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How Does The Quality Score Impact Your Business?

How Does The Quality Score Impact Your Business?

Friday July 12, 2019,

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One of the prime ingredients that decide the success level of any business is its online presence. As every business owner realizes, the website of a company can be the factor that ultimately dictates between the success and failure of a venture. As a result, every organization wants to improve the amount of quality traffic that reaches their website. High traffic that comprises of the correct demographic with the right intent translates easily to more conversions and sales.

However, with over a billion websites currently live on the web (source: millforbusiness.com), it is easy to imagine that the battle for customer interest is a fierce one. The amount of traffic that your website gets directly impacts the success of your business. Yet with so many websites vying for customer attention it is very difficult to ensure that your web property gets the right amount of visitors within the right time frame.

Quality Score Impact Business

So how can you ensure that your website gets the necessary traffic with high intent? Let’s find out.

The Way To Fast Visibility

With such a huge number of websites jostling each other for customer attention, how do you ensure that your target audience gets to visit your website? To understand this you need to realize how customers actually reach your site. How do they search for it? The answer is obvious.

They Google it.

Google searches currently account for the largest share among the sources through which visitors get to know of, and visit, your site. So it is of prime importance that you get a good ranking on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If you rank among the first three results on the first page of Google, you stand to get high quality traffic that can spell success for your business. Hence it is very important to rank well on Google, and fast.

But there’s a catch.

Organic rankings take time to develop. You simply cannot force your way up to the top of the Google search results. SEO services agree that in order to get a good organic ranking you need to be patient and put in the required effort diligently and consistently so that your website climbs to that coveted top spot.

But ranking fast on the search results is imperative to the success of any business. So while most businesses continue their efforts on the organic front they also opt for Google Ads to quickly get to the top of the Google results. This helps to attain fast visibility and attract the customers to your online property. Due to the rapid response time frame offered by Google Ads most businesses opt for this route to get quick results.

Quality Score

Google’s algorithm determines your Ad rank on the SERPs based on a combination of two factors: your bid amount and quality score. While the bid amount is an important factor in the ad rank determination method, most SEO services agree that it is the quality score which determines the success of your Google Ad campaign.

But what exactly is the quality score? Let’s find out.

Quality score is a metric that Google uses to determine the appropriateness of your ads. Usually the quality score is a number that indicates the relevance of your ads in relation to the user, with higher values translating to better quality scores. Google multiplies your real-time quality score with your maximum bid amount during ad space auction to determine your cost per click (CPC) and the position your ad occupies on the search results.

Hence the quality score is an important metric the impacts your business by determining your ad rank; this is the deciding factor which results in proper visibility and leads to higher traffic.

How A Good Quality Score Impacts Your Business

A good quality score can be the factor which decides between the success and failure of your Google ads campaign. The prime objective of Google has always been to deliver the best and most relevant results to a user’s search query, and Google aims to be uncompromising on this front. Having a good quality score lets Google know that your keywords, landing pages and ad copy are relevant to users’ search queries.

This allows Google to determine the position your ad should occupy on the SERPs. As a result, the higher your quality score, the better your position on the Google results; this will surely translate to higher traffic, conversions and sales. Thus a good quality score is very much necessary to spell success for your business.

Another way in which the quality score affects your ROI is that it determines the amount that you have to pay per click. This is known as the Cost per Click (CPC) and is determined by your quality score. As a general rule, the better your quality score, the more relevant Google considers your ads to be and the lower you have to pay for each click.

Hence a good quality score not only helps to generate high quality traffic by helping your ad get to the top spots on the search results, it also increases your ROI (return on investment) by lowering the amount your spend for your ad campaign itself. Therefore, achieving a good quality score is an overall measure of the success of your online presence. This drives website design services worldwide to optimize the quality score and relevance of business websites.

What Factors Affect Your Quality Score

While only Google knows for certain about the exact factors which affect your Quality Score, digital marketing services around the globe have spent a lot of time researching to achieve a good quality score. The findings suggest that the following factors play an important role in determining the quality score of your business website:

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) - Google takes into account both the present as well as expected CTR to calculate your quality score. Obviously, the higher your CTR, the more relevant Google considers your ad, and hence assigns you a greater quality score.

  • Landing Pages- The landing page that a customer ends up on clicking your ad also plays a crucial role in determining your quality score. The more relevant your landing page is to the search query, the better conversions it will fetch; this will contribute towards augmenting your quality score. Work with your website design services to create an appropriate landing page experience for your target audience.

  • Ad Copy Search Term- Yet another factor that directly affects the quality score is how relevant your ad copy is to the user’s search term. Obviously, greater relevance leads to higher score. You should take special care to create an ad copy that is absolutely relevant to your target keywords. This is easier said than done, so it’s best if you employ experienced SEO services to help you in this regard.

These are some of the most important factors which can influence your quality score. The better your quality score the lower your CPC becomes, which ultimately gives your better returns and helps your audience complete the journey from intent to conversion. Now let us look at how you can work to improve your quality score.

How To Improve Your Quality Score

It is clear that a good quality score can work to propel your business in the right direction. Below are some tried and tested ways to improve the quality score of your Google ads:

  • Faster Landing Pages- Fast loading landing pages tend to improve the user experience and hence work to increase your quality score. If you want to improve your landing pages you can employ website design services to do the job for you.

  • Using Relevant Keywords- The importance of keywords in improving the ranking of your ads is well established. So, work to make sure you are targeting the relevant keyword groups for your campaigns. Also remember to include negative keywords. Relevant keywords translate to clicks with better intent, resulting in higher conversion rates. This automatically boosts the quality score.

  • Effective Ad Copy- How your ad reads to the searcher decides whether they find it relevant or not. Make sure your ad copy is refined to offer the users exactly what they are looking for. It is no easy task to create perfection within limited characters, but very powerful results can be achieved when this is done correctly.

  • Focused Ad Groups-Instead of creating a general ad group with many keywords, digital marketing services suggest dividing your campaign into smaller ad groups that are more focused on a targeted keyword set. This helps to deliver more relevant results to the user which ultimately goes towards increasing the quality score of your campaign.

Quality Is The Final Word

Ultimately, the concept of Quality Score tries to define the relevance and value your business carries for the customer. By improving the quality score of your campaigns your digital marketing services can help you achieve a stellar performance on your ads campaigns. This results in increased conversions and higher ROI. But the most important fact remains a good quality score ultimately helps your business by allowing you to provide greater value to your end-user.