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What are the latest artificial intelligence trends?

I am an avid believer that AI could morph the world and replace boring and mundane activities by adding a certain spark into our existence.

What are the latest artificial intelligence trends?

Wednesday June 10, 2020,

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Introduction :

There is something so awe-inspiring and sublime about watching unmanned drones or flying cars or the stuff of dreams. Now, you don't need to worry as the future of Artificial Intelligence is here. From visors to Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality headsets to mechanized robots which would replace humans in the immediate future. One prominent example of the lure and reach that Artificial Technology has is that we grapple with it daily; we are oblivious to that fact. A restaurant in Indira Nagar in the hinterland of Bangalore is robot-centric wherein your food is served by this. I marvel at the replacement of humans with these efficient robots whenever I visit this joint in Indira Nagar.

That being said, the industry trend and business propositions nowadays are veering towards utilizing remnants of nano tech and A.I to keep up with the ever-changing and growing demands of the concrete jungle. Artificial Intelligence is a desperate bid to renew our relationship with technology and to instil a sense of wonder into this world. The current trends that have led to efficient sustenance of the global conglomerates and the all-pervasive industry rely solely on the power of A.I 

Robotics and A.I proliferate at light speed with the advent of technology in almost sphere of our pertinent lives. Something out of movies wherein the dystopian era world's are unified with the help of modern-day advancements are all within our reach now. The vast and untapped market is up for grabs. Technical ingenuity and know-how have enabled a broader market for A.I growth. A. I have untravelled divisive market trends and cultural idealization into a kind of immersive melting pot of culture. 

The immersion of A.I based services into the mainstream is what every business is on the lookout for. These emerging trends really redefine our global village and the consortium it affects, with its surplus revenue generation. My family and lineage have a lot of business people whose careers went into doldrums because they weren't accustomed to A.I based tech interfaces. It pages way to a fruitful and unencumbered future sans(without) risks and is hassle-free. A.I am the stuff of dreams that utilizes an individual's farsightedness and will to succeed and reach Zenith's of success. They can also be used as key marketing ploys to garner adequate traction and can never be disposable. What many people tend to overlook is that it runs on haptic feedback and motion-censored technicalities. Therefore, owing to its nature, it's practical applications are immense and hugely beneficial. 

Within any domain is a supervisor who has to be on the lookout for newer and greener pastures that deliver and are the best bang-for-your-buck technological services thriving out there. Many of these A.I interfaces have downsides though. It runs the risk of collaboration which has led to an increase in a mish-mash of ideas that eventually lead to the product or the end-result going down the drain. 

  1. A.I lead to an ownership shift: They always are clasped in the hands of a single private consortium of companies or collectors. This thus prevents equal stakes for other promising candidates or investors that abound the business realm at large.
  2. They leverage workforce: it can be used as a point of reference or a leveraging factor for rightful business expansion.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests is a vast and predominantly enterprising series of great tech leaps which include nanotechnology and allied activities, Automated robots like Sophia and so forth which progress to revolutionize the workspace that we abundantly thrive in. Moreover, the pros outweigh the cons. They are this emerging piece of technological advancement whose navigation and ultimate maneuvering is a minefield but the goldmine of opportunities that it leads to is worth the struggle. 

Artificial Intelligence is an effective coping mechanism to traverse this glass ceiling of the concrete world. Google with its plethora of A.I inspired inventions have already reached a high career trajectory with a staggering empirical(numerical) growth. Unscrewed cars and drones and chat tools to assist us on the cyber front or be it the digital navigation guides available in your SUV's are groundbreaking examples of some really prominent A.I flagships.


The era of Cloud computing and digital computer mapping: Who would forget the Black Mirror episode which showcases the pertinent discoveries involved in A.I

One such episode from this legendary TV series or Netflix series depicts an AI-powered chip implanted into a person's brain that logs memories, stores it for further recall and can also be recorded, controlled and manipulated according to the wearer's personal intentions and at his/her own will. Be it cherished memories or harmful ones used against you and your dear ones, it portrays a bleak dystopian near future where this might be possible, after all.

It is an aspect of human life that is made up of such minute yet intangible data that it enlivens the scientific curiosity in me. I have personally been to a myriad range of A.I seminars and conferences and let me tell you, and it surely is the future of tomorrow.The reality show entitled "Shark Tank" dabbles into the A.I milieu which is a bunch of tech-savvy investors who put up a percentage of stock into upcoming businesses and also some major players in the A.I industry.

It is also about inculcating a sense of or ushering in an era of indubitable change, utmost job prosperity and also claims for a lot of industry resources and capital intensity.


A.I has led to increased potential from the tech aspects as well as human labour and smarts and will continue to rule the roost for many more impressionable years to come.The spectrum that it has majorly concentrated and dominated itself into is akin to the greatest and the most earth-shattering technical innovations there is.

Humanity has to swear by the rules of Artificial Intelligence and for all you know, it can lead to the next big breakthrough and could also potentially produce Nobel laureates.

Step onto this bandwagon and put all your faith into what A.I could entail as it encapsulates a slice of great grit and hard scientific work that great minds have put painstaking efforts to concoct. I am an avid believer that it could morph the world and replace boring and mundane activities by adding a certain spark into our existence. So join me in solidarity to change the world, piece by piece and spool by spool until it gives rise to something oh-so magical and tantalizing.