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Online Branding can solve Customer Expectations with Web Dev

Accomplish the Consumer Expectations with Brand Building online through Web Development

Online Branding can solve Customer Expectations with Web Dev

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

6 min Read

First impression of a customer landing on your website is the overall look and feel of it. A positive user experience is likely to retain the consumer on the website. It results in a potential of conversion to a sale. Focusing on customers sets a brand apart in today's cutthroat competition. Including user requirements into the website helps an online business stay ahead of competition.

Statistics show 48% of customers make up their opinion about a business just with overall experience of brand's website. Blue Corona has shared this trend at in a blog post. This fact is big advocate regarding your business' website to be effective to leave positive impression on your consumers. The user interface has to be appealing, easy-to-navigate and at the same time hold the overall interest of customer.

Satisfy important Customer Expectations by Making Brand grow Online

Satisfy important Customer Expectations by Making Brand grow Online

There are some key performance indicators that serve as a benchmark for measuring how a website will fare with its customers. These KPIs help you in understanding what your eCommerce business is missing. These factors also assist in assessing what you can do to engage more customers through your website. These important performance factors listed below should be included in Custom Web Development process for brand building and best user experience.

  1. Creating good impression with strategic Homepage
  2. Increasing Conversion through relevant Landing Pages
  3. Using Responsive Web Design to serve all types of Devices
  4. Incorporating Multimedia on Website
  5. Fast Website Site Speed & Load Time

Let's discuss in detail these high performing features.

Creating good impression with strategic Homepage

Before designing your homepage, it is important to devise a proper strategy to implement on it. Your website's homepage is your image in front of the customer. So you have to assess the information your homepage would show versus what exactly your customer wants to see on it. Many brands miss out on important aspects of a successful homepage, which are as follows.

  • A primary homepage image that is above the fold
  • Natural sounding copy
  • Clearly listed products and services
  • A sticky logo in the left-hand corner that links to the homepage through the entire site
  • An easy-to-identify navigational menu etc.

By employing these aspects, you land yourself a better chance of attracting customers to interact with your website. Keep your homepage text organic. 86% of customers only check out a brand's homepage to explore their product listings. Hence make sure to put up your products on the main page.

Increasing Conversion through relevant Landing Pages

Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of landing pages and consider it to be a difficult task. However, building additional pages helps generate more leads. The main idea behind landing pages is to help customers find relevant information pertaining to a product. Landing pages also help users in certain other aspect of product/payment. Some ideas for landing pages are pay-per-click-advertisements, social media marketing campaigns, search listing results or another channel.

Try to serve text on your landing pages in the form of bullets. It helps customers easily navigate to content that they are looking for. Always use text calls to action that enhances conversion to up to 121% and that's a whooping rise.

Using Responsive Web Design to serve all types of Devices

Mobile phones are an equally important medium in helping consumers make online purchases. In fact 50% of internet traffic comes through mobile devices. Statista mobile internet study at has revealed this insight. This statistic emphasizes the need for creating a responsive design for website. It makes it essential for you to maintain a website that can be viewed from mobile devices.

Many companies now offer website solutions that are responsive in nature. Similarly, the logo should be responsive as well with an easy-to-use search bar. The website should have large buttons with call to action (CTAs). Users should be able to easily click/touch with the help of their fingers. Even the font should be legible so that content is easily readable.

Incorporating Multimedia on Website

The time of mundane websites with large amount of content is over. Nowadays, websites with videos, images, motion graphics and slideshows etc are popular with customers. Conversion rates are increased by 40% with inclusion of product videos. The usage of multimedia helps increase time on site by presenting information in an engaging manner. Thus the consumers remember information about the product.

Fast Website Site Speed & Load Time

Make sure your website is light enough to load quickly for the user. Any web page that takes more time in loading discourages users to stay on the website. Statistically, 40% of users don't stay on a website if a web page takes 3 or more seconds to load. Many businesses lose out on customers just because of this reason.

You can optimize image file sizes on each page to make sure they load quickly. In order to have a faster site speed, reduce the number of 301 directs. Work with a team of competent developers so that they know how to code the website that has a smoother running time. Incorporate these KPIs in your website for better performance. You will have a higher chance of making sales and generating revenue for your business.

DesignRush includes Techliance in Top Web Development Companies

B2B marketplace DesignRush has ranked Techliance in top Top Website Development Companies list for 2019. The press release was published by PRWeb on 14th February 2019. It discussed top five features that consumers want in websites. It also mentioned Top 25 Web Development firms that make professional custom websites. Visit to read this PR in detail.

Inclusion of best business practices is norm at Techliance, that is distinguished Custom Software Development Company. This is why it has been chosen in the esteemed list of top 25 website solution providers. It has a wide pool of resources with varied expertise and skills in web and app development. Are you looking for a highly skilled team of developers to put your business online? At Techliance, we greatly stress on creating website solutions that help in generating revenue for your business.

This post was originally published as Coming up to Customer Expectations by Building successful Brand Online on the Techliance Blog.