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List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE - 2022

Want to twofold your revenue bar via leveraging the power of mobile app development services in Dubai? Here, find the all-inclusive and in-depth insight taken a list of top mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE-2022.

List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE - 2022

Monday July 22, 2019,

4 min Read

There are only a few number of companies in Dubai that is keen in the market share of Mobile Apps Development. We have conducted an extensive research on Mobile App Development companies and have come up with this unique list of Top Mobile App Development firms in Dubai.

  1. RipenApps Technologies
  2. APPStairs
  3. Advansoft
  4. Enterprise Mobility
  5. The Nine Hertz

(1) RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps stated at the top position in the Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, giving mobility solutions for both platform including Native App Development (Android and iOS) and Hybrid App Development for the seekers who are wishing to twofold their ROI by having chartbuster mobile apps. With a group of able geeks, who constantly make themselves aware from the latest of development tools to create a generous mobile-first experience, RipenApps is the most searched app development company for providers to gain best-in-class mobile app development services. Close by Native Application Development benefits, the developers at RipenApps Technologies have tremendous experiences in Cross-Platform App Development. Consequently, the Mobile Apps Development Company has developed an excess of 200+ mobile apps for different industries spreading over from Retail, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Dating, and so on.

Website : https://ripenapps.com

Location: (Dubai) UAE, India, USA, Australia, UK, Canada

Employees: 150–350

(2) APPStairs


APPStairs is very keen to create an app for business, profitability. They nearly have the realization of incredible magnificence, accomplishment and routed to customers and displaying through their flawlessness yield bring about conveying their projects, by creating Mobile Apps in android or iOS or a Web app. They have a reliable group of mobile app developer’ ability the notorious mobile app development task

APPStairs puts stocks into new ideas and uses which they are capable of transforming them into amazing work experiences. They joined with new technologies so that customers can move a composite of new technologies to be eligible by action, they have developers with a personalized category of capabilities on each of the most recent app development services.

Website: www.theappstairs.com

Location: Dubai, UAE

Employees: 2-9+

(3) Advansoft


Advansoft is a Dubai based company equipped with a team of highly qualified mobile app developers producing some of the finest of mobile apps for our clients. We are a company that acknowledges technologies and progresses through developing the best of apps. App developers working in Advansoft are extremely proficient and finishing the projects in all respects effectively and stretching out their companies towards to the best grade in IT industry and actualizing another dimension of latest technologies to fulfill their customers with a goal of being the piece of client business development. Advansoft Company has employed mastery and devoted Android, iOS app developers to frame the best notoriety among their colossal customer base.

Website: www.advansoft.ae

Location: Dubai, UAE

Employees: 15–49

(4) Enterprise Mobility


Enterprise Mobility: The first-rate quality Android app development company in Dubai, which involves the gatherings contented customers who are happy with their services and evaluating them as the best mobile app developers in Dubai.

It has given a deeper gift to the developers and is committed to working productively for the given work and expressing the calendar at the given time.

Website: www.enterprisemobility.ae

Location: Dubai, UAE

Employees: 10–49

(5) The Nine Hertz

Nine Hertz

Nine Hertz

Nine Hertz is a mobile app development company in Dubai. They have given advanced needs to the customers with various techniques, they have Master and Professional Developers supervised and offered their image to the market and presented as an astonished app development company. Since its inception, the organization is telling the best in the market app development expenses to be adaptable to mobile app development. There is a group of Nine Hertz in more than 50 full-time experts who manage the board, mobile app development, mobile app planning, QA, and testing.

Website: https://theninehertz.com

Location: UAE

Employees: 50–249