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Possible Changes in Our Lives as Learning from COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of the nations went out of control for medical supplies and went for complete lockdown. However, that left us with many new learning as well. Some changes might become permanent and might be useful too.

Possible Changes in Our Lives as Learning from COVID-19

Sunday June 28, 2020,

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After the last leaf fell off the amber autumn forest, came the cold winter of 2019, and this was when the outbreak of the virus began, still as a mouse. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the whole world off guard. Just a year back, we were all out in the physical world, working and going about with our works and duties. Then suddenly, out of the blue, the outbreak of the virus started, and it began to spread like wildfire and grew larger and larger with the passing days. Consequently, all over the world, social distancing and lockdown have been imposed to contain the pandemic. The pandemic has affected every life. Educational institutions, business firms, public spaces, and other activities have shut down, forcing the world to come to a standstill.

What Is The Impact?

The COVID-19 has negatively impacted our normal lives to a great extent; however, looking on the positive side, the pandemic has been a learning phase and a time to reflect on our lives. Certain possible changes can be brought about in our lives as learning from the COVID-19 pandemic. Possible changes such as maintaining proper hygiene, living a healthy lifestyle, working from home, etc. can be inserted into our lives due to the learning from the current COVID-19.

How To Combat?

A healthy immune system is perhaps the best defence for our body against any diseases or outbreaks. Likewise, this pandemic is compelling for everyone to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With everyone behind the closed doors of their home, the pandemic has instilled in us the need to maintain good health. Health is the essential wealth anyone can possess. With restaurants and fast food stops closed down due to COVID-19, it is causing much inconvenience, agreed. However, somewhere along the line, the pandemic has brought families together, rekindled bonds, and have made us reflect on our family's value and importance.

Concern About Hygiene and Changes

The pandemic has left everyone to be more concerned over hygiene than ever before. As per the information that has been researched and founded to date, the highly contagious virus is transmitted through direct contact with the droplets from an infected person through means of coughing and sneezing, so proper hygiene measures are the need of the hour. We all know the basic etiquette of using a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing or using disinfectants or hand sanitisers. However, ever since the outbreak of the virus, we have learned the real need and importance of hygiene.

Now, we can bring about changes in better hygienic practices in our lives. Working from home is not uncommon now. The pandemic has literally compelled everyone to work from home through online classes, conferences, meetings. Though it seems weird at first as we are at our homes working in our pajamas, however, at some point, we have become more flexible with our time. From working on our official works to finding the time to try out new productive hobbies while binge-watching all our favourite movies and series.


Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, our normal lives have taken a complete 360° change. However, there is always something good in every bad situation. Albeit the pandemic is dreadful and frightening, we are gradually bringing changes to better maintenance of good health, family, hygiene, cooperation, etc. in our lives. And so, even if our lives get normalised with time, the lessons we learned during the pandemic would remain with us and fuel the fire to make everyday count and be more kind and considerate to everyone.