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Safe Cams - Your digital eye on the road

Safe Cams was started to provide a safety solution for responsible drivers in India. We have developed Dash Cameras, which act like CCTV for your car.

Safe Cams - Your digital eye on the road

Monday July 22, 2019,

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My family’s safety was the primary reason why I purchased my Dash Cam two years ago. Sad to say, there were very few options available at that time in India. The Dash Cams on offer were either of a very poor quality or imported from Europe at exorbitant prices. This led me to investigate and test different Dash Cams from suppliers for Indian road conditions. After testing numerous cameras, and understanding the vital safety components needed in a car camera, I finally designed a range of dash cameras that suited Indian road conditions. The cameras under the SAFE CAMS brand have all been tested on Indian road conditions and come with a 1 year warranty throughout India. I want to offer responsible drivers in India a way to feel secure and safe on the road again.

So how does a Dash Camera help with your safety?

A Dash Cam, a small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera recording everything in front of the driver. Think of it like “CCTV” for your car. They are easy to install, and record continuously whilst the car is switched on. Now a responsible driver is never alone with the Dash Cam being his irrefutable digital eyewitness. Video footage from your Dash Cam can be used in a court of law or shown to your insurance provider to prove your innocence.

Another safety feature is that a Dash Cam acts a deterrent for would be criminals, just like how shops tell you to “smile you are on camera” to deter would be shoplifters. This feature works well for lady drivers who are driving alone, as the Dash Cam becomes their digital recording passenger. Frequently a mob will gather around an accident scene, you can ensure your safety by staying in your vehicle and providing the digital evidence directly to the police.

So what unique features must a Dash Camera have?

  • Wide angle lens - a large viewing angle of greater than 1200 ensures that the camera records everything that occurs in front of the vehicle. 
  • Continuous loop recording - when the disk space is full, the camera will start recording over the earliest video footage, to ensure that you have the latest footage in case of an incident. It also does not stop recording when the disk space is full like most other electronic devices
  • Auto start/stop - the dash camera is connected to the vehicle's power supply and ignition. When the vehicle starts up, so does the dash camera, recording your entire drive. Being connected to your vehicle's power supply, you dont' need to worry about its battery running flat and not recording your journey.   
  • G Sensor - Dash cameras contain an accelerometer sensor, which measures the force exerted on the camera at all times. If the vehicle meets with an accident or experiences a sudden movement like harsh braking or swerving in order to miss an obstacle on the road, this sensor will write protect the video footage so it cannot be lost or overwritten.
  • High Definition footage - Dash cameras can now record in Ultra High Definition (4K). The high resolution means that if there is an incident and you need to review your footage the details like number plates and type of vehicle will be readily available.
  • Low Light sensor - All dash cameras are equipped with a low light sensor, making night video footage clearer. Sony has a STARVIS range of sensors that allow the camera to capture very detailed night footage.

Other advanced features include WiFi connectivity, GPS tracking, forward collision warnings via Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and 4G sim connectivity so that the owner can remotely track and monitor his vehicle.  Currently we are developing our own algorithm for Driver State Monitors which will help alert drivers if they are drowsy or not paying attention to the road ahead. These features are now moving towards preventative measures so that accidents are stopped before they happen.

Our latest SC02 dual full HD lens dash camera

SC02 Dual Lens Full HD camera from Safe Cams

Why does India need a safety solution?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 1,50,785 people were killed and another 4,94,624 were injured in 4,80,652 road crashes in India in 2016. This translates to one death every 4 minutes. The number of road crash deaths have increased by 31% from 2007 to 2017. With more vehicles using existing road infrastructure these numbers are sure to increase. With an increase in rash driving, road rage and under-age driver incidents, a dash camera is an inexpensive way for a responsible driver protect himself and his family.

The road ahead for Safe Cams

We are currently looking at mobile camera solutions for school buses and taxi fleets. Combining live video streaming and GPS tracking, schools can now monitor their school buses and ensure the safety of their students. Problems like bully and victimisation that occur on the way home from school can now be recorded in clear HD footage, so that parents and authorities can understand what has occurred and can take the necessary corrective actions.

A video monitoring and tracking solution for Taxi fleets that drop women employees at home after working late shifts has also been developed by us. Having "CCTV cameras" and a panic button in the car, provides a sense of security for women employees. The entire journey can be monitored by the relevant authorities adding an extra level of control.