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Questions To Ask When Evaluating Enterprise Mobility Solution

The Enterprise mobility services are a great boon for every enterprise provided that the solutions that are provided by the CRM and EMM developers match your system requirements.

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Enterprise Mobility Solution

Thursday December 19, 2019,

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An enterprise or corporate infrastructure that is built with mobility devices need robust and efficient mobile solutions that will take care of the company’s data by preventing it from any kind of malware or data breaches. You must take a look at the questions we are bringing forth in this article in order to ask the same to the provider of your company’s EMM development solutions. There is a need for solid management for protecting the data infrastructure of your company that contains plenty of mobile devices.

It has turned into a normal practice that all the organizations are setting their base in mobility solutions. With this emergence, they should be able to understand the importance of checking on various aspects that mark the security of your company’s enterprises. It is turning more complicated each day from the IT industry to build robust and secure EMM solutions due to the increment in the number of mobility devices. The CRM development company must provide such EMM solutions that are focussed on the user’s privacy enhancement. It has turned out to be a heated matter in the present date where the user often faces issues related to security breaches of their personal data.

About CRM

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management and it is a combination of strategies, practices that are meant to enhance the overall experience of the customers.

A CRM Development company helps you build software that makes you aware of the lifecycle of your company’s customers. Their interactions, behaviors can be monitored and using this piece of information we can make better decisions for the future. The data analysis is used to look through the customer’s experience with the company’s services.

You can ask your CRM development services provider to allow remote access to your customer’s data. This will help you manage the areas of improvement and you would be able to handle the issues timely much to your customer’s delight. These steps help in building the customer’s trust and this way you build a good rapport with your customers. Customer retention is based on effective CRM.

While going through the evaluation of your enterprise mobility solutions you must ask a few important questions in order to determine which EMM suite is best for your enterprise:

1. What solutions are required in your EMM suite?

The tools that were meant for mobile device management led to the discovery of EMM suites. These suites are made in order to provide protection from any unauthorized access and to provide security to mobile devices. Now MAM and MIM are also a part of the EMM solutions suite. MAM refers to Mobile Application Management and MIM refers to Mobile Identity Management. You first need to understand that all solutions are required to be deployed for your company’s devices. The Enterprise mobility services provider must take into concern the apt features that are required and you can examine the same in the EMM suites.

The Enterprise mobility services are a great boon for every enterprise provided that the solutions that are provided by the CRM and EMM developers match your system requirements.

2. Operating systems supported by EMM solutions

EMM solutions should be able to support your complete business infrastructure. That simply means that it should be able to manage and solve the problems related to all the mobile devices that form a part of your enterprise infrastructure. Generally, the EMM development solutions are able to control both the Android and IoS devices but you have to check if the EMM solutions are compatible with your company’s devices. In order to choose the prospective suites for your enterprise’s devices, you must be aware of the systems that are being used in your company at present.


3. EMM Solutions up-gradation

It is important to keep a check that what kind of solutions are provided by your MDM services provider. Many times they stick to the older solutions and they might not be enough to support your mobile business systems. It thus becomes essential that your enterprise mobility services provider is not doing the same. 

4. What kind of deployment is likely for your Enterprise

The EMM development solutions are provided either as SaaS or as on-premise solutions depending on your EMM vendor.

SaaS refers to Software as a Service is delivery and licensing model for software. It is also known as on-demand software. It is one of the categories of cloud computing.

On-premise solutions This software runs on the premises of the organization. This does not provide remote services through a server cloud or farm.

5. Security Maintenance

The security provisions are given to your organizational devices from a centralized location. The EMM solutions are developed as such that your organization is able to produce the mandates and policies to all the devices and systems from a centralized location.

Every vendor provides different security capabilities and the above procedure is the core of the EMM solutions security maintenance. These security provisions help in securing solutions and Enterprise mobility services. You can look through some of the most essential features while evaluating the EMM development solutions. The key features include device locking from a remote distance, the ability to monitor the traffic on the device and data wiping.


In this article, we saw how one should keep certain things in our consideration while evaluating enterprise mobility solutions. Enterprise mobility management is crucial to a company because it can be a maker or a breaker. For example, a well managed EMM solution software can lead to a smooth workflow without imposing any negative effects on the employees.

The efficiency of EMM solutions plays an important part in the smooth workflow of the CIOs and the IT departments of the company. There are many issues related to the handling of data. For example, the data might be living in smartphones and other smart devices or it might be getting on the cloud. Both of these data storage locations have a set of issues that need to be solved and acknowledged by you as well by your EMM and CRM development services provider.