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5 Powerful Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

5 Powerful Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020

Tuesday December 24, 2019,

5 min Read

Web Hosting

Thinking of making your own website? If you are relying on WordPress to build them then you need to select the best hosting provider. Every website developer faces this problem as there are many hosting providers to choose from. It is really important to choose the best hosting as it impacts the speed, reliability and security of your website besides other factors.

If you plan to wish to start your first WordPress blog read this article to know about how to select the best Wordpress Hosting 2020 before you start your blog.

Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting Services?

All beginners are not sure of the future of their blogs after starting with Blogging is becoming popular and it is advisable to start a site with WordPress org or self-hosted blog with a custom domain.

You might find limited-time now but gradually as your blog grows you might be interested and the domain name will get older to have good results.

Actually, there is no company which can provide free services. If you choose to have free services you need to compromise with the website performance. You might have to face various consequences like traffic to your blog, the theme for your blog, have to bear with the sponsored ads in your blog and various others. So when you are serious about your blog on the WordPress platform then free hosting is a big ‘NO’.

Surely, you would prefer to go with the paid version and there are various good hosting providers out in the market.

As a beginner, it would be difficult to decide the best WordPress hosting providers and the best hosting plan for you.

Continue reading to know about how to choose the WordPress hosting plan.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

To start with your blogging journey, these are the best WordPress Hosting for beginners.

1. Know About WordPress Hosting Types

As per the traffic and size of the files of websites, there are few hosting plans. Some of them are WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting, WordPress VPS hosting, and WordPress dedicated server hosting.

It is best to go with a shared WordPress hosting plan as they are cheap. For instance, the WordPress hosting plan by Bluehost is only $2.95 per month. As a beginner, this plan will work as you are uncertain about your blogging platform. If you get traffic to your blog then your host provider will definitely upgrade your package.

If you want that your host provider should not trouble you then you can go for managed hosting services from Cloudways. There are various options available with them and you can choose as per your needs.

You do not need to have any idea of hosting the account. The hosting provider will take care of all the necessary best practices to keep your blog up all the time by reducing the resources.

2. Web Hosting Expenses

As a newbie, the web hosting provider is one of the important factors to select. The web hosting provider should be reliable so that you can handle with them both your finances and blogging idea.

Always start with the affordable web hosting plans than signing up for costly web hosting plans. This will enable to grow your blog gradually. When there is traffic to your blog and you start earning from it, you can upgrade your hosting plan or change your web hosting provider.

3. Uptime Guarantee

With the best WordPress hosting providers, there are no chances that your website would go down. People and even companies are recommending their services for a long time and are growing successfully since people trust them.

4. Prompt Customer Support

If your website is facing any issues then it should be fixed quickly. Big hosting companies are sometimes not able to give you an active support team and as a blogger, you might have to suffer many issues. Thus look for web hosting companies that can give 24x7 customer supports. Rely on the trusted web hosting providers you can give you the support of your hosting queries. You too can be assured that there is someone you will take care of your worries at any time.

5. One-Click WordPress Installation

These days WordPress platform has gained popularity and is not only the content management system (CMS) but is the best blogging platform also.

An organization can be easily managed with WordPress. As a beginner, you might try to avoid WordPress but for installation, you need to have technical knowledge.

You can find various service providers but you cannot invest money everywhere as a newbie. Hence, most of the popular hosting companies provide One Click WordPress installation service engrafted in their control panel. Thus one can easily install WordPress in less than five minutes. Before buying you can check this detail with your service provider.

You can easily use the cPanel inbuilt one-click WordPress installation service of Bluehost, Hostgator or Dreamhost.


There are various other factors to be taken into consideration while deciding the best web hosting provider. As a newbie, select the best WordPress hosting for your blog. Also, check out the discounts and updates from the service providers.