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List of Customer Experience Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

Here are some of the most useful customer experience buzzwords you can utilize to set yourselves apart from your competition to make your way up the food chain.

List of Customer Experience Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

Saturday August 24, 2019,

6 min Read

Creating a conversation and engaging people is the new way of setting yourselves apart from the competition. In today’s day and age, people only pay attention to things that set themselves apart from the cliched existing material that they have seen tens of times. Buzzwords are words or phrases used to convey many things at once. Through a single phrase or a word, you can do much more than an entire article if it’s targeted and presented the right way. This is the reason why many companies and customer feedback software have incorporated buzzwords into their marketing and presentation schemes.

Here are some of the most useful customer experience buzzwords you can utilize to set yourselves apart from your competition to make your way up the food chain.

1.    Customer-Centric

If you want to make an impression on your customer, make sure that you make the experience about them and not your business. Changing the general assumption of the customer from “what the business wants from us” to “what we want” plays a crucial role in improving your customer experience. This not only establishes a level of trust for the customers for engaging with you, but also makes it easier for a customer experience app to distinguish between a potential loyal customer and a casual customer.

2.    Personalization

One of the most powerful customer experience stratagems in the marketplace, you can convey a lot with this buzzword. Using this buzzword, you can convey to your customers that their personal needs are paid attention to and consistently worked upon. Personalizing your services in accordance with your customers’ needs is the best case of customer experience management in the industry.

3.    Customer Acquisition

You also must highlight the fact about your business that how good you are at providing various types of services. For this purpose, certain buzzwords not only present this fact in a professional way but also instills confidence in the mind of the customers. All the good customer experience software has a separate section for customer acquisition where customers can check the data out themselves. Who better to advertise your venture than your customers themselves? Providing your customers and visitors with testimonials, reviews, and customer stories is a process that can be conveyed under one umbrella- customer acquisition.

4.    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Yet another customer-centric buzzword, this phrase has that extra little kick to it. All your customers are looking for prominent data that solidifies your customer experience management capabilities in their minds. CRM conveys that your venture is not just organizing the customer data, but also using it to come up with tailored services for the customers through concentrated strategizing. Having a customer relationship management system in your organization helps you in accessing all the customer data on a customer experience platform at your convenience and acting upon it accordingly.

5.    Omni Channel or Multi Channel Communications

These industry jargon's have elevated their status from jargon's to buzzwords in the customer experience front. These buzzwords convey to the customers that your business has a streamlined approach towards the customer experience front, and no matter what mode of either of these buzzwords the customer chooses, they will get optimum responses from your end. The consistency of your responses takes the stage when it comes to your brand image. Setting a good first impression in the minds of your customers is always beneficial for your business.

6.    Chat bots

Chat bots have taken over the digital front of the businesses by a storm in recent years. Having an optimally functioning chat bot on your website or customer experience platform has become a must-have feature. Whenever a customer has any doubts, they open the chat box and get their doubts, questions or queries sorted out through it. Customers are always looking for ways to make their work easier while engaging with you, and a chat bot is the most helpful tool for your customers.

7.    Touch Points or Point of Contact

These buzzwords have been on the CX buzzword list for a long time and here’s why. Customers, regardless of the kind of experience they had or are going to have, will always feel safe if they have someone to interact with for any reason in their engagement with your business. Providing a point of contact to your customers right out the gate not only makes them feel secure, but it also generates a good customer experience with less-to-no hassles.

8.    Service Awareness

There is a huge difference between customer awareness and brand awareness. And customers mostly are aware of this difference, which makes this an essential prospect of serving your customers. Service awareness is showcasing how aware your business is attending to the customers’ requirements and if your business is willing to go the extra mile to give you the best customer experience instantly. This helps in attracting prospective customers to your business.

9.    Customer Effort

As previously mentioned, customers are mostly looking to do the least amount of work when engaging with any venture. Customer effort helps the customer in understanding beforehand how much work they will have to do, to avoid any preconceived notions in their minds about the services you provide. A customer feedback software provides the customers with the process they have to follow to avail your services, which gives them the idea of the effort they have to put in.

10. Customer Retention

Retaining your customers and continuous engagement from loyal and returning customers lays the ground for the growth of your venture. Customer retention is, perhaps, one of the most critical aspects of any business. Presenting valid customer retention data helps in motivating new customers to engage with your business and enhances your brand image simultaneously.

Using buzzwords to expand your reach into the market has always been a strategy that businesses use. But carefully choosing the right buzzwords to attract customers is perhaps the smartest way of expanding your reach into creating a loyal customer base. Knowing what these buzzwords mean is as important as using them, and if done right, can reap you all the benefits equivalent to that of an expensive advertising campaign.