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Smart SMS App for Salesforce Customer Relationship Management

Smart SMS App for Salesforce Customer Relationship Management

Thursday June 20, 2019,

7 min Read

Business owners (small or giant) always look for various routes to boost sales and revenue of their organization. It is not a clandestine fact that enormous methods/techniques are implemented, trials conducted to achieve best result for improving sales.

One of the salient factor directly contributing to the company's sales and profit is CUSTOMER SERVICE. One has to be proactive in this genre to clear doubts of their customer at any point of the day. Easy support services and user manuals should be accessible to the clients.

Customer Support Service

Image Credit - Pexel

In this era where internet messaging services have an important role in our lives, one cannot put SMS (Short Message Service) to the back seat. Even in this time, SMS is one of the best, safest and sure shot way to promulgate brands, products and offer extensive services.

Let me tell you how an SMS plays significant role in customer service domain. One can deliver their promotional message, deliver OTP (One Time Password), share service provider details over SMS irrespective of that person using internet or not. SMS just need service provider network coverage and then your work is done.

SMS Services

Image Credit- Pixabay

That was SMS services outside business management tool. It can also be operated in a fully functional or new Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to send SMS to your clients. One such module which offer SMS sending services from Salesforce is Smart SMS App

What is Smart SMS App?

Smart SMS App allows the owner to send individual or bulk SMS to the Account, Leads, Contacts from the Salesforce panel. In this app, the super admin (owner) can create multiple users and assign them permission to send SMS (bulk & individual).

Smart SMS App

Image Credit - Girikon

How can Smart SMS App benefit my business?

Before investing in any app, one should check its features and one should do a detailed study on the app features and its impact on the existing system. Smart SMS App offers excellent features which are useful to gain trust among your customers.

Displaying Incoming SMS on the Home Page-

With the help of Smart SMS App, a list of incoming messages will be displayed to the sales rep on their home page of Salesforce CRM. With the help of this feature, the sales rep can always have the client's replies at a glance and chances of missing out their messages will also reduce.

Displaying Incoming SMS on the Home Page

SMS Scheduler-

We know how busy and hectic life of a sales rep is and how important a good night sleep is to them after a busy day at work. Isn't it be wonderful to schedule promotional, greeting or maintenance messages to your customer at different time zone automatically.

Well, the sales rep can actually schedule the sending the SMS by entering the date range, setting up the time, selecting SMS Template, number in Salesforce Org and save it. Now when the scheduled time comes then the SMS shoots automatically without you or sales rep being up at night.

SMS Scheduler

Auto Responses-

In any business (bricks & mortar or online), promotion, surveys, contest plays a vital role in grasping customer's attention. When a business sends SMS related to promotion, surveys or contest it is always expected to have replied back from the customers.

It is always a good practice to have some auto responders which can reply back to the customer. In this way, you will have full trust of your customers and your customer support will be appreciated.

With the help of Smart SMS App, you can Setup Auto Responses so that whenever replies come from the customer and it matches with the defined Keyword then automatically a respond will go to the customer.

Auto Responses

Reply from Email-

Reply from Email allows the sales rep to reply to the incoming messages directly from the email inbox without logging into the Salesforce Org.

Reply from Email

SMS from Report-

In Salesforce you can create standard and custom reports based on the details and data you want to view. Many organizations prepare reports to know about unanswered emails and calls which were sent to their end users by Sales Reps.

 These kinds of reports help the higher authority to strategize solutions so that maximum emails and calls are answered by the customers.

Smart SMS App offers one such feature which is a solution to the unanswered emails and calls. The feature is called "Send SMS Using Report" which allows the sales rep to choose the report, select the number on which you want to send SMS, select number from which you want to send SMS and select SMS Template.

At the end of the form, you will also notice SMS Body which will preview the SMS. You can edit the message if you need and then click Send SMS button.

SMS From Report

OptOuts Numbers-

When any user unsubscribes to the SMS service by sending text messages like Cancel or Stop then that user is added to the OptOut list automatically. In the OptOuts tab, you can see a list of end users who do not want to receive SMS in the future.

SMS Template-

Smart SMS App is extremely helpful and time-saving app as it allows it's users to create SMS templates which can be used for sending SMS by the app.

For creating a new SMS Template, enter Template Name, select Object or Report and then enter the message body. There is also an Emoji Picker to add emoji to your text messages to make them more attractive.

Now from the next time when the sales rep sends a message then they can directly select the template, enter the number and send. It will save the time of the sales rep to enter the same message again and again. In case, any custom message needs to be sent to the customer then that can be also done.

SMS Template

SMS Workflow Configuration-

Smart SMS App gives an ability to setup workflow based on which SMS will be sent to the customers. Suppose you want an introductory and welcome SMS to be sent to a new lead automatically when it is recorded in Salesforce CRM.

First, you have to create an SMS Workflow Configuration by entering Title, selecting Object (Lead in our case), selecting the number from which SMS will be sent, select To Number and SMS Template.

Now for SMS to be sent automatically, create a new Rule by selecting the object to which the workflow rule will apply. Now in the Evaluation Criteria section, select the option which suits your requirement and in the Rule Criteria section, enter the criteria.

SMS Workflow Configuration

Send Mass SMS from Object List View-

You can send bulk SMS from object list view with the help of Smart SMS App. For example, go to Lead List view page, select the list view based on your requirement (for example All Leads).

On the right side, you will Send Bulk SMS button. Now, select the records to which you want to send SMS and then click on Send Bulk SMS.

Send Mass SMS from Object List View

Send Single SMS from Record Detail View Page-

Now the users of Smart SMS App can send individual SMS from object record detail page. You have to view the record to which you want to send SMS and on the record detail page you will find buttons - Initiate Chat and Send SMS by Lightning (if you use the Lightning version of Salesforce). The SMS History section is also added to the record detail page for you to view sent and received SMS.

Send Single SMS from Record Detail View Page

SMS History-

In SMS History, you can see a list of SMS sent (Outgoing) or received (Incoming), it's status (Delivered or Undelivered), Object Name and To Number (to which the SMS was sent) & SMS Type.

SMS History

With this, I am ending today's article on Smart SMS App. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are abundant of features which help sales rep to close the deal, win trust of the customers in product and service domain.