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Is Salesforce CRM Free for Nonprofits Organizations?

Leveraging Salesforce for nonprofits can improve your strategies in a variety of ways. From donor management to fundraising.

Is Salesforce CRM Free for Nonprofits Organizations?

Wednesday May 27, 2020,

6 min Read

Are you managing a non-profit? Are you looking for a great platform empowered with technology? Don’t you have much budget and just started up as a non-profit? This article is for you.

For the nonprofits, it is very important to save money, be connected, raise funds along with managing everything for the social causes. The role of CRM cannot be overlooked for non-profit based organizations. Here in this article, we'll talk about the Salesforce cloud platform specifically and its contributions towards nonprofits.

Companies like Salesforce are always staying ahead when it comes to fulfilling their Corporate Social responsibilities. Salesforce has its vision to help society and contribute towards it in ways possible as a corporate. Now Salesforce has released its nonprofit cloud and solutions to help non-profits to thrive in their mission.

Now the biggest question asked by the nonprofits is, are the Salesforce solutions for the nonprofits free? If not, how much they cost? Can everything be on a single platform and nonprofits get a seamless workflow?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

The Salesforce non-profit Cloud is curated to help non-profit organizations with forefront technologies at affordable prices. It is carefully thought-out and a planned data model that offers a wonderful solution to the CRM requirements of the non-profit organizations.

It offers features that help the non-profits with Impact Management, Grant Management, Advocacy, Marketing Automation, Community Portals, Personalized Journey management, Donation Management, Reporting and Analysis, Income Management, Donor Engagement, Program delivery, Volunteer Management, Fund Raising and more.

Salesforce Non-Profit cloud allows the non-profits to access different Salesforce apps like DocuSign, FormAssembly, etc for requirements like digital signature, building web forms, project management, etc.

Benefits of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce cloud offers a 360-degree view of the organization at a very affordable price to the non-profit based organizations. It offers a scalable, flexible, and open platform that helps the non-profits to grow their way.

A recent survey conducted by Cloud for Good, shows that 76% of the non-profits using Salesforce have reported that it is allowing them to do their job seamlessly.

Sales Cloud Survey

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Salesforce has launched its non-profit Success Pack which is its way to give back to society. NPSP is attuned to serve the real needs of the non-profits. NPSP allows the addition of non-profit ready components like ready-made constituent or donor management ad-ons on the super flexible and scalable Salesforce Non-profit cloud data architecture. This way non-profit success pack offers a high-end, comprehensive and cutting-edge platform to manage their programs, donations, volunteer management, fund-raising campaigns effectively.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud combined with the Non-Profit Success Pack becomes a powerful tool for the non-profits, aiding them with technology and platform. It allows the non-profits to manage organizational workflows, to collaborate with volunteers, donors, fund-raisers, to communicate seamlessly for campaigns. Also, the performance and the power of the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud along with the NPSP can be increased with the Salesforce Integration with thousands of apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Moreover, Salesforce has a huge community of developers, professionals, experts, users, or organizations that backs up, helps, and nourishes the NPSP program efficiently.

Salesforce Power of us Program

Salesforce has come one step ahead to help the non-profits in multiple ways. It has launched the Power of Us program, through which Salesforce donates 10 Salesforce subscriptions free to the eligible non-profits. Through the program, it also offers additional deep discounts, affordable packages, subscriptions, products, training, services, and events to the non-profit based organizations.

Power of Us program benefits the start-up non-profits, which have started with a limited budget. The complete package of the Power of Us Program includes –

  • Discounts on multiple Salesforce Training
  • Discounts on paid AppExchange Apps and consulting partners programs
  • 10 donated free Enterprise Edition Licenses.
  • Discounts on Salesforce products and additional services
  • Deep Discounts on Salesforce Events

The Donor Management App which is developed by is also available to the non-profits free of cost under this program. This power-packed app can easily be integrated and customized. It can be used for households, donations, constituents, volunteers, and more.

The Power of Us program adorns the non-profits with powerful tools that help them boost their funds and engage and retain their constituents.

Salesforce Einstein for Nonprofits (AI for Good program)

Salesforce Einstein is a super-smart AI-enabled platform which enables the users to make effective and data-driven decisions. Einstein Analytics is an app based on Salesforce Einstein which provides the non-profits power to take a deep dive into their data to analyze trends, predict future steps, and make an impact through their operations.

A Connected Non-Profit Report published by showed that 90% of the donors want to know the impact of their donations to the causes they have contributed to. 65% of the donors tend to donate more if they feel that their non-profits know what they prefer.

Sales cloud report

Salesforce Analytics largely helps non-profits. It allows the non-profit users to use the Analytics as a part of the NPSP extension to unlock the insights from their fund-raising data. The Salesforce templates for Einstein Analytics allow non-profit organizations to implement specific use-cases analytics within a few minutes without having much technical knowledge.

It allows seamless and connected CRM data which helps the non-profit users get compelling insights into their data and visualization platform. 

Fundraising Analytics is one of the templates provided by Salesforce which gives the visibility of the fundraising data like pipelines, activities, and fundraising forecasts very easily to the fundraising non-profit.

With the Fundraising Analytics, users can create custom dashboards to view insights that enable them to focus on the areas of improvement.

Fundraising Analytics

Pricing Comparison

Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack is available for the non-profits through the Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition or the Salesforce Lightening Ultimate Edition. Salesforce offers deep discounts on the Enterprise Editions or free licenses in the available Non-profit Salesforce Enterprise editions.

  • Lightning Enterprise Edition along with Non-profit Success Pack comes for $36 per user/month (Billed Annually). Originally, it comes for $150 per user/month (Billed Annually) for regular users.
  • Lightning Unlimited Edition along with Non-profit Success Pack comes for $72 per user/month (Billed Annually). Originally, it comes for $300 per user/month (Billed Annually) for regular users. 

Salesforce comes up unimaginable and powerful solutions for the Non-profits at super affordable costs. The non-profit based organizations are equipped with a huge number of Salesforce Customization, Salesforce Integrations, AppExchange apps, and AI-enabled analytics systems that are extensively tailored for them. Enterprises along with the power of the Salesforce platform are ready to cater to the nonprofits with solutions according to their specific needs and interests. With Salesforce Nonprofit solutions, help is one click away with affordable impact.