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Thursday September 06, 2018,

4 min Read

Business is all in all for every entrepreneur or business owner, it gives you breathe to live and to follow your dreams. If your business doesn’t give you an effective results then you just have to stop and think again.

Think to start a Business? But confused, right!

Before investing in a business, it is the most important decision whether to invest in traditional offline business or modern online business. Off course! Money is the major factor to start any type of business and it is also depend that which type of business you have.

In this article, we focus on both offline and online business types and give a better clear understanding whether to choose online or offline.


Low Costs to invest

Firstly, we are talking about money because money is the most important thing to start any type of business. It requires huge amount to invest in brick-and-mortar business or simply says offline business, you have to invest in land or furniture or other important things while you’re investing in offline business, it will hike your investment money. And, on the other side, online business needs very low investment to start. Some business starts in under just $100 or may be less, there is no extra cost to invest in land or furniture. And, also to operate offline store can add a one more column in your expense list.


No Physical location

The one of the best benefit about online business is that there is no need to invest in physical location but yes, physical store helps to increase your visibility, it attracts more attention if your store in a crowded location. Online business gives you freedom to work from anywhere, there is no barriers you can start from your own house as well, Amazon is the example, start from the garage and you can set your working hours, you’re just not limited to work only schedule time.


Nil Customer Services

In an offline business, you have to handle many customers at the same time and it is the most difficult to handle and give satisfactory results to the customers. According to an American Express Survey, 59% of Americans would try a new brand or company for better service experience. If any customer is unhappy with your services then you lose that customer. But in online business you don’t have to be worry to face customers, you don’t need to get the formal look, trim your beard or looking presentable. The thing only matter is to provide effective solutions.


Free Marketing

Confused? Yes, it’s true, online business gives you free marketing benefit. Offline business needs huge amount to perform marketing, you have to invest in banners, pamphlets or advertisements, it will add one more column in your expense list, as I said that above. With the effective SEO’s and social networking sites can help you directly generate your site traffic in more effectiveness, your traffic directly go to your site by just click on your facebook’s post or twitter or any other but in offline business you can’t directly generate traffic.


No Borders to Stop

Online business has no borders to reach your customers. You can target at any customer, at any place, no matter whether it’s in other country or other region or even in other continent. There is no barriers to expand your brand, if any person has an internet connection he or she is able to access your website at anytime from anywhere. But, if you think to establish your offline business in other countries so, you have to face many legal terms, get many licenses and hire local manpower.

From the Editor’s Desk…

If you think to start a business whether online or offline, nothing matters if you didn’t complete your homework. A business can only generate profit if you done study and research about the customers and business as well. You have to be more focus and passionate and use latest technologies which helps your business to give productivity.