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Five Manageable New Year’s Resolution Suggestions 2020

Thomas Salzano: New Year resolution ideas for 2020

Five Manageable New Year’s Resolution Suggestions 2020

Monday December 30, 2019,

4 min Read

"A new year resolution without an action plan does not last long," says Thomas Salzano a famous blogger and a motivational speaker. So when you are deciding about the resolution for "The new year 2020" you need to keep one thing in mind and that is "your resolution should be a manageable one."

Generally, out of excitement, you plan a wrong resolution with high expectations and efforts which results in failure and disappointment. You don’t plan the levels for your resolution as you just announce the final result you desire and feel demotivation when you start with the resolution.


Secondly, you don’t plan your resolution well which is why you fail to achieve your decided goal. If your resolution is to be fit then joining a gym is not the only solution, your diet, sleep, and mental health all should be considered in your plan to become fit. You need to have a plan and a valid reason for the resolution you set for 2020.

Happy New Resolution

Now, the question is what resolution you should keep for 2020 that is manageable and achievable at the same time. Here is a list of a few common and manageable resolutions suggested by Thomas Salzano that you can make for 2020:

1)   Start eating healthy

You all have a busy schedule and eating healthy every day is a tough task but this can be managed. A proper diet chart must be your first plan when you this of this resolution.

But before any action plan, go for a full medical check-up and then decide your plan. Remember eating more green is not the solution but eating what your body needs more come under-eating healthy.

In short, “eat what your body needs to stay healthy and overcome the deficiency in the right proportion.”

2)   Improve your concentration and mental skills

Here concentration and mental skills related to the issue of overthinking, anxiety and distraction from your goals. Concentration in life can be improved by focusing on one thing at a time and ignoring the thoughts of failure. Live in the moment and when needed plan a short break where you spent time alone or with your loved ones.

In short, “Staying calm and focused should be your goal by improving your management skills and by keep practicing to strengthen your focus.”

3)   Become more active

You know you are lazy and you cover it up by saying that you are not well to avoid any comment on habit of being lazy. Being active means energetic and allowing your body to practice and stretch. Start with baby steps that you can follow daily like, take the stairs at least once a day to get started, add dancing or gardening activity in your weekend plans or the best option is to get a pet.

4)   Reduce stress and be happier with your life

In simple terms, stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The reaction can be physical, mental or emotional depending upon the situation and the person. This is a resolution that Thomas suggests for everyone as this can be achieved and there is a need for controlling stress levels among people with busy schedules and stressful lifestyles. Simple things to do for this like exercise, take a break, make time for hobbies, eat well and stay positive.

5)   Travel more and see the world

This is the most exciting resolution you can make in 2020. Spend time with family and friends, take a break from work and relax, travel to explore the world and your skills. You can plan holidays as per your schedule and desire. For those who love traveling but are stuck under responsibilities should plan at least 2 trips this year. Don’t leave your passion for traveling behind just find a way to manage them by making the right choice.

Happy New Year 2020

Other resolutions that you can make for 2020 are:

●    Focus more on your hobbies

●    Learn a new language

●    Learn to be more self-reliant

●    Earn more money

●    Get more quality sleep

●    Give up the habit of smoking and drinking

●    Spend more time with the people that matter

●    Get out of debt and other loans from friends

●    Start saving money

●    Become more organized

●    Learn to cook

●    Learn how to be more self-reliant

These are a few suggestions from Thomas Salzano to make a resolution that are achievable and manageable. Your resolution is your choice, but be careful that you don’t force yourself mentally or physically to achieve your resolution that results in hurting you or someone else. Keep patience and remember good things take time so go slow and plan well.

Happy New Year! Happy New Resolution