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Role of Pixelloid Studios in Indian Animation Industry

Role of Pixelloid Studios in Indian Animation Industry

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

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Pixelloid Studios

Animation makes dreams possible. Animated movies or shows are more like a wine. They get better with age. It is no longer a cherry on top of the cake. Because it is the cake now. Earlier, the animation was just sprinkled in some scenes to spice the things up/ However, the things have changed upside down. It is an era of animated movies.

It has been crystal clear that, to pass on the information about any business or service; animation is unarguably one of the best ways. Also, this is where the animation service providers have germinated and occupied the whole entertainment industry. The other reason people prefer to watch animation is for the reason that it serves for all ages of people. Hundreds of animators sacrifice tens of their days and nights to bring the breath-taking scenes in front of your eyes.

Pixelloid is one such animation service providers which have worked with many of the industry heads and has written their own pages in the history. The transformations they have made in the movies are hard to digest that they are animated. Literally! But that is what all animation is about, right?

To bind the viewers' mind and eyes that it is actually happening. Right in front of their eyes. They are so real. Just like crystal clear!

The competent animators should understand the thin line between ‘actual’ and ‘created.’ And Pixelloid has been killing it since its origin. To name a few where Pixelloid has excelled in creating spectacular visuals are Bharath Ane Nenu, A Aa, Gopala Gopala, Bhaagamathie etcetera.

Along with this incredible contribution, Pixelloid is also known for their animation and VFX course training programme. They have comprehended the gap between demand and supply of animators in the industry, thus, raised the bars of Pixelloid Training Programmes. Here, the students who enrolled into any particular course will not be just disregarded at the end of the coaching. More than 90% of the students are often absorbed by their own studio, giving an opportunity for the budding animators a place to tell a tale more easy and flexible.

Making India the hub for animation and VFX, Pixelloid is moving ahead each passing day.