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How to Scale Your Business Using Funnels

How to Scale Your Business Using Funnels

Tuesday September 22, 2020,

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Most business owners think that building awareness is all that it takes to bring ROI. They often forget that people need to warm up to your offer before they spend even a single dime on it. This is exactly what funnels help business owners establish. 

What Is a Funnel?

A tool depicting steps to gain customers and increasing conversions that start from spreading knowledge to making users click the ‘buy’ button is called a funnel. It consists of different decision-making stages where the aim is to bring a customer to make a purchase.

“As long as you know how to catch their attention, spark their interest, build a burning desire, and call to action, I don’t think there’s anything that can stop a business from soaring high, ”says Ajay Rai, the founder of Upcoach.

Scaling Your Business Using Funnels

Here is a common example of a simple funnel in everyday life. When a customer walks in a store, they take a look at various products. After checking out some packagings and comparing it with their utility, they take them and put them in the cart. When the customers are done putting items of use in their cart, they checkout, and the purchase is complete. 

Now that you have a basic idea of what a funnel is, here is a gist of the discussion we had with Ajay on this subject. Taking the conversation further, he gave some really useful insights into scaling your business through funnels, and here they are.

Raise Awareness In The First Step

If you’re running a business, you’re likely to offer solutions to genuine problems to make the life of your customers substantially better. When users are looking forward to solving a problem, they look for solutions. In that case, the top of your funnel should ensure that they know you’re there within easy reach with a solution. In the first stage, it’s also important that you let potential customers know that what you’re offering will give them great value.

Spark Interest as You Go Down The Funnel

The second stage is your chance to spark the interest of the user with catchy content and detailed information. When they check your social media platforms or website out of curiosity, you can make them interested in your offering using their pain points. Once they follow you on various platforms, it’s a sign that you have successfully managed to develop their interest. 

Prompt an Informed Decision Using Lucrative Sales Offer

Once the customers express interest, they’re open to your offering. This stage in the funnel is your golden opportunity to make an offer they can’t refuse. Leverage the power of sales pages, calls, webinars, and so on to prompt a buying decision that goes in your favor. When they pay attention to the packages, they’re likely to lead to conversions.

Customer Takes Action

Ah! The glorious moment when cash starts flowing into your account! After you’ve managed to convince the consumer to make a decision, they’ll buy your product or service. Make it easier for them to take the final action or you can risk losing a potential conversion. For example, if you have an ecommerce store, the check out process shouldn’t involve too many clicks after a customer has added a product into their cart. 

Summing It Up

Even though scaling a business using a funnel seems straightforward, each stage has intricacies you must take care off. Any discrepancy at any point can scare away a potential customer enough to never make them come back. So, what are you waiting for? Using thea four main stages of a funnel, make a killer plan and execute it to boost your ROI!