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Reasons Why Your Australia Online Visa May Have Got Rejected?

As we all know that, a visa is one of the essential documents which can’t be ignored by any individual while travelling abroad.

Reasons Why Your Australia Online Visa May Have Got Rejected?

Wednesday October 17, 2018,

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As we all know that, a visa is one of the essential documents which can’t be ignored by any individual while travelling abroad. It feels very bad when it got rejected as you had spent a lot of time and hard earned money even if you have applied online. In order to avoid such situation, you must read all the details and eliminate the reasons due to which your visa can get rejected. This blog will tell you about the various reasons that are responsible for the rejection of your Australian visa so that you can eradicate all the possible hindrances and meet the Australia visa requirements easily and get the visa at one go.   

Reasons for Rejection -    

No matter you are applying for Australia visa online or going to the traditional offices, it can be rejected if you do not adhere to the Australia visa requirements, which are mentioned below :    

Appropriate funds :

It is necessary to have the appropriate funds before applying to Australia visa for India as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection wants to have a proof that you have enough funds to stay in Australia. It is mandatory to show that you have sufficient money for your travel, living costs for the whole family while your stay in this nation. You also need to mention the source of income if you use your personal bank account to meet the financial requirement for the visitor visa. It is also essential to meet the income evidence such as pay slips, employment statement and many more.    

Unable to meet the health requirements of Australia :

It is one of the most common reasons for the rejection of a visa; it can be denied in a situation when a person is considered as a financial drain or burden on the medical system of the country. Generally, it is not accepted in case the treatment costs over $21,000 in the span of 5 years under the age of 75. The main reason behind the rejection of visa is the cost of treatment. Those people who are suffering from the diseases such as  HIV, cancer, major heart issues and even mental health illness are one of those whose visa is rejected on medical ground.

Unable to meet the Character requirements of Australia :

Another reason for the rejection of a visa is that the applicant does not pass the character requirements of the nation. An individual will not be able to pass the character test in few cases such as one have been linked with people or crowds that Immigration suspects of being connected with illegal activities, a person have a real criminal history, and an individual’s previous or current illegal or general conduct is of matter to Immigration. It has become the matter of safety for the residents of Australia. There is a risk that a person who has a criminal record may indulge in criminal conduct, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person and many more, which can cause harm to the Australian community.    

Due to the wrong information in application form :

The visa also got rejected due to the incorrect information given in the documents. So, there is a need to double or triple check the entire information provided in the documents. Moreover, you must also check the proof and paperwork that is required for the individual visa. In any situation, the wrong documents or falsify paperwork will not be accepted. At times, people don’t submit the whole documents which can show their relationship a genuine one. In case a person is not able to give details of longstanding partnership or there are discrepancies with proof, his/her visa can be refused.   

Insufficient money for returning to the nation :

In a situation where an applicant has a big gap of unemployment or education and he/she is unable to show that why he/she is not able to get an employment in his/her own nation, the visa gets rejected. Moreover, in case you are not doing any job at the time of applying, there is need to apply the clear explanation of not doing the job and you also have to mention the name or the necessary details of the person who is supporting you.  There is also a need to show that you have immediate family members such as parents, siblings, husband, wife, and children so that you will return to the home country because of family commitments. If there is any mistake or absence of the document, the visa can be easily rejected.

Summing Up!  

Therefore, if you are applying an Australia e visa for Indian, you must scrutinize the internet facility and contact the online organizations as they offer marvelous services in an effective and efficient manner. They also offer Australia visa for tourist at an affordable price. Hence, getting an Australia visa online is considered as the best way in order to get the best deal!