Top Video/Audio Calling API & SDK Providers for Android, iOS and Web

Best Video Call API & Video Chat SDK Providers for Android, iOS and Web

12th Jul 2019
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The video communication platform market will go from $44 million in 2015 to $1.7 billion in 2020

Historically, businesses that rise to maximum have always followed consumer communication trends. In fact, businesses have started to use video chat apps as the primary module for deeper communication with consumers. The establishment of Skype, WhatsApp, and Google hangout video call apps have started taking off in mid-2014. The video chat apps market has evolved in various sectors of the industries to perform its effectiveness in delivering real-time conversation at any time, anywhere. 

This really enabled the market to focus on video chat app technologies. This trend is now followed by businesses to enhance the communication across any device instantly. To help businesses in developing an effective video chat platform into their business communication, we have come up with some video chat application providing solutions to scale up or build a video chat that delivers real-time communication.   

List of Top Video Calling SDK & API Providers for Enterprise Business

1.Mirrorfly - A Complete Chat, Video & Audio Calling Solution

One of the leading video chat solution provider in the market by having a quality list of client base across the globe. The video call solution is headquartered in Chennai and regional offices in California and backed by 200+ tech developers. Mirrorfly has an ideal role in the market in delivering video call API and SDK for web and mobile applications. It’s a custom-made video call solution built-in with WebRTC signaling that performs on Android, iOS and Web applications.

The Mirrorfly video call solution is equipped with sublime features that enhance the performance of the application and also embedded with video encoders, low latency technologies to ensure the video quality is at its best.  

MirrorFly's Video Calling Features

  • 100% Customizable Solution
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Screen Sharing
  • Push to Talk
  • VoIP Calling
  • SIP Calling

2. Contus Fly - A Powerful Chat App Platform for Enterprise Business

When it comes to building a video chat app on Android and iOS, Contus fly plays a significant role in creating video chat applications to enable real-time connectivity. The customizable video chat solution is built with enriched-features that facilitate seamless voice call connectivity across platforms. Contus Fly provides video call API for Android, iOS, and Websites. 

The video call SDK is capable of integrating video call or chat functionality on any platform and assist enterprises and businesses to build video chat application for any communication purposes.

Contus Fly Chat SDK Features

  • Message Broadcast
  • Screen Sharing
  • Cross-platform Messaging
  • Conference Calling
  • Live Broadcasting
  • End to End Encryption
  • Channel
  • Push Notifications


3. Sinch - A Powerful Video Call SDK Product

Add video call functionality on any platform and device with Sinch Video Call Integration. A top Video Calling SDK provider in the market to integrate to existing or new applications that performs on any platform. Sinch provides seamless integration of video call with a quick import of lightweight SDK to enhance the collaboration between the users. 

The Saas based video call integration SDK provides most competitive pricing with Pay as you go concepts. The video call SDK offers peer-to-peer support with advanced features.   

Sinch SMS Video & Audio Calling API Features

  • Cross-platform Integration
  • Screenshot
  • Pause and Resume Stream
  • Extensive Platform Documentation

4. Apphitect IM - Real-time Video Chat Application

One of the leading video chat application providing company Dubai. Apphitect is a reliable video call SDK and video call API provider in the market embedded with features to establish better connectivity among any devices. The solution has the potentiality to build a video chat app for Android & iOS to enable multi-party conference calling in high-quality. 

Apphitect is built in a highly secure cloud environment that allows enterprises and individuals to make video calls or chats instantly without the fret of unauthorized access.  

Apphitect IM, Video & Audio Calling API Features

  • Data Channel
  • Enterprise Communication SDK
  • In-App messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Push notifications
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • High Caliber Framework
  • Multi-platform compatibility

5. QuickBlox - Cross-platform Video Calling API

One of the major provider of backend infrastructure for Video APIs. Quickblox provides developer toolkit to integrate video calling feature into any of the application. The ready-to-go module helps businesses to run sample functionality on Android studio and also provides enterprise hosting or Quickblox hosting of application. The video call API encompasses features and Quickblox admin panel to take full control. 

Sinch Chat & Video Calling SDK Features

  • QuickBlox Admin Panel
  • On-premises or Quickblox hosting
  • Push Notification functionality

6.Cometchat - Multi-platform Integration Support

A Saas based video chat API enables developers and enterprises to add video chat functionality to your website and mobile application. Cometchat provides Video chat SDK & API to enable video chat on Android, iOS and capable of integration up to 90+ platforms. 

With Cometchat’s video chat SDK and API, enables to create WebRTC chat application to communicate with one-to-one or in a conference with no server bandwidth. 

Cometchat Chat SDK & API Calling SDK Features

  • Cross-platform Performance
  • 92+ integrations
  • One-on-one or Group video chat

7.Agora - Cross-platform Video Call Application

A real-time video calling SDK provider in the market with the potentiality of customization. Agora, a leading California based chat solution providing company expertise in offering cross-platform video calling SDK to integrate video feature across all platforms and channels. 

Agora video call solution delivers one-to-one and multi-party video call feature with the capability of low-latency results in high-quality video calling on Android, iOS, and Web. 

Agora Voice & Video Calling SDK Features

  • One-to-one Video Calls
  • Group Chat Video Calling
  • Encryption
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing methods

8.Pubnub - Real-time Video Chat Infrastructure-as-a-service

Considered as one of the top-tier video chat solution providing company with in-built WebRTC signaling and powerful APIs to build video chat apps on Android, iOS. Pubnub provides enterprise-grade security layers and SDK to perform high on video chat experience across platforms. The video chat solution offers advanced features and security layers to collaborate securely and effortlessly on mobile and web applications.  

Pubnub Chat SDK Highlight Features

  • WebRTC Signaling 
  • Transferring of Metadata pre-call
  • Push Notification 
  • Extensible Plugins

9.Twilio - Communication API for Best Video Call Experience

Twilio is a top-tier video call SDK provider to the global market. With their SDK suite, a making of personal and instant connection is flexible across the platforms. The Video call SDK help enterprises and developers to build a video calling app on Android, iOS using WebRTC signaling. 

With their scalable cloud infrastructure, the deployment of video chat or call apps on the existing or new application is said to be simple where SDKs helps to customize the entire video chat or call apps. 

Twilio SMS & Video Calling SDK Features

  • Call Recording
  • Group calling or Conference
  • Screen sharing
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models

10.TokBox - Enterprise-grade WebRTC Capabilities

Considered as one of the notable Paas company to build video calling apps on Android, iOS and Web applications. With their robust video chat SDKs & APIs, customization of video calling apps or integration of video calling apps are said to be quite simple. The solution is embedded with WebRTC and advanced features to enhance the video call experience across platforms. The highly scalable solution supports seamless interoperability where video chatting on browsers and platforms are adaptable. 

Twilio SMS & Video Calling SDK Features

  • Cross-platform support
  • Extensive List of advanced features
  • A high volume of scalability
  • Seamless Integration


The aforementioned video calling application providers are quite similar compared to the entire list, but the difference is related to the features and functionalities they provide in order to build a splendid video chat app for businesses. The key difference in choosing the ideal solution provider in building a video chat app solely depends on your requirement, usage, the quality of the solution you demand and specifically the business model. 

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