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4 Reasons A Small Online Business Should Trust Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the latest form of technology in hosting websites and has become particularly popular in recent years.

4 Reasons A Small Online Business Should Trust Cloud Hosting

Saturday April 25, 2020,

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Cloud Hosting is the latest form of technology in hosting websites and has become particularly popular in recent years.

Take a look at some stats:

  1. 87% of businesses worldwide use Cloud technology,
  2. 51% of cloud businesses have reduced it management time,
  3. 70% of businesses invested the money saved by switching to the Cloud in new resources,
  4. Small businesses (<20 people) use the Cloud primarily for web & email hosting,
  5. Three out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are estimated to adopt Cloud technology in the next 5 years.

(source: PCWorld.com)

The main idea of cloud hosting is based on the following logic: The computational resources needed to maintain a site, such as storage, memory, network bandwidth, processing, are distributed over more than one web servers and are shared according to the needs and requirements of each site. Therefore, your site is based not only on one server but on a cluster of servers that collaborate with each other and constitute the "Cloud".

Cloud technology refers to a central internet location that stores data. This makes the Cloud accessible at any time, anywhere and from any device. To better understand how the Cloud works, bring Google to mind. Google has spread its computing resources to hundreds of servers in the Cloud, so the user does not experience problems of slowdown or downtime on its sites.

In addition to Google, countless businesses have embraced Cloud hosting because it offers a number of important benefits:

1. Low Cost

With cloud hosting you pay what you use, which means you're only charged for the traffic you receive and the amount of resources you commit. This pricing system helps you start using minimal resources at the beginning and instantly expand resources if needed, expanding the capabilities of cloud hosting. For example, sites that display variable traffic do not need to invest high amounts in dedicated solutions such as high bandwidth and more server space.

2. Easy management

The Cloud is simple to apply and manage and there are no gaps in the set up, with all actions being automated. You use the software without worrying about updating it, maintaining or maintaining its security, as all of the above are the responsibilities of the service provider. This fact allows you to get out online quickly. In addition, the central management of the network and servers on which the cloud is based ensures perfect operation and quality.

3. Secure data backup

The cloud simplifies the process of backing up your data. As it works on the computer, your data is automatically stored and copies of it are created off-site, which is safe from any natural disaster, theft or malfunction.

4. Easy data transfer

If you want to share files with your colleagues in the office or with an external team, the cloud makes sharing data easy and secure. File sharing is easy as you just send a link to the recipient. This allows you to easily share large files with as many people as you want, avoiding using email to send them or store them in hard drives.

Any small online company, which wants to reduce costs without sacrificing its credibility while competing with larger companies, can trust Cloud Hosting. Take a look at more information and share in the comments below the benefits of Cloud Hosting that you've rated for your own business.

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