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How to optimize User experience with Good content?

Engage your audience by eye-catching content

How to optimize User experience with Good content?

Tuesday April 21, 2020,

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Whenever you visit a website or access any application what is the first thing that strikes your mind and keeps you engaged with that platform?

The eye-catching words rolling in front of you, which are meant to explain to you what is the purpose of going through this digital platform. They are the only reason of your engagement. The content present there is a medium to understand the path through the whole website. It decides whether to stay on the page or shut the tab.

It is the key pillar of the complete marketing strategy in every organization and nowadays the UX content strategy is making its presence felt more than ever. An easy to use and visually appealing website falls short if no content is there to make it effective.

An attractive and functional design is not enough; it requires a mesmeric content to make it more engaging. Great content can be built by researching, testing and reiterating wireframes to create functional MVPs and sampling the prototype with the right sample audience. Content strategies for a UX should have the right tone to describe the personality of the brand.

Content Strategy for your UI/UX

The content written to stimulate the experience of a product or service comes under UX content strategy. Unlike the copywriting UX, writers take a task of writing crisp, brief copy or phrases that best describe the product or service to the user. Content should be made by considering the device; UX differs for a phone, laptop and tablet screen. The continuous evolution depending on the screen size must be incorporated in the overall UX content strategy.

A framework is to be defined for generating, moderating and executing relevant content. The below-mentioned points can help you defining UX content framework -

  • Material

The UX content strategists should work on effective content blueprints so that a creative and engaging storyboard can be created keeping the end-users in mind. The content strategy should be able to express a single message.

  • Structure

The structure is an integral part of content design. It expresses the actual messages what it is trying to give through the product. It states the thought process behind the content strategy. It also prioritizes the content, bridges all the details to bring a single tone and message out of it.

  • Workflow

It shows how the content is managed and updated as per the new tools and requirements.

Build your Content with these steps

Get acquainted with the Product

There is a thought behind every product that makes it stand apart from other products. Try to understand the factors and features of your product. While writing about the product you should highlight that point. The description of the product should demonstrate the major features but also it should demonstrate how it is different from other products.

Give a Voice to the Company

Apart from only getting knowledge about the products the customers always love to get in touch with your brand. With every interaction, the customer should be impacted by your company, its values, work culture, etc.

Empathize with the actual Customers

You must be having a great customer base that is they can be classified differently based on geographies, interests, and requirements. While scripting the conversations users should be addressed.

Let Analytics do its Work

Here you need to play an intelligent game. Analyze the click-through rate, open rates, downloads or we can say the actions on the website or application. Use A/B testing to figure out what will be good for you.


Had a bad experience with navigation in any application or website? What will be your first reaction, when you will not be able to access it effectively?

An attractive interface may engage the audience initially but poorly structured content can disappoint them and reduce the trust completely.

Content lends a voice to the brand that serves as a prominent differentiator. The right content at the right place acts as a guide to the customers who helps them right from the beginning of the tour to the end.

Content is an important part of the whole UX strategy. It can make your branding successful or break the user experience. When your Design and Content work in harmony and are synchronized than it can help in achieving the overall business goals.