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6 Advantages of digital marketing

The number of people connecting to the Internet or having an Internet connection is growing rapidly worldwide.

6 Advantages of digital marketing

Monday May 04, 2020,

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The number of people connecting to the Internet or having an Internet connection is growing rapidly worldwide.

Among the advantages that we can find in a digital medium are:


An important benefit of digital marketing is that it enables communication between companies and consumers easily, 24 hours a day and often in real time.

When a consumer communicates with a brand, the parties are creating a relationship of trust.

For this reason, it is essential that companies that carry out Internet marketing have efficient communication channels with their consumers. This holds good for digital products as well as physical as well.

In this way the resolution of problems becomes much more effective, reaching the brand to obtain a good reputation, making consumers more likely to buy the products of that brand. This is one of the most effective customer loyalty practices.

2.Global reach

On the Internet any company can have a global reach as there are no distances to travel or geographical boundaries. This allows the promotion of our products to the whole world. With traditional marketing this type of expansion would be very expensive.


One of the great advantages of internet marketing is that it is no longer a one-way street.This allows companies to create deeper relationships with their customers and more interaction.

Another advantage is to draw more attention to the consumer because, every marketing action that is created generates information, which can help the company to better understand its audience and at the same time improve efficiency.


You've probably heard this phrase "information is power". One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the availability of data from users.

Information about user behavior on websites, social networks and search engines are essential for marketers to create efficient campaigns.

The real benefit of using this data is the economy of time and money. Also, the campaigns that are created will be based on the real audience and the messages will be aimed at this audience.

In this way companies reduce the margin of error in their campaigns.

5.Competitive advantage

Companies that use digital marketing are one step ahead of their competitors that only use traditional marketing. This is due to the global reach, interaction, metrics and information obtained.

This guarantees a greater scope of their campaigns, with more effective communication and a reduction of risk.

Also, among companies that use digital marketing, those that know how to use a strategy in their favor will get a competitive advantage. Digital marketing also serves to reduce advertising costs.

Therefore, for a digital marketing strategy that generates competitive advantage, it is necessary to understand the basic concepts and have all the tools available to know how to select that generates better results with your audience.

6.Real time

On the Internet everything can be measured in real time. Marketing professionals can quickly adapt according to the performance of the campaign, avoiding wasting money on something that is not working.

In traditional marketing an ad in a graphic media cannot be measured in real time and several days must pass to have some information available.

In digital marketing, an online campaign can be adjusted as many times as necessary during the day, based on the data obtained from it.

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