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5 Predictions of Kartik Dhami On future Of Social Media Influencers in 2020

5 Predictions of Kartik Dhami On future Of Social Media Influencers in 2020

Sunday March 29, 2020,

4 min Read

Kartik Dhami

Do you know influencer marketing has gained much interest in the last few years? However, the reality is that total number of searches in Google for influencer marketing in last 3 years has risen by 1500%. 

So, now one can assume influencer marketing future is ready with opportunities. With time, more and more brands are becoming aware of influencer marketing benefits. So, they are ready to invest enough money in the same. However, what its future hold? Just similar to other strategies of marketing, it’s sure to transform with latest trends as well as technologies. 

Let's look at some changes in industry that one can predict in future shared by Kartik Dhami.

  • Emphasis on Micro-Influencers

Majority of brands have started to realize that at times less is actually more. The accomplishment of influencer marketing campaign actually not only relies on follower numbers. Some influencers buy false followers and this is the reason their rate of engagement is low. 

Micro influencer doesn’t have large number of followers yet they work in order to maintain strong as well as personal connections with the audiences. Thus, their all posts get much higher engagement. Micro-influencers, no doubt, will actually rule influencer-marketing in future. 

Do you know Coca Cola is a brand that has used this strategy of influencer marketing for promoting their brand? Yes, that’s true!

  • The Emergence of Influencer Networks

Influencer marketing future is about the collective. Rather than individuals, marketers might start to group influencers. All things considered, influencer marketing is associating with correct people. 

If a person is related with influencer then the reputation of their brand will grow based on the authority they have. Similarly, the reputation of an influencer relies on the brands they approve. 

Every influence centers are connected with one another as numerous niches overlay. For instance, a brand selling sunscreen lotion will reach the influencers in beauty and fashion niches. In addition to this, they can also reach to influencers in travel as well as sports industry. 

  • Increase of In-House Influencer Programs

Many brands understand the significance of teaming up with influencers and no doubt they are finding better approaches in order to work directly with them. Also, they understand that building long-haul relations with influencers no doubt is crucial for better marketing.

This is the reason influencer marketing future lies in influencer programs (in-house). Rather than content distribution, influencer marketing (in- house) emphasis on building long relationships with individuals. 

In- house influencers simply bring reliability that different influencers won't be able to match. This is the reason, their endorsements look much authentic as well as genuine. These qualities will surely shape the influencer marketing future.

  • Stricter Guidelines for Advertising

In the previous years, influencer marketing actually got bad reputation. Do you know why? For being immoral as well as unethical! Observing the unjust practices within the industry, Federal Trade Commission had taken the action of sending warning official letters. 

FTC additionally issued rules in order to secure the best benefits of consumers. Such rules make it compulsory for influencers in order to uncover their connections with brands. Whenever influencer gets an item for free of cost or they are composing a paid survey, they have to unveil it. This is the reason, it's expected to see influencers utilizing #paid as well as #sponsored on all their posts. 

The procedure of making guidelines so as to make influencer marketing much clear has begun already. In future, influencer marketing surely will put emphasis on keeping the belief of users high. One can expect stricter rules for the influencer marketing. 

  • Rise of CGI Influencers

Do you know CGI influencer’s entry into industry of influencer marketing has completely changed the manner brands view collaborations? Numerous extravagance brands have already begun collaborating with them. Well-Known CGI influencers- Lil Miquela has partnered with Diesel, Prada already. 

In the same way, another CGI influencer- Shudu has displayed for Balmain as well as highlighted in a magazine- Cosmopolitan as well as Vogue Australia. 

CGI influencers, no doubt, are becoming much popular for all brands since they enable brands to control how the items are advertised completely. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the predictions shared by Kartik Dhami. Regardless of whether all these predictions happens or not, one thing is sure that influencer marketing future is ready with opportunities. 

Brands should adjust to the varying trends as well as approaches in order to remain pertinent in the industry of influencer marketing in future.