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10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

10 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Friday December 04, 2020,

5 min Read

React Native Mobile App Development has become very famous among many leading developers and business giants very quickly. React Native is a framework used to develop cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android gadgets.

What is a cross-platform application?

What is a cross-platform application

In the world of mobile app development, cross-platform mobile applications are referred to as the ones that can work on multiple mobile platforms. These applications can work flawlessly on iOS, Android, or Windows environments.

There are already many big names such as Skype, Facebook, and Instagram which are using the React Native framework and have achieved the desired results. Above all, React Native Mobile App Development is cost-effective too.

What is React Native?

This is an open-source framework developed and maintained by Facebook. This is very helpful in reducing the complex development process. It uses JavaScript as the core programming language. Hence, this framework is very easy to learn for JavaScript professionals. React Native framework also helps curb the limitations of native app development.

Why prefer cross-platform app development?

Why prefer cross-platform app development

There are many benefits of using cross-platform app development and one will never regret the decision in long run. Appended are a few major reasons to justify the preference.

Larger audience

With the cross-platform app, you can reach a larger audience on multiple platforms. The deployment is also very easy in this framework.

Easy maintenance

This kind of development is not only easy to deploy but also to maintain. Any kind of feature addition or bug fixing can be done at one single place and synchronized across all the other platforms flawlessly.

Native like app UI

The technology comes with the ability to native-like apps UI. With a lot of useful customizing tools available in the market for developers, apps can be built like native apps.

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?


For any new startups to be successful they need to develop the online presence faster and that too with a limited budget. This is the time when React Native Mobile App Development comes into play.

By choosing the React Native framework you will save both time and money. Another good thing is that you will get a React Native developer more easily in comparison to others. This framework will help you achieve faster returns along with a good customer base.

Lesser development efforts

The React Native framework is quite capable of reducing your mobile app development efforts up to 45-50%. Another charming thing about this framework is that the same code can also be easily used for other platforms such as Android, iOS, and web, etc.

Benefits you get with react Native

This compatibility of React Native code on all the platforms eliminates the requirement of rewriting the code from scratch to add any new feature to your mobile application.

Third-party plugin compatibility

It is not easy to develop completely new software for any mobile application. But with the React Native framework, it becomes easy as the same is managed by Facebook which has a wide range of JavaScript libraries. With the use of these plugins, you can make your mobile app a better performer to the great extent.

Easy to debug

Cross-platform apps are more effective in comparison to native ones when it comes to debugging. A single bug fix will help fix them in all the other platforms such as Android and iOS. This makes the life of developers easy and less cumbersome while attempting any changes in the mobile application.

Less complex framework

This framework is easy to learn for those who are good at JavaScript. React Native is trending among others due to its less complex coding and ease to learn.

Delivers personalized UI

React Native app development is popular among the leading brands due to its ability to deliver personalized UI. With this framework, you will be able to provide a personalized user experience to each individual user on the same mobile application.

Transform flawlessly from web to mobile app

React Native framework enables developers to save a lot of time by helping them convert the web project to mobile app easily. The modular and intuitive nature of this framework allows programmers to reuse the code for multiple platforms by making one single change.

Less memory utilization

The React Native mobile applications use very little memory space on all the platforms. This is possible due to the non-requirement of cross-bridge linking due to which the majority of the codes are executed during the run-time of the application.

Pre-existing components

There are many pre-built components available in the React Native framework. The codes developed by a programmer in this framework to carry out certain functions can be reused and deployed on your app completely free of cost.

Massive online community support

Massive Online Community Support

React Native is a popular and trending framework that has got huge online community support. This helps the programmers and developers to reach out to them to seek any kind of help or guidance. The online community of this framework is so rich that it provides all kinds of support in no time.

Wrap up

In the end, you must have now understood why the React Native framework is good for mobile app development. The aforesaid reasons are few out of many which make it ideal among the others.

Now you know that if you want a framework that works the same on all the platforms such as Android, iOS, React Native is the best.

Another major issue which this framework tackles very effectively is memory usage. No matter how good or visually appealing your app is, but it should not kill your device's memory. React Native proves beneficial in all aspects of the ever-evolving digital world.

All you need to grow your online presence through React Native is a good React Native framework mobile app development agency. Once you are up and running on this framework, it will be easier for you to maintain it at your end by hiring a React Native developer.