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7 Top Qualities to Look out for in a Salesforce Consulting Partner

7 Top Qualities to Look out for in a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Wednesday November 13, 2019,

6 min Read

Companies seek out a Salesforce consulting partner for several reasons. Whether you’re starting from square one and require a consultant to carry your business through the onboarding process or you have a special project that requires assistance with customization.

Business in almost all verticals relies on salesforce because of their easy-to use functionality and better corporate coordinated effort. Choosing the right Salesforce partner could be quite a daunting task. A good Salesforce consultant must be competent on the CRM platform and should be able to provide an appropriate solution to the business problems quickly. 

Presently to actualize the salesforce and train the group, with the goal that how they might use salesforce in more proficiently, you need to hire salesforce consulting services that can guide you and prepare your workers as well to get the better results.

Finding the right salesforce consultant will help you to build the salesforce solution you need to drive the business forward. In this way, it is smarter to employ prepared salesforce experts or specialist with the desirable characteristics and traits.

Let’s take a moment to know what qualities must have your salesforce consulting firm.

1.     Salesforce Certifications- Salesforce certification is the ultimate benchmark that acknowledge skills, expertise and real-world know how of today’s cloud specialist. Each salesforce consulting service must have salesforce certification in specific fields to help companies since no one is going to hire an individual without a certification. Also, background check should also be necessary for the experts themselves to decide how much they qualify.

   Though 30 certifications are available in the salesforce but not all of them are necessarily needed by your partner. It ultimately depends on your business needs, so inquire with the potential partner about which certifications they have earned. A few important certificates that are required for most of the projects.  


·        Integration Architecture Designer

·        Community Cloud Consultant

·        Sales Cloud Consultant

·        Certified Administrator

·        Certified Platform Developer

·        Service Cloud Consultant

·        Data Architecture and Management Designer


2.     Familiar with the Client’s Business – Not everyone is cut to be a consultant as few possess the right blend of knowledge and skills to excel at the profession. High skilled experts going to in-depth of problem and work towards finding the most appropriate solution. So, choose the right consultant which demolish problem completely. 

Perfect salesforce consultant would be the one that enables you in being able to shape your needs and desires in a much clearer, organized and streamlined manner. Golden rule is that the more the prospective salesforce partner can understand your desire, the more fruitful and successful your customer relationship management system shall be.


3.    Data Migration Cost – Don’t be confused by the value and difficulty of bringing your enormous data into salesforce. Salesforce only getting hard when you are merging data from your outlook contacts, multiple excel spreadsheets, Evite, your email newsletter database, etc. Data migration is quite complicated and hard to estimate, it can be expensive, and it is worth every penny. If you don’t trust your data in your new salesforce system, your project has a probability of failing.  

4.     Ongoing Process – Before you sign-on salesforce partner, consult with them about the step once the project is complete – how will they support your business to move ahead? It’s better to work with a partner who keep lesser focus on salesforce updates so that your organization stay to its peak. Ensure that your partner doesn’t de-prioritize your support needs over the needs of other larger projects. Certain partners, like KeyNode Solutions, offer designated Salesforce Managed Services that solely focus on clients ongoing support and maintenance. This is the best type of partner to have.


5.     Application Development and Architecture – Most of the salesforce consulting partners are good at project based specific task, without considerations the entire set of solution and services owned by the company owner. So before hiring must evaluate the following points during initial interactions.

·        The mindset of your salesforce partner to see if they have excellent, integrated cohesive and holistic approach toward project.

·        Salesforce is a huge platform with cloud based, and a great ecosystem for a third party. Since salesforce can't do everything on its own at times, consultants must be ready to implement other innovations that salesforce.

·        As a best practice for application maintenance and cost of ownership of the solution, it is necessary to use out of the box features before considering custom coding. Look for the right administrator and technical experience consultants to ensure the best and cost-effective solution.


6.     Creative and Complex problem solving – Your salesforce partner must have some exceptional creative abilities to solve complex creative problems.

In addition, salesforce is complex problem platform with many capabilities with limited resources because it is a SaaS platform. Sometimes it is best to unload high storage and highly computationally in-depth applications from Salesforce to platforms such as Heroku, Amazon Web Services and integrate the results back into Salesforce either through UI integration or data integration.


7.     Trusted Advisor with Long Term Plan – As you search salesforce consulting partner, so definitely you will choose the right person for a long term plan whom you can trust more and someone who has the skills and capabilities to solve the complex problems that arise. May be salesforce consultant start with one project, others will surely arise as your company’s needs change.


Ending Words – A consulting companies with deep knowledge of salesforce can carry all kinds of projects with their full of dedication to making salesforce working for its customers. These experts have dealt with a variety of salesforce ventures. They quickly realize an issue and are able to deal with them on the spot. They know how to upgrade salesforce dependent on everyone association needs.

Every consultant for Salesforce is a showstopper and others are just like a nut and bolt. You don’t need somebody who make over complicates the procedures. Salesforce expert ensured you get the outcomes you need from Salesforce. Moreover, an authentic Salesforce accomplice gives you a go-to asset when you keep running into a sudden issue. You won’t waste a moment hunting down data or somebody to help. You simply get in touch with Salesforce specialist to get prompt counsel and backing.