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6 questions to ask before you purchase an ERP Software

6 questions to ask before you purchase an ERP Software

Wednesday August 05, 2020,

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Let’s start with the very obvious question, what do you mean by ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process used to integrate and manage the most integral aspects of businesses. For larger organizations, it helps in assimilating various parts of the business in a single place. 

Businesses can implement ERP software in departments such as human resources, finance, marketing, operations, etc., ERP software further increases the speed and efficiency of communication within different departments. This makes the information available within the organization which the company can resort to while creating projects or implement it during decision-making. 

Various companies have been implementing ERP software to take out the kinks and help the business function as a well-oiled machine. This often raises concerns for the changes that it might bring and the resistance to the change from the employees. Hence, it is crucial for a business to be very careful and get expert in choosing the right ERP.

Selecting and implementing an ERP software is a difficult and time-consuming thing to do. These questions will help companies to make an ultimate decision on purchasing the ERP software.

Is it Flexible? 

There should be an ease of making changes to the software by making it more user-friendly. Flexibility in ERP software is essential as it will help the company determine its current use and forecast its future specification. The software should also provide flexibility in rectifying any user issues with ease that can be less time-consuming and increase productivity.

Is it Cost Effective?

The cost of an ERP software is a very crucial element in choosing an ERP application for the business. Sometimes it can be a deal breaker because if you are unsure about the return on investment it will provide. This factor plays a key role in decision making irrespective of the size of the organization.

Is the software Customizable?

Some businesses want the ERP software to work in a specific way for their business. Being able to customize the software is important because the company shouldn’t have to change the way it operates. The software is meant to increase the company’s efficiency and make operations more effective.

How much training is required with implementing an ERP software? 

ERP software implementation is more significant than most aspects of ERP software integration in any business. During the implementation phase, they train the employees as they will use the software daily, which would also cause a change in their work environment. It is crucial to take constant feedback during this phase to prevent things from snowballing.

Does ERP software implementation require technical support? 

Technical support and maintenance of the software is much easier for larger companies, but that shouldn’t prevent smaller businesses from utilizing the ERP software.

Is consultation required for ERP software implementation?

Experienced professionals will help companies implement and maintain their ERP applications as they can draw on their experience from helping clients in various industries.

Concluding thought

Choosing the right ERP software can be a boon for the businesses as they can help your company manage customer relations and increase productivity in a much easier way. One more significant advantage is the long-term savings and less time-consuming factor that will result in a more efficient management.

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