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Self-Driving Cars – Advantage & Disadvantage

Self-Driving Cars – Advantage & Disadvantage

Tuesday March 26, 2019,

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In the age of amazing cars for various categories of drivers, we are also seeing the advent of self-driving cars. The question arises why is it so? When we love driving cars, playing with them, taking them to the most dangerous as well as serene locations who would need a self-driving car? Though as the cities are more cramped than ever and a number of cars increasing multiple folds is making driving not so likeable experience for the car lovers. In fact, it’s also leading to more number of road accidents as well as cases of breaking of traffic rules. Good drivers have become impatient too.

The ever-evolving brains behind the latest technologies have proved that anything is possible like self-driving cars. The self-driving car innovation has been turned into a reality for our convenience and to increase our productivity. The self-driving or autonomous cars are those which are driverless and solely depends on the technology. We can associate many advantages to the driverless cars though we cannot miss the downsides too.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fewer road accidents

It helps in reducing the number of accidents because there is no chance of distraction as everything is system control. Humans are easily distracted or few of them don’t follow the rules resulting into collision too. In fact, tech cars are also optimised with algorithms which make sure that they maintain distance from the next car thus, avoiding any type of accidents.

  • Reduced traffic jams

Self-driving cars are capable of communicating with each other which helps the group to manage the traffic much better than human driven cars. Human-driven cars cannot communicate with each other, but they drive on the lanes based on assumptions. They are able to foresee traffic jams, therefore, they can calculate their moves, unlike humans.

  • Increase in efficiency

With system controls and artificial intelligence, these cars will also enable humans to save time and at the same time making them productive. Also, one can finish work rather than sitting ideal at the backseat.

  • Don’t know driving? Not an issue

The art of learning driving is taken care of by self-driving cars. Or senior citizens who have got difficulty in driving will also be taken care of by the technology.

The downside of Self-driving cars:

  • Not everyone’s cup of tea

It’s a reality when such innovations are made they do come with a hefty cost therefore, making it not accessible to the mass for sure. It will be costing around $100,000.

  • Jobs are at stake

From truck to taxi drivers will lose their jobs as the tech would take over their earnings.

  • Might get Hacked

With technology, hackers could hack any of such cars because there is nothing which cannot be broken by a human brain. Such hacking can lead to accidents or even theft thus making it riskier to own it.

  • Are these suitable for extreme weather?

Extreme weather conditions like too much or snow can lead to failure of sensors which control mechanism and functions of the car. It can result in keeping you stranded for the longest time outside your car or even handicapped at home.

While innovations will keep taking places, human brains will outgrow the previous generation every time, but we need to look for a balance between the requirement and disadvantages as well.