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Mobile App Industries that are Immune to Covid - 19 Pandemic

If you are an entrepreneur or visionary this quarantine time must be traumatizing for you. Corona virus has taken over the world with its horrifying impact on not only on lives of over a million people around the world but also on the economy of every country.

Mobile App Industries that are Immune to Covid - 19 Pandemic

Saturday April 25, 2020,

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If you are an entrepreneur or visionary this quarantine time must be traumatizing for you. Corona virus has taken over the world with its horrifying impact on not only on lives of over a million people around the world but also on the economy of every country. In this unprecedented time if you are safe at home with your family then you have achieved a very good milestone. However, I can understand how will-shattering it can be for start-ups and entrepreneurs to be stuck at home and not hustle.

This article is for you if you are looking for something that can keep those gears grinding. In this article, I am going to cover the top mobile app industries that are surprisingly thriving and growing while other businesses are fighting for their existence. What are these top apps? Let’s talk about them in detail.

But first, let’s take a closer look at how this pandemic has taken a blow on the immunity of the mobile app industry.

Corona Virus vs Mobile App Market

Let’s not just talk about it, let’s walk through it. Consider the current situation of lockdown when you cannot step out of your house, what are the apps that you have stopped using? This will take no rocket science to understand that taxi or cab booking app are some of those apps that have received the hardest blow by the corona outbreak.

Furthermore, any app that is associated with your daily commute has received a tremendous fall in its user base. Apps that offered navigation facilities, event booking, movie ticket booking, hotel booking, flight ticket booking, etc. have come at a halt.

Now as a versatile entrepreneur you must be looking for the lucrative markets in this time of crisis that can also help people stuck at the homes. Now, look at what has changed after this lockdown. The very first thing can be, while people are at home, they tend to use smartphones, tablets, or desktops even more. Therefore, apps like grocery, entertainment on demand, and liquor ordering have seen a massive surge in their user base.

Let’s talk about these app industries vividly.

Mobile App Industries that are Immune to COVID – 19 Pandemic

Grocery Apps

This category speaks for itself. When you can’t step outside and go on errands for supplies, there is only one savior and i.e. a grocery ordering app helps you buy stuff that you need in a tough time and delivers them right at your doorsteps. Therefore, in February 2020, grocery delivery apps have seen a rise in downloads up to 250%. This jaw-dropping growth is the reason because once buying groceries via an app was just a choice now it has become an absolute necessity. Apps like Walmart Grocery, Instacart, and Shipt have experienced the massive download surge in these months.

grocery app development

Online Education and Remote Learning Apps

Self-quarantine has affected all sectors in our society, education is no exception. Therefore, with the lockdown all education institutions have been shut down and, in this time, the final resort is online education apps and remote e-learning apps. Almost all institutions have arranged online classes for their students. With these apps, teachers can teach their students remotely, send assignments and communicate with live video chat.

Therefore, education apps are helping students from all around the world to get uninterrupted education.


With the rise of smartphone usage now, now more than ever, technologies that were seldomly being used are used on a daily basis. A chatbot is one of those technologies. Today, there are AI and Machine learning-powered chatbots are in almost every industry. They help users to get information instantly without many efforts. From news and information to healthcare chatbots are really helpful allies in this harsh time.

The best part about chatbots is that they are super fast, convenient, and surprisingly interactive to use and almost anyone can get used to them.

On-Demand Doctor’s App

The time is sensitive and medical care comes at the top of the priority list of anyone whether it is pandemic or not. Since we are going through a pandemic, it is crucial now more than ever. On-demand doctor’s apps that are offering instant health consultancy, medical sample tests, e-prescriptions, medicine delivery have seen unfathomably increase in downloads and user base.

It is always a good and reliable option to consult a doctor than compare the symptoms with major health diseases. This could be misleading and lead to many stress and panic issues. This is why people are trusting these medical-related apps right now.

Video Apps

The companies that are working from home are organizing their meetings on video apps like Zoom. People who are getting bored at home are using video apps to call their friends and relatives. Video apps are simple and intuitive but can serve various essential purposes. Corporate companies are currently working from homes therefore, their meetings rely on video calling apps. With these apps, they are keeping everything running smoothly. Video apps are also helping health workers to stay connected to each other and consult about their medical practices.

These video apps are examples that indicate that sometime simplicity can also save lives. The rise of video apps was inevitable when people are locked down in their homes and are not able to have any access to the outer world.

Social Media Apps

When people are at their home all they can do is stay connected to their friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. These apps have experienced a massive rise in their active users. People have started chatting, posting, and engaging more than ever on social media apps. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are the most crowded places if we compare it to other apps. Out of boredom people are being more active on their social media and they are also being more creative.

From celebrities and influencer to normal people have found their escape in social media apps where they can engage and communicate with other people to stay productive and keep themselves joyful. This is the reason social media is one of those industries that have experienced the highest rise in active users during the pandemic.

On-Demand Liquor Apps

People are their love for booze deserve a separate section in the love story genre. This statement is not an exaggeration at all. In the USA alone, liquor delivery apps are high in demand as they have started their Drinking Ritual in this time of will-shattering of quarantine to keep their mood light and get the best out of this lockdown.

According to liquors store owners, they are trying to keep their stores open even if the foot traffic falls to 50% - 40%. However, the online alcohol ordering market has risen exponentially in this lockdown period. People are stuck in their houses but they certainly know how to have a good time. The sales graph going up is a clear sign of how well the liquor market is doing in this unprecedented time.

Gaming Apps

Believe it or not, mobile gaming has experienced a blockbuster growth in its active users. The mobile gaming industry has seen growth in its active users by up to 400% which is groundbreaking. The self-quarantining is taking its toll on people and they are getting bored. This is a massive reason people are inclining towards mobile gaming which has become a global trend now. Online multiplayer games have seen the maximum growth as compared to other single-player and offline games.

Games have a unique ability to engage and entertain people at the same time. Plus, if these apps are keeping people inside their houses and keeping them happy then they are good amazing, aren’t they?

News Apps

These are essential apps that are the only source with which people can stay aware of what is going on in the world. Information is one of the crucial things in this time of crisis. People are consuming information more than ever in this challenging duration. Trust news sources have seen the impact of lockdown on their respective news mobile apps in terms of heavy traffic that has been experienced by them for the first time.

People are scared right now, and they should be, this is why only information and news can help them to have some patience and follow the instruction provided by health organizations. Therefore, News apps have become the favorite ally of people nowadays.

Health Apps

Whether it is fitness apps or mental health apps, people them both right now. These apps have been downloaded by a significant amount of times by users from all around the globe. Because people lockdown is extending day by day and in order to keep their immunity level high, they need to keep themselves fit and healthy. These apps offer fitness programs right on their smartphones.

With these apps people can do guided exercises, meditation, yoga, and follow diet routines, etc. to keep themselves healthy and peaceful while being at home.

Digital payment Apps

Last but not least of the list, digital payment apps do not seem to go out of style anytime soon. People are unfailingly relying on these apps right now for their grocery purchases and other item purchases. From buying medicines to buying coins in a favorite mobile game, these apps help to make the payment simply seamless and super easy.

So, yeah, digital payment apps and e-wallet apps are also immune to this global pandemic of COVID – 19. And if you are willing to put your money in the right spot then one of these apps can assure you success. Because these businesses have not stopped and nor has mobile app development stopped. So think properly and put the pedal on the metal and you are good to take the maximum advantage of this tough time.