element to be customized are - 

  1. Considering SharePoint Branding, it is required to customize designs like - logos, colors, master pages, styles, page layouts, themes. It presents the personalized look and feel to leverage the professionalism of the organization. 
  2. Customizing Navigation helps users to route up quickly with their practiced menu options in their communication, hub or team site. It helps in rapid correspondence with the site and encourages the team to get accustomed to it.  
  3. Customization allows implementing Custom Formats to pages. Likewise, it's conceivable to alter a SharePoint page by including custom Web Parts, demonstrate representatives' work environments or give a climate preview of a given area. Moreover can give content personalization or prediction alike Gmail, customization is beyond limits.  
  4. Workflows are the limitation faced with Out of the box SharePoint development, but by customizing workflow with Microsoft Flow, SharePoint Designer, workflows can be created for approving SharePoint page content. 
  5. Microsoft Forms or PowerApps for surveys, polls, quizzes to help for the activities, feedbacks - this can be easily embedded with SharePoint Pages serving the additional features. 

Amount you can Customize 

The structure sort of SharePoint characterizes a degree of customization capacities: 


SharePoint Server On-premises Deployment -  SharePoint Server underpins both the server-side code (keeps running from the SharePoint servers) and the client-side code (keeps running in a browser). The accessibility of the server-side code makes SharePoint customization capacities practically boundless. 


SharePoint Online cloud-based deployment - Since the server-side code is inaccessible in SharePoint Online, the client-side code is utilized for customization rather than it. What's more, customization is done utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Customizations of SharePoint Online incorporate, for instance, making arrangements for the scheduler for deleting old records or beginning a survey work process after a specific period, connecting a particular report layout with a library. 


Along these lines, organizations that don't have SharePoint being used and haven't chosen the stage's sending, ought to consider to what degree they have to go past the out-of-the-box features ahead of time since this may impact the decision. If they're as of now utilizing SharePoint, their customization capacities rely completely upon the preferred deployment method. 

Wrapping up Thoughts 

SharePoint offers organizations different customization alternatives for making designs, work processes and other advanced work environment components custom-made to clients' needs. 


Because of adaptability, organizations can make the best of the environment and can also have cost-effectiveness for the third party paid tools expenditure. The drawback, of SharePoint based solution customization, lies in the multifaceted nature of its usage, mind-boggling expenses, the required aptitude, and potential similarity issues if there should arise an occurrence of updating and movement to the SharePoint cloud deployment.