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Role of Facilities Management in the Growth of Businesses

The secret weapon behind the skyscraping success of businesses. Unleashing the unseen hero - Facilities management services.

Role of Facilities Management in the Growth of Businesses

Monday January 28, 2019,

3 min Read

Have you ever experienced challenges like poor infrastructure, under-performance, inefficient Integrated Facilities management system and sub-standard productivity? If these are your challenges, you should consider searching for an experienced facilities management services provider to assist with the optimization of your corporate performance.

Facility Management is an act of managing and maintaining the frameworks of an organization that include orchestrating the office complex, physical resources at the company or site and other building management services. These services may include mechanical and electrical utilities that can cause health and safety hazard to employees.

Over the last few years facilities management has gained so much importance as corporates and businesses owners have identified that building management services help companies function effectively hence more  efficiently.

Behind such a realization of facts, it is important to understand that the Facilities management universe consists of professionals that are involved in everyday analysis and maintenance and repairment of the corporate utilities. Facilities management is also actively involved in logistics planning activities that help in cutting expenses and at the same time, increase employee productivity.

The system also ensures all the facilities in an organization; are compliant with the industry health and safety regulations i.e. the  complex has disability access, fire prevention methods and emergency exit plan in place with an effective waste disposal plan, and control on hazardous substances and company parking space maintenance.

The facility Management system is a profession that covers several courses to make sure that the building facilities system remains adequately functional. It is also a process of managing and maintaining the integrated facilities services in a company.


Logistics Planning and Everyday Operations: Facilities Management tends to be involved in both planning and daily operations, as well as thinking up ways to cut costs while increasing productivity. To improve facility management services, spend on strategic plan; businesses and corporates need an adequate facility management system that will free up their time spent on daily operations. A useful facility management system allows professionals to perform assessments tracking and managing the building management system and integrated facilities services. This saves the facility management system time and enables them to be adequately involved in decisions making for business continuity.

Maintenance and Repairs: Property maintenance is also part of the facilities management system. To help the businesses and corporates achieve the competitive advantage and increase the overall worker productivity; corporates must involve the facility manager in strategic decision making. Facility management system might be assigned a specific area to take care of, or be responsible for, depending on how the building management system is. Facilities Management system might be required to carry out repairs and maintenance tasks themselves or call in the relevant departments to get the work done quickly and effectively; all while not disturbing the employers.

Health and safety:Facility Management services are of vital importance to a growing business/ or corporate as it makes sure all employees, visitors/guests and members of the public are kept as secure as possible. The facility management needs to ensure all the facilities managers in an organization or company are compliant with industry health and safety regulations and have control of all hazardous substances.

Cleaning and other Services: Facility Management services also cover catering, cleaning and other essential building management systems that are mostly taken for granted. Those people responsible for the corporate operation must make sure the right food is ordered from the right companies and ensure food is prepared legally and hygienically on the premises to cater to the health standards of the employees.