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Should you invest in An Influencer Marketing Platform?

Here are a few reasons why you should

Should you invest in An Influencer Marketing Platform?

Monday July 22, 2019,

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Are all your marketing efforts going in vain? Have you tried all forms of the digital medium to increase your reach but without success? Is there little to no engagement on your social media accounts?

Then probably you need to reconsider your digital marketing strategy. Sometimes, marketers have it all figured out but a little mismatch here and there might ruin their entire efforts. Even the color schemes on social media posts can bring your engagement down if there’s no consistency.

Should you invest in An Influencer Marketing Platform?

One such element is influencer marketing. Since its hype in 2016, nearly every marketer has come across this term. Most have even utilized it but to no success. Deceptive influencers, unattractive content, no tools to measure, etc. are some reasons why brands have failed to harness the full potential of influencer marketing.

Are you ready for Influencer Marketing in 2019?

Here’s what can help you determine if you’re ready for influencer marketing -

  • If you’re looking to use Instagram, Facebook & Youtube for shaping up public opinion about your brand
  • If you want to reach a niche target audience in a particular geographical region
  • If you are planning to recruit brand ambassadors that can increase the reach of your brand
  • If your focus is on increasing engagement on your brand using micro influencers
  • If your target audience turns to authentic and credible sources before making a purchase

Are you ready for Influencer Marketing in 2019?

Brands try every trick in the book to maximize their marketing efforts but they forget that not everything works for everyone. Some brands hire an influencer marketing agency while some focus on their in-house capabilities to fuel their influencer marketing efforts. A third form is utilizing an influencer marketing platform that simplifies the process of the entire strategy.

Why Are We Still Talking About Influencer Marketing Platforms?

Because brands need them more than ever. Technology has surpassed the previously imagined limits and is becoming more powerful every day. Influencer marketing platforms are built on advanced technology to solve the problems of brands and influencers unable to match their requirements. They might not be new but are as effective as any other tool to maximize your success.

But not all brands will need an influencer marketing software. Someone who is just working with a single influencer and has a specific audience to target with a specific product, might not really require a platform. Startups that have a small budget but are looking to reach more customers can utilize an influencer marketing platform because of its efficacy.

Thus, it really depends on how far you’re willing to go with influencer marketing before you venture into availing the services of a platform.

Why should you invest in an Influencer Marketing Platform?

The major reason is that they are simple and they work. Brands face a lot of challenges in managing their influencers, campaigns and measuring the progress. Influencer marketing platforms assist brands in achieving exactly that.

1) Low cost of Marketing

Influencer marketing platforms cost less than hiring a full-fledged influencer marketing agency. Startups and small businesses can utilize an influencer marketing platform within a budget.

2) Influencers at Your Fingertips

An influencer marketing tools have a database of influencers from which brands can select the right fit for their campaign. A pool of influencers gives the power to the brand to select only those that satisfy their requirements.

3) Customize Influencer Research

Brands can apply filters and find influencers based on the target audience, geographical region, social platforms, etc. They can customize their research to match the specific terms they want the influencers for.

4) See Influencer Performance

Recruiting a wannabe influencer can be as bad as recruiting no influencer at all. An influencer marketing software allows you to see an influencer’s track record, their past performance with brands, their following, and their history.

5) Measure and Analyse

One major benefit is that brands can measure the performance of their campaign using set metrics. This allows them to know whether the influencer has been effective in meeting their campaign goal or not.

Utilizing an influencer marketing platform is a choice. There is no hard-and-fast rule but it can be a good practice if your major activity to attract, convert and delight customers is influencer marketing. Influencer platforms will empower your influencer marketing efforts with resources that can enable you to maximize your online marketing potential. At BoTreeTechnologies, we have a team of software experts that analyze your marketing requirements and develop top-notch solutions to kickstart your influencer marketing campaign. Contact us today!