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Save Money on Online Shopping in India

saving money made easy

Save Money on Online Shopping in India

Monday December 03, 2018,

10 min Read

At the time when the India is going digital, online shopping is the most popular, convenient and cost-effective medium to purchase things.

Being aware of the dynamics of online shopping is enabling a huge number of online shoppers to make their purchases at discounted costs. In addition, smart buyers save money on online shopping in India.

So, are you also looking for some easy hacks that can save your money on online shopping?

Being an industry expert in the world of online marketing empowered me to decipher the mysteries of how some smart shoppers around the world save good money on online shopping.

–And I will be sharing all those here and now.

So, without any more ado, let us deep dive into the world of online shopping and understand how you can also save money on online shopping in India-

Easy ways to Save Money Online

Utilize Credit Cards

I have been using Credit cards approximately from the time they were launched and it has been helping me a lot in offering me benefits on online shopping. I earned around Rs. 20,000 last year from their cashback and reward offers. Credit cards have been even offering me better deals than the debit cards in India.

With better reward to cash proportion, the Credit card has been my prime method of saving money on online shopping in India. Getting around 1% money is almost sure shot and it will for sure be a boon for you if your shopping bills go in lakhs.

 Isn’t it awesome?

I have more hacks for you in the kitty as well, so continue going deeper folks!

Compare before making Purchase

As the web-based business industry is popular in the present days, great rivalry can be guessed among various market players. Consequently, the cost of a particular thing differs from site to site with the end goal to pull in purchasers. That is the reason, I always prefer comparing the product rates on different portals.

To spare a couple of bucks while opting for Indian web-based shopping portals, it is the most prudent thing to checking the cost of the individual item in 8 to 10 site.

This might appear troublesome assignments for you.

But, in such situations, portals like Junglee.com, MySmartPrice.com, PhoneCurry.com, and Scandid.com rescue me. You can also opt for their services to make affordable online shopping in India.

Utilize Payment Wallets + Credit Cards

You must have heard about Paytm, MobiKwik, and PayUMoney. Right?

They are actually payment wallets. Let me tell you here to use wallets with Credit cards to get the real bonanza benefits.

For instance, using PayUMoney along with credit card offered me 1% to 10% cashback that has really been quite profitable. Even in some of the cases, I got 10% money back while shopping on Amazon. Great offers on travel sites are also a big plus that compels me to opt for this method.

Investigate coupon codes

Oh Wow!

I just said this when I first opted for this top hack, and for sure you will be!

Actually, in the web-based business sites, the coupon codes are important with the end goal to encourage the buyers to buy things at markdown cost. I have been utilizing coupons sites to get coupons on online products and services and it has really been saving good money on online shopping in India.

In any case, finding the coupon codes which can be reclaimed at a specific time by meeting certain conditions, is quite simple as well. There are a few sites which total the coupon codes of a few Indian web-based shopping portals at one place such as CouponRaja.com and CouponDunia.in and so on.

You can also search coupons on Google as well.

Use Deal Apps Before Dining

Dining in restaurants is costly, but one smart hack has even made my dining cost-effective.

‘Little’ is the one deal app for me to know best offers and deals from restaurants close me. You can also opt for its services to save money on in India. Little is coordinated with Paytm for simple installments.

Its personalized and exclusive offers have been helping in different places across India. It helps me spare a great deal of cash on the eateries where the vast majority of the general populations pay the maximum. Recently I got a voucher of 8% discount for Barbeque Nation.

Who won’t like such easy deals?

Utilize Chrome Extension of Coupon Websites

Such a significant number of coupon sites are there in India. In some cases, need of an aggregator that could disclose to me which coupon site offers best arrangements is what I feel. However, a chrome plugin of BuyHatke is giving me the details of best offers while shopping on the web on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and so on.

You can check if your most loved coupon site has a chrome plugin or not. If yes, then be ready to get the best deals from coupon portals in the same way as I do.

Pursue Social Media pages of E-Commerce Sites

Following the most recent patterns, the web-based business portals are extremely dynamic on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for picking up a fascination with a bigger number of web-based target niche.

To make this publicity a tremendous achievement, at some point the online businesses offer a colossal markdown through special coupon codes for their social media followers.

So, just follow their Social Media Pages, and buy products at discount prices.

Isn’t it so convenient?

Let us deep dive into some other super easy hacks of affordable online shopping in India-

Include things in Shopping Basket and Wishlist without Purchasing them

This super hack always helps me get the same things at a discounted price after some time.

Actually, I continue to include my list of things to get items in my shopping basket of Myntra but I don’t checkout until the point when I really require the item. Myntra sends me email notices at whatever point there is any adjustment in the costs of items.

It also occurs with numerous other shopping sites. It’s an extraordinary hack to purchase the items at a deal cost.

Online business organizations send you ‘Drop in the Price Mails’ since they accept that you need to purchase the item. They would prefer not to lose any deal to their rival site.

Opt for Free Shipping Option

When you make a purchase from the majority of the internet shopping portals in India, you might be brought about extra delivery charges, which leaves an indispensable effect over your spending plan. Picking the free transporting choice will empower you to save money on Online Shopping in India.

Continuously search for the base amount to be qualified for the free delivery benefit.

For this, I never order separate small orders online, instead, I total all the important things in one order to satisfy the base amount that lets me get those products without any delivery fee.

Big orders also help in getting special discounts.

Utilize Online Calculator before applying for any Investment Plan or Loan Policy

We face a daily reality such that investment consultants mislead the investors. They demonstrate to you the investment strategies where they get the most advantage.

Being a well-known face in the industry, I frequently get calls from different consultants who suggest me specific plans. But, I prefer utilizing Online Calculator to find the most beneficial investment plan for me.

You can know how one plan can offer you a better outcome compared to the one suggested by consultants by using an online calculator.

Change to Prepaid Mobile

Postpaid designs are helpful for individuals whose phone bill is repaid by their organization. It is also advisable to utilize postpaid on the off chance that you are the one who has to make so many calls in a day on regular basis like a specialist whose entire business keeps running via telephone.

For every other person, I would suggest that prepaid option is superior to the postpaid one.

This will let you get 100% talk time, plus, you don’t need to settle extra taxes on them as well.

It offers a customized offer, plus international free roaming benefits are also offered. With prepaid, you will only be paying for your usages.

Try not to keep your Idle Money in standard Saving Account

Bank saving money gives 4% interest while current account gives 0% interest. In addition, your cash gets bolted when you open a fixed deposit account to procure 7% interest on your amount. Here, I have one amazing hack for you that is also a good way to save money.

The greater part of the banks offers a sweep-in-account office, where your idle cash gets changed over into little units of fixed deposits.

In this, you can pull back cash utilizing ATM card and the fixed deposit units will be accessible for your utilization. All banks have distinctive strategies and conditions for such sorts of accounts.

Utilize free EMI alternative

This is the most ideal approach to set aside some money on online shopping in India. While buying an expensive item, you have not sufficient financing alternative to pay the whole cost of the products at once. In this situation, you, for the most part, go for installment alternative and consequently acquire a misfortune by paying an immense sum as an interest on the unpaid amount.

For evading from such bother, I would suggest you to dependably search for the free EMI choices while buying any costly item online.

Despite the fact that profiting from this administration requires the credit cards of particular banks, utilizing this choice will most likely save your money.

Buy gift voucher to set aside some cash in India

As opposed to paying specifically from your account, paying via a gift voucher will offer you an extra advantage for the following buys from the similar portal. With the end goal to make extra saving along these lines, you need to buy a gift voucher of particular Indian shopping portals on the web.

After the effective buy of the gift voucher, you can utilize the equivalent while paying to that web-based store. This will either make you qualified to profit immediate money back else you will get rebate offers for the future buys.

Isn’t it an easy hack?

– Let us peep into two final hacks that I use to easily save money on online shopping.

Subscribe for the Newsletters

Newsletters of e-commerce stores are the official notifications distributed by the internet businesses with the end goal to mindful its clients of latest deals, offers and in addition important details about their administrations.

Being an enrolled individual from any web-based store, you will get an alternative to get the bulletin in your emails intermittently.

When you subscribe for the newsletters, you will be able to know about the on-going rebates, offers, etc which thusly assist you with saving money on online shopping.

Pay using online wallets

I had discussed the role of wallets with credit cards at the beginning of this post. Along with that, online wallets themselves are the most helpful installment alternative.

With the end goal to popularize themselves, the vast majority of these online wallets have tied up with other web-based shopping sites.

That is why, most of the times when I shop online, I check where the portal is offering any discount for specific online wallet or not. This helps me get the same product at a discounted price and also in the highly convenient and customized manner possible.

So, I would always suggest you online shoppers to opt for this method while making your purchases to save money on online shopping in India.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some amazing hacks that I have been using to buy products and services at markdown costs. You should also use them to save money on online shopping in India.

Did I miss any technique that you use while shopping online? Share your views with us in comments.

Also, update us if you get benefitted from these tricks.

Cheers & happy shopping!