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Plans to Maintain App Post-Launch

Plans to Maintain App Post-Launch

Thursday June 27, 2019,

7 min Read

Behind every successful business, there is an idea. The idea is the seed which ultimately blooms to become a flowering plant. An entrepreneur does not start a business just to give a presence and shape to an idea, in reality, he/she starts the business in order to remain present in the market. 

For that, an entrepreneur needs to do a lot of hard work along with using strategies every day. If we compare this situation with the mobile app development then both of these shares the same thread. 

A person spends 6 to 7 months while developing an app and often neglect the potential and power of post-launch strategies. Not having a post-launch plan is like a cat without a tail. Mismatched and annoying at first sight. Attracting users after the app launch is out of your control. You cannot control the situation but can certainly reduce the risk.

There are some minor tasks that are under your control. Let’s check out the steps to see what can be done or what should be done after the launch. Though, individually these steps cannot change the fate of your app but when combined can work magically.

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User Data for Upgrade

Your app is meant for the user, hence it should remain focused on your user. Once you launch your app, track rich and detailed user data to see your user experience with your app.

This step will help you to monitor what your users want in the next update along with letting you bring some freshness in your app next time. Moreover, see for performance issues also. Bugs and errors are the part of an app, hence hire an experienced and acknowledged mobile app development company who will test your app rigorously. 

Always remember, launching your app is not the final step

Reply to Users Reviews

You have made the app for the users for help in their daily life along with meeting their expectations. Hence, always reply to your user concerns, reverting back to your users will make them feel that you value their feedback.

Make a setup through which you will never miss even a single notification or feedback by your user. If possible, try to reply within an hour and most importantly, never delete the negative responses. 

Cherish the positive reviews and constructively work on the negative one,

Personalize App Review

We water the plant in the hope of getting fruits and flowers. You have made an app from your hard earned money, you have given time and resources to it thus, you definitely do not want to fail miserably in the market. 

Now, when your app is already out for the public, invite bloggers or reviewers to review your app along with spreading its news to other people also and in the community.

Moreover, you can also go ahead with outreach email pitching users around to use your app-

  • Your app link in the app store
  • Your app video link 
  • Mention pricing graph

App Press Kit

You want to spread the news of your app to the whole world. Using an app press kit helps in letting anyone write about your app.

Meanwhile, you can also go ahead with some good and catchy screenshots of your app along with a 60 seconds video which shows up as the HERO of the app.


App store is already full of millions of apps, the addition of your app in the line will not make it different or highlighted.

You need to highlight it by hook or by crook. Highlight the benefits of your app to the user around along with making them understand its features. Stay in touch with your users via messaging, outreach emails, an app press kit or any other medium.

Support System

Something which is new in the market faces difficulties and challenges. The same is the story of your app also. There are thousands of apps like yours in the market which are already accepted by the public. 

Hence, stay available to the users 24 x 7, set up an effective customer service framework and remain in touch with your users. Offer them good and reliable support and help. Try to solve their queries related to the app. 


Though MVP is another best way to confirm your presence in the market. If you are using the MVP method while building a mobile application, launch your app in the market and blow the trumpets. 

Start promoting your app the very next moment after the launch, use every measure and medium to let people know that you have made an app for them. Know how to promote your app in order to achieve success.

By the time, your app is coming up with other features, you will have a bucket full of users and fans available in the market.


There are two ways to make a user use your product, either your product is actually worthy or forcefully. You definitely do not fall on the latter category, hence plan how to engage users.

You can promote engagement through different ways like offers, discounts, promo codes, reminders, etc. Encourage users to rate and review your app and make sure to sure every marketing technique.

Look which content is engaging a user more and use this way as a strategy.

Updates are Required

Change is the essence of nature, therefore you are also required to bring in changes and freshness in your app. If you want good traffic and engagement of the user in your app, give them a brilliant experience every time they open the app.

Fix the bugs, errors, issues and release brand new features to make users keep coming back to you. Monitor your app and check how and where it can be improved for safeguarding the future of your app.

UI Optimization

The visual feast is the most important way to attract more users. Try and optimize your app's user interface for letting customers stick to your app along with keeps coming back to your app.

The first impression is the last impression if your app is trending this shows users have already accepted your app. Keep coming back with an attractive user interface and exclusive design.

All Channels

To know about every inch and corner of your app, it is essential to remain active in all the social media platforms. Be active on your social media accounts and see what’s happening with your app around. 

If possible, use different tools and techniques for receiving real-time alerts along with tracking what is your app users talking about. 

Price Your Product

Behind anything step, there is a motive stick to it. There are a monetary motive and good repo motive behind every business.

Since, you also carry the same goal, test various different monetary approaches and meanwhile you can introduce the premium version of the app after the general and basic free one.


Every road comes to an end to start a new one, similar is the concept of app launch. Though, you deserve a good and long break after the launch of the app, skip the plan once.

It is important and significant to resist it, as the early days are the most crucial part in order to make your app withstand the fierce competition in the cut-throat market.

Whatever you will be planning, will affect your app’s fate.