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Skills digital marketers should learn to find success in 2020

Digital marketing is not a field where raw knowledge alone is enough for a long and prosperous career. Professionals have to pick up other skills to further propel their career. We discuss some skills digital marketers should learn.

Skills digital marketers should learn to find success in 2020

Monday September 23, 2019,

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Digital Marketing Skills

In many spheres of work, not just digital marketing, the need for professionals to have skills beyond their primary area of expertise has become important. From engineers to doctors, professionals are now expected to have additional skills which set them apart from their peers.

The push for learning and adding skills has been fueled by increased competition in all industries. Digital marketing is not alone when the discussion of increased competition comes up. From the automotive industry to IT, professionals across the board are feeling the burn have rapid competition. The best way to stay ahead of the pack and secure one’s career is picking up useful skills along the way.

Even digital marketing courses both online and offline have begun to stress the importance of having additional skills besides the raw knowledge of SEO and AdWords. Many students studying either through wildly popular online tutorials or a more formal option such as a digital marketing institute understand the importance of improving their portfolio.

In this article, we will discuss some skills which can propel a digital marketer’s career and help them find great success.


Many associate content writing with digital marketing, but it is writing which marketers have to learn first before understanding the ways of content writing.

As a skill, writing is a highly valuable skill which has the benefit of always staying with the person learning it. This is because writing is not particularly a dynamic profession. At its heart, writing is another way of communicating.

To learn writing, digital marketers do not have to take any classes. The one and only way to learn writing is to write something every day. There is no substitute and if digital marketers wish to become good writers, they have to learn how to write to an extent when whipping up a 1000-word article is not a big deal.

The uses of knowing writing are many. For one, digital marketers can write blog posts and optimize them according to SEO principles, effectively combining their knowledge of digital marketing with writing.

A professional with knowledge of digital marketing and also the skill of writing is highly valued in the digital marketing landscape.


Any digital marketing campaign which does not analyze data from its own activities is destined to go off the rails. Analytics is a key part of digital marketing, though one which is not looked at very seriously.

Analytics is not merely the collecting of data but also drawing conclusions from the data collected. Any given digital marketing yields many different sets of data during its life. A digital marketer analyzing the data has to study the data received and draw conclusions on the things which went right and wrong with the campaign.

To learn analytics, digital marketers have two options. One is to actually take up a data science course separately. In the case of big brands that have large sets of data to go over, knowledge of data science is handy. In general, digital marketers can learn analytics by studying case studies and seeing how previous professionals analyzed different sets of data.


Programming is useful not only for digital marketers but for professionals from many different fields.

In digital marketing, there are times when there is a need for professionals who have technical knowledge. For instance, optimizing website load time and landing page optimization requires the assistance of tech professionals adept at handling the situation.