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Latest trends in digital marketing for 2019

In 2019, digital marketing is going through a dramatic shift and one can see the changes in SEO, SMO, and other digital marketing strategies.

Latest trends in digital marketing for 2019

Monday April 08, 2019,

6 min Read

To make the most of your business, you need to bid farewell to the obsolete strategies and embrace the new trends. Here we will discuss the latest trends in digital marketing 2019 which will take your business to another level. Let’s check about these.

The computing done using virtual infrastructure over the internet is cloud computing, but wait, is it really that simple as it sounds!! In olden days just after the dinosaurs left the earth, 

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence):- Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing work simultaneously. You collect data, analyze it and apply t so you can learn about your audience in a better way. It is transforming digital marketing like never before and as it continues to grow it will improve the digital marketing strategies and customer insights for companies as well. So, what will happen if you use them? The purpose of digital marketing is to get good customer experience and once the content is relevant to the user, it will convert and stick to your brand. It can be a great way to improve the online shopping experience as well. There will be less dissatisfied customers and high engagement with your brand. For example, using Facebook messaging bots is a great way to optimize and automate your customer service. 

2.Chat Bots:- In 2019, chat bots will be a vital part of digital marketing. You will be able to use instant messaging in real time with your website visitors and customers. Billions are interacting using chatbots and most of the businesses are taking its advantage. They are already using it and some are planning to use it by 2020. By 2022 it will help businesses to save eight billion every year in industries like healthcare and banking.

Chatbots are preferred because they answer promptly, are responsive and help you to recall the busying history. Uber make use of chatbots to interact with the customers and thus, it is becoming easy for people to hire cars via Google map, facebook messenger, etc. So things will be more streamlined for your business and you can focus on other important business tasks as well.

3. Omnichannel marketing:- Omnichannel is a multichannel sales approach which helps the customer to get an integrated shopping experience. No matter what medium(phone, desktop, iPad, etc.) customer is using to shop, the experience will always be pleasant. With every channel, you can engage with the customers and ensure they are enjoying the experience of seeing your content. It will allow your brand to build a strong relationship with customers. You can get 91% customer retention rate on an average if you adopt this trend.

4. AMP:-The objective of marketing is to draw the attention of visitors to your company. Publishing content that is meaningful to your readers will attract inbound traffic because sixty-one percent of users do not return to websites that are difficult to access or have irrelevant content. Google AMP or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is open source to create content which is fast to load. With the following three components it helps to achieve your marketing goals. 

First, AMP HTML which comes with new tag restrictions is a good way to increase the consistency and loading speed. Second, AMP JS is the library to custom tags gives you a fast conversion rate of your page. Third, Google AMP Cache is the built-in validations which help to ensure that the page really works. Using these three components improves user experience and monetization. 

5. Email & marketing automation:-You spend a lot of time on email campaigns every day and repeating these tasks everyday can be hectic. Email and marketing automation allows one to handle these tasks with a few tools perfectly. It will offer your customers better user experience. It will help you reach more customers and retain the existing ones more efficiently. Targeted personalized messages will help in building more meaningful relationships with your customers. 

6. Video:- Video is the crucial element in digital marketing as these have an easy to digest format. It makes things more interactive for the end user. Videos are versatile and can be shared across different platforms very easily. It offers a high ROI because videos are accessible to everyone and you can create various types of videos with interactive content. It is a very effective content marketing strategy.

7. Voice Search:- Voice search rising and one of the most important digital marketing trend of 2019. Google voice search queries are going up every day. Consumers understand the value of voice user-friendly interactions. Voice search improves the user experience of search engines as audio content is a fast and convenient way for the user to get more accurate results.

8. Native advertising:- Online marketers are turning to native advertising. It is the use of paid ads to match the feel, look and function of the media format in which they are showcased. These are like the recommended content on a webpage or you will find them in social media feeds. They are not like banner advertisements or display advertisements. These are nondisruptive. These ads are like brand exposure cloaked in the editorial content so the interest of the audience is not diminished at any point. If the content is interesting and meaningful, the audience won’t leave it without reading or engagement

9. User generated content:-User-generated content is like any other content that is created by the unpaid contributors and it includes videos, blog posts, pictures, discussion boards, and testimonials. Incorporating UGC campaigns as a part of your content marketing strategy will increase sales, social followers, improve social reach, boost brand credibility, strengthen customer relationships, build customer trust and also make SEO value. It is created and uploaded online so it can be shared further.

10. A rise in AdWords: :-Ad Words has always been an effective way to do digital marketing robustly. Now, in 2019, there is a rise in Ad Words that can double the PPC conversion rate. Based on the marketing KPI(Key Performance Indicators) Adwords still generate a high conversion rate. Create ads for search and display networks and make your PPC campaigns more powerful using fresh and quality content. It will be more effective for your business this year.