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M-commerce in 2019: trends to keep up with and benefits to build an app

M-commerce in 2019: trends to keep up with and benefits to build an app

Monday December 10, 2018,

6 min Read

Did you know that e-commerce conception is already existing for 13 years? And when it was born, business owners thought about the development of a website - whether they need it or not. Today such hesitation can be really astonishing because you cannot boost your business if you don’t have a website.

But after a few years, a question regarding e-commerce mobile app was born. The market of mobile devices is developing very fast, so it became an actual topic to think about e-commerce mobile app development. And even today, at the end of 2018, the market of m-commerce is still not widely occupied. That is why you need to pay more attention to build an app for your online shop.

Since progress doesn’t stand still, new technologies are used in e-commerce software and they revolutionize it. For example, artificial intelligence is not a brand new feature and it is often used in many apps to improve the shopping process. So we recommend you to get acquainted with a few mobile trends for 2019 to define what you m-commerce app should contain. But first, let’s find out why an m-commerce app is a must.

Why you need m-commerce app

Google has conducted a survey in 2017 that showed to the public an interesting statistics - 57% of m-commerce apps users apply such apps for prices comparison, searching for specific offers, reading reviews and recommendations, and only purchase ranks the last position. About 65% of users make in average one purchase per week using mobile apps. Considering the fact that the majority of users have their mobile devices nearby round the clock.

Anyway, shop owners should have a mobile e-commerce app since a website only is not enough today - it is more convenient to surf an online store on the go, not sitting in front of a PC. So mind to hire iOS developer or Android developer to create a high-quality app for you.

Besides that, m-commerce apps serve as a trigger for users to make spontaneous purchases since both money and shop is always at hand. Users just need to make a few clicks to buy a product and that is much faster than using a PC - a perfect option to make spontaneous purchases.

Why is m-commerce app beneficial for your business? The matter is that you won’t be able to attract new users without an app. Moreover, you will lose existing users since they don’t want to use an online shop if it is not mobile-friendly. A responsive website is also not a good option since a responsive website has not so high performance as a mobile app has. Thus, your competitors may benefit from it since your customers will choose other service providers.

Trends of m-commerce for 2019

New trends in the world of m-commerce will help you create a competitive and good-looking app for your customers.


The majority of e-commerce apps like Spotify and Lyft already use chatbots services successfully. The matter is that many users prefer chatting service than calling or writing emails, so chatbot service use was just a matter of time. Chatbots provide customers with round-the-clock service.

Besides that, artificial intelligence makes it possible to gather data about customers and analyze it. It allows chatbot to predict the next question and prepare a reply, and also chatbots are able to offer personalized experience according to customers’ preferences.

Augmented reality

AR technology is existing a little more than for 1 year, but it has already become very popular and different types of business apply this tech. To make your business prosperous and far-reaching, you should think about the integration of AR into your m-commerce app. And you will surely succeed. Statistics speaks for itself:

  • 40% mobile users will buy a product more likely if they use AR tech during surfing in your shop;
  • 60% users prefer using an online shop that applies AR tech;
  • 70% users are sure that an online shop that utilizes AR is more serious and provides with more reliable services.


This is a very important trend since it allows business owners to offer people products that are more popular in their specific region.

Using GPS, when a customer enters an online market, it can start monitoring customer’s location immediately. The app can offer appropriate products and it will also help users find a nearby shopping center to buy something. Special RFIDs and beacons are also used to give a high-quality service to users.

Omnichannel experience

E-commerce business should apply omnichannel services in 2018 and 2019 since it allows them to unify a shopping presence with the help of a combination of various channels - both via digital shop and brick-and-mortar shop if you have one.

It is highly necessary since business owners can attract more customers and retain existing ones using omnichannel experience.

Purchase via one click

We think the importance of this capability is quite clear and it is undisputed. When users make one click to buy something - they spend a few seconds to perform payment, and it is really what they need.

As we noted above, m-commerce apps are created to trigger spontaneous purchases - so a one-click purchase is a trend that helps make such purchases fast.


Many customers prefer to make purchases when they receive personalized offers. And it is a working idea. Today many e-commerce businesses collect data about users in social networks to know about customers as much as possible. As a result, it makes it possible to send personalized offers to a customer and use artificial intelligence to analyze and predict what a customer will prefer buying next.  

Big Data

The more customers you have, the more data you have to collect, right? That is where Big Data processing comes to the rescue. It allows you to find the best price among other ones suggested by competitors and you can offer the best price to your customers. Also, Big Data helps collect information about the latest trends and all up-to-date information from the e-commerce world.

We hope that this information will be useful for you and it will help you build a really amazing m-commerce app. Just do your business wisely and you will succeed! And haste makes waste, remember it.