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New to Google Analytics Reports! Follow these 6 tips to master your marketing goals

Google Analytics has changed the world of online marketing in many ways. Learn how to gain the most from this amazing tool!

New to Google Analytics Reports! Follow these 6 tips to master your marketing goals

Thursday May 14, 2020,

5 min Read

The world of online marketing has changed. It requires next-level techniques to help organizations garner huge traffic for their businesses. Techniques that will shape the upcoming marketing methods. 

For some of the entrepreneurs, Google Analytics is regarded as one of the simple tools to use, and for a few others, it is the toughest analytics tool. According to online marketing experts, Google Analytics is known to present the most accurate and most reliable insights to marketers.

But many marketers have yet not been able to get satisfactory results from the tool. The reason for this is lack of knowledge. 

To make it simpler, here are various tricks and hacks, that will help you to get the most out of Google Analytics: 

While generating visitor segments, Use Audience Data 

As a marketer, you might already be using the segments to classify the demographic data of the target group, such as sex, age, location, and several more. If you do not give importance to the audience's information, then you are missing out on a lot of information. 

Data of the audience reporting is useful to create the custom visitor activity; this information is wealth for your company, to understand which kind of people are currently taking interest in your products and services. 

Further, it gives you an idea of which group of audiences you must target to achieve the required goals.

Assign a monetary value to digital goals/campaigns

Data from Google Analytics

The hack that is most effective is associated with the goals of the organization’s campaign. It’s necessary to set in Google analytics. If you are not doing this, then you are working without any plan and might not be able to track the achievements. In fact, without a plan, you're looking at the matrices that are not entirely useless for you like time on the page views and site.

Along with establishing the goals, the monetary value must be assigned by you to each goal to check whether it will lie under your budget. The report is known as the goal flow report. And in doing this, it's possible to analyze how much money you are losing and what goals have you achieved!

Analyze your conversion paths that are top

Conversion in advertising is a term used when a usual user convert to being a customer. 

If the website's conversion rate is high, is the web site considered highly successful in bringing the consumers? To understand the conversion paths is quite important. By analyzing this, you'll be capable of bringing more clients with the same methods. 

Now to make it possible, you have to examine all the ways you are using to drive traffic like advertisements, SEO activities, email advertising, etc.. These days marketing's world is covered with doubts - nobody knows what is going to happen next! So you need to make sure you're successfully getting traffic from them and that your conversion paths are functioning effectively.

Are you ready to rock with insightful data?

Compare traffic trends

Google Analytics Report Sample

Many of the google analytics consultants are just concerned with the present traffic trends, by which the traffic is coming to the website, but they don't recognize other significant patterns. 

They must use the previous insights to check out the patterns in addition to sources of the traffic. This is one of the best ways to figure out the data, and a marketer can compare the various methods and repeat the procedures to get traffic on the website.

 There are different ways to check the insights offered by Google Analytics, like yearly, weekly, daily, etc.. If you make use of the right filters, you will easily discover the period that is most effective when the customers arrive at the website.

Add annotations to your reports

You may not keep an eye on Google analytics, and this could become the reason for unsuccessful marketing. Only looking at the detailed report isn’t enough, you must leverage it to enhance your results. 

A marketer should always know the methods that are currently working well for them to drive traffic. And if not, then how do you improve your marketing methods to get more traffic for your web application? 

Annotations are notes which could be added to a report to describe what are the rises and falls in traffic and what are the reasons behind this.

Don’t ever lose focus from your goals

Amidst a plethora of data, they receive from Google Analytics, the most common mistake organizations do is lose focus on their goals. Analytics is all about reports and insights. It may help you assess whether you are currently moving forward to achieve the goals of the organization or not. 

So always stay focused and rigid.


The above listed six tips will enable you to gain insights into your conversion funnel and how the visitors are currently behaving on your website. 

You must follow all the ideas to make your site more productive for your business organization.