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Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

4 min Read

One of the gravest mistakes people make while running a digital marketing campaign is the miss tracking the most important digital marketing metrics.

People often think:

  • Why am I not getting the digital marketing results as promised?
  • Am I investing money at the wrong place?
  • Is digital marketing is totally waste of resources?

If this is what bothers you; then let me tell, you are not the only one to think so. There are various businessmen who invest in digital marketing plans with little results. Now here comes the important question – How do I make my digital marketing game?

To get the answer, it is important to track the most important digital marketing metrics that are critical in positively impacting the revenue being generated. The digital marketing is driven by key metrics that guide potential traffic to your business website.

However, if you still think digital marketing is not that helpful, then think again, because your competitors are using it and giving their best. In case the process of data tracking on a regular basis is still new for you, then read on to become a pro.

Most important digital marketing metrics you shouldn’t miss tracking?

Website Visitors

The ultimate top of the funnel metric in digital marketing is a website. Visitors to website act as a key metric to explain efficacy of your digital marketing plan. However, importance of digital marketing strategies have argued there exists no potential correlation between the growth in revenue with respect to visitors in digital marketing. Website visitors constitutes of potential sources of traffic. These potential customers even include people who found your business website through organic search and back-links from the third party websites.

Site-wide Rate of Conversion

What good is your digital plan if it fails to provide you with strong rates of conversion? However, when you start looking for the answer regarding the average rate of site conversion, then there is a simple answer that you will find, which is, the site wide rate of conversion depends on the industry average. Despite the range of disparity related to “it depends” controversy, there exists a fixed range of site wide rate conversion approximately ranging from 1% to 3%. Sites with poor digital marketing plans usually have the conversion rates below 1%, there exists companies that have conversion rates ranging up to 10%, yet that again depends on the industry and conversion strategy being applied.

Conversion Rate of the Top Visited Site Pages

To a person who has been new to the industry is the most important digital marketing metrics, “Conversion rate on Top Visited site page” and “Site-wide rate of conversion” may appear the same. However, they are different based on the frequency of conversion. As compared to site wide conversion rates, page specific conversion rate is significantly higher with a range of 65%. Hence, the metric derived from this place is looking at conversion rate for the top most visited page of a particular site.

Visitors Earned Through Organic Search

Search engine traffic is free and converts well. Hence, it is important to know the number of visitors your business gets from Google. A good result indicates how well your website is in compliance with Google analytics. That helps people to reach out to you while searching for something similar to your business.

Blog Subscribers

The importance of blogging in digital marketing cannot be stressed enough. From a general point of view, it can be easily stated that blogging helps to provide visibility to your company. However, from a technical perspective, blogging more articles gives your website higher chances of getting ranked due to more number of indexed pages. With an increasing amount of blogging done by business, each article drives more sales related leads. Driving subscribers to blog is an art that requires a bit of scientific knowledge.

These are the most important digital marketing metrics you should keep a track to understand the effective of your campaigns. Once you are well accustomed with the most important digital marketing metrics, it will appear easy to understand and apply. It is important to have a real-time access to these mentioned metrics in order to make informed decisions related to marketing.


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