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Repair Damaged Word File to Fix Microsoft Word Document Errors

Repair Damaged Word File to Fix Microsoft Word Document Errors

Monday February 11, 2019,

8 min Read

Repair Damaged MS Word File to Fix Word Document Errors

Let's know what this article discusses about, Repair damaged Word Document use Word Pad, inbuilt utility or Online Word Repair Tool. Also while Repairing corrupt word file find the root cause of Word document also.

“I am using MS Office from a long time as my work is purely dependent on MS Word . But yesterday my system got crashed. Luckily, I was able to recover my Word files. But most of the files are showing different error messages. I am sure that my files got corrupted. So anyone can help me to repair damaged Word file”


MS Office offers a number of applications, which includes MS Word, Excel, Editor, Outlook etc. But MS Word is prominently used program. As above stated query, if MS Word file gets corrupted it costs a lot to users. In most of the corruption issues, users have to take risk with their confidential data to attain fully recovery of the files and it's difficult to repair Word files when you are dealing with corruption. However, it’s necessary for the users to repair damaged Word document without any data loss.

In addition, situation gets worse when you are dealing with error messages. When it comes to errors, MS Word won’t be able to resolve them. To stop the Word files from prompting error messages over and over again. Find the best solution to repair damaged Word file. Hence, after knowing all of this issues with MS Word file. Here, this blog is going to introduce simple techniques to repair damaged MS Word document quickly and seamlessly.

Root Causes of Corruption In MS Word File

When your Word files is prompting error messages, understood you are dealing with corruption. Now question arises why corruption occurs? And how to repair damaged MS Word file from corruption. Well before searching the solution to repair damaged Word file. Let’s know the actual reason behind the corruption briefly.

  • It can happens when program crashes in the middle of your work.
  • When you leave your file partially written.
  • If you have downloaded a virus-infected attachment via mail.
  • When you are trying to open large sized files, it will cause corruption.
  • Old file format of Word file put stress on the program and get affected easily.
  • File location cause corruption, if you have located the Word file in faulty drive.

List of Microsoft Word File Errors

Here, this list of MS Word file errors will help you to know the error you are dealing with. In addition to this, it will be easy for you to find the accurate solution respective to the error. Most common Word file errors.

Error 1: MS Word unable to read the document Error

This error occurs when Microsoft Word unable to read the content due to some corruption issues in Word file.


Error 2: Word file has corrupted and cannot be opened

As this error says, Word file got corrupted due to obvious reasons and cannot be opened in MS Word. Use given solutions to know how to tackle this error.


Error 3: A file error has occurred in MS Word.

This error shows that, a file has occurred in Microsoft. Follow the right procedure to prevent this error in future.


Error 4: The MS Word document name or path is Invalid.

When you have provided a wrong or invalid path to the Word file. This error message will pop-up. To provide the right path and to get rid of this error message. Follow any method given below.


Error 5: Microsoft Word has stopped Working

This is an frequent error message which will pop when your MS Word is dealing with bulky corrupted Word files. It can be removed by any manual or expert method suggested below.

Repair Damaged Word Files & Remove Errors With Manual Solutions - Instantly

Usually, in such instance users fail to access the Word files and there are high chances of getting data loss. So, without wasting any time try to stop spreading the corruption among other files and take backup immediately. To avoid severe corruption, try to know the actual cause. In spite of this, there are chances of recovering the data from the corrupted Word files.

To help you in such scenarios, here are the DIY techniques to repair damaged Word files without anyone’s help. This blog offers you 4 immediate manual solution which should be tried without thinking much.

Method 1: Use MS Word Repair Option

MS Word is prominent document processing program which allows user to repair damaged Word document within the application. This feature is designed by Microsoft to fight with the corruption. But according to the survey this feature doesn’t work when there is high corruption. However, it’s wise to test yourself first. So, here are the steps to repair Word file by Repair option.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Word app in your system.
  2. Go to the file option and click to Open.
  3. Choose the damaged Word file and select the file.
  4. In below, click to the down arrow on the Open button.
  5. Here select Open and Repair option to repair Word files

I think this method will work and. However, there are other method as well to repair damaged Word file if you aren’t successful in repairing the Word file with this method.

Method 2: Use Wordpad to open the Word file

When Open and Repair won’t work may be there is an issue with MS Word app not in your DOCX file. So try to open the file in Wordpad. Here are the steps open and repair damaged Word document.

  1. Navigate the corrupted Word file location.
  2. By right-clicking, go to Open With and choose the other app.
  3. Select Wordpad and Open the file in it.

If the issue still remains same, it means you might got caught by high corruption. So, give this another method a try to repair damaged Microsoft Word document.

Method 3: Recover text from Word file

If above methods fail to recover or repair damaged Word file then, it’s better to view the text that is inside the file. For recovering the plain text, follow given steps:

  • Open MS Word and go to File>>Open.
  • Navigate the location of the damaged file.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Word

  • Select the Word file and click the down arrow below.
  • Here, choose Recover Text from Any File.
  • Select the open button and now you will be able to view the text content of the corrupt Word file.

I think it will helpful when all repairing techniques fails. At least, you will be able to get the information inside the corrupted file. However, if you want automated method or online tool read the next section.

Online Tool to Repair Damaged Word File

In this users have to visit the Word file repair tool websites and share the whole scenarios and had to share credentials and important information. With this if users is dealing with corrupted file issue they need to share the confidential files with the websites technicians. In order to repair damage Word document, the sharing of files is primary requirement. In this way, data integrity will be on risk. To avoid such situations you can try an automated solution or utility.

An Instant Solution to Repair Damaged Word File

Hopefully, above-stated workarounds work. But, what if it doesn’t work. Relax, take a deep breathe. We know how important your data. So, here is the most reliable and effective solution. This Word Recovery Tool will repair damaged Word document quickly. This solution will provide you complete and quick recovery. This utility offers a wide range of features which make it different from others. This is advised by professionals. Experts have suggested this utility to repair damaged MS Word document. Let’s go through it’s easy steps:

Step 1: Install the Word Recovery Tool and run it in your system.


Step 2: Browse the Word files with given 3 modes: Add File(s), Add Folders, Search File(s).


Step 3: Preview the repaired Word files with the inbuilt preview tools.


Step 4: Save the repaired Word files in a healthy and original formatting format.


Final Observation

Microsoft Word is commonly used program by wide range of users. When users encounter with MS Word file errors. It becomes necessary to repair damaged Word file, which will automatically remove corruption errors. However, this blog contains manual techniques as well as automated solution to eliminate these corruption errors and issues. Moreover, if manual tricks fails go for professional method. It will resolve errors within a few clicks and provide you accurate results, without any data loss. Hope, this blog solves your queries.