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Pointers for the startup buddies

It is utmost important to have tips, which will cover your fall with the soil of guidance.

Pointers for the startup buddies

Tuesday December 18, 2018,

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I hope my last article, gives an in depth on the ecommerce business for the startups, though it is not a magic potion, but it will give an outlook for all my startup buddies.

Let me continue from the previous article, some digital marketing e mantras.

There are so many things which has to be seen while one is looking for the startup as it is not the easy way to create revenue.

(as we are speaking about online stuff).

Mr.Neeraj Chopra Founder CartNYou
Mr.Neeraj Chopra Founder CartNYou

"Let's plunge into the world of ecommerce startup and come out as a winner "

Get hold of it , Penetration is the word:

A mammoth word with a wide range of the penetration. It is basically bread winner for the every online business. The sales of the ecommerce majority contributes through the digital marketing. It is helping the ecommerce business boom. Suppose, we have best of the products, be it handcrafts, silk, or any other peculiar products, but one needs a digital marketing help for it.

First question is that what do the marketing agency do,they basically leverage the products by leveraging the different marketing products.

Review matters a lot :

Believe me, people love “word of mouth”, and the population is in millions and people are the world for the ecommerce people. If my product is best, then it will speak volumes.

The site optimization is like the water 88% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as they do word-of-mouth. There are sites dedicated to offering consumers an easy way to vent their frustrations, or say a good word, about an e-commerce site. Make sure you’re keeping track of your reviews, and have a solid strategy in place to deal with negative reviews.

Never lose on your network

Network is something which one should lose on, we meet people and thus our network grows. Ecommerce is all about network, so one should always keep check on the network. The network of the world is all about the selling the product at the right price and right amount.

Learn to create your niche:

If you have created your niche then it extremely important to maintain it and if you are in process of doing that, then learn the nittigerrities of it.

In a physical business, whenever a customer can see the product but in the online business, one needs to understand the product first by just seeing the images. So, in this case, the page loading speed has to be optimised and it should be faster. Understanding of the customer metrics is directly proportional to the website speed. The customer analytics gives the final revenue generation report.

Customer Acquisition Cost

If you are spending more money than you think, then CAC during lifetime is more.Page load time impacts the conversions as much as 16%, according to the study as much as 16 % revenue gets drenched due to less revenue.

As we can see from the about statistics, conversion rate has the major impact on the online store, optimizing landing pages.

I have created a roadmap for the startup beginners and it also a complete guide which will help them at every step.

This article is articulated by Mr. Neeraj Chopra who is founder of CartNYou - a marketplace which is one step solution to the every customer's needs. As a voracious reader, Mr. Chopra tries to assimilate all his readings into the latest venture of ecommerce.

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