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SMEs Switching to Lights-out Manufacturing Amid COVID-19 Outbreak – All Thanks to ERP

SMEs Switching to Lights-out Manufacturing Amid COVID-19 Outbreak – All Thanks to ERP

Monday June 08, 2020,

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This for sure is an era of digitalization and businesses running effectively even during the Coronavirus outbreak is a proof for the same. It is not that the capabilities of ERP software to mitigate the daily challenges in business operations were not noted earlier, but the enhanced reliability on the same to manage and maintain the workflow, as we are experiencing today, was seen in the past. 

Nearly all the companies worldwide today are practicing the work from culture and maintaining WHO guidelines for social distancing to contain the spread of the same. Where it was fairly possible for larger enterprises to immediately shift to remote operations and still run the business smoothly, many smaller companies found themselves at stake. 

Especially the manufacturing businesses that are staffed with shop floor employees had to shut their manufacturing and supplying processes altogether for a while due to lack of proper operating systems. Also, one of the major loopholes in the functioning of small businesses was that the front office personnel managing the entire business could not operate and assign manufacturing tasks from their homes. 

But all thanks to robust manufacturing ERP software that addressed all the manufacturing challenges effectively and gave small business owners a new hope to carry out Light-out Manufacturing!

What are Manufacturing ERP Software and the Best Known in the Industry?

Software that manages end-end manufacturing operations from inventory control to product designing and supply chain handling is considered to be efficient manufacturing ERP software. SAP Business One because of its unique capabilities and in-built intelligence for managing the entire manufacturing unit is well known among SMEs as their automation software of choice. Unlike many feature-rich ERP platforms, SAP Business One price is cost-effective and very much affordable for a small business owner. 

Let’s understand in detail, how SAP Business One is making an impact on manufacturing businesses amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Empowering Employees to Work Remotely

SAP Business One is capable of digitizing even administrative, IT support, planning, and designing operations. That is, the front office panel need not be physically present in the office to execute business functions. With smart and efficient SAP B1 features, shifts for shop floor employees can be scheduled automatically so as to maintain the minimum number of onsite employees. 

Also, the leaders can access the real-time reporting and inventory-related data so as to maintain the orders and supply chain. The unique machine maintenance and product quality control feature of the software can alert the concerned authorities in case of issues, well in advance.

Production Monitoring and Control

With the Bird’s Eye View feature of SAP B1, the leaders can monitor and gain greater control over the entire production unit with the real-time progress report. The complete process status right from production to shipping to delivery can be tracked remotely with a single click of button.

Adapting to Dynamic Changes Instantaneously

In this uncertain period, where demand for many products has seen a major fall, there still exist food, pharma and medical industries that are experiencing a never seen jump in the product’ demand. To adapt to all the uncertain changes, SAP B1 renders the fastest re-planning, re-scheduling options to meet the demand for supplying products. The whole process can be executed with lights-out maintaining the minimum employees in the field.


This phase of Pandemic will hopefully get over soon, but what will remain is the techniques and the tricks that we were forced to learn in the trying times. All thanks to SAP Business One Manufacturing ERP software, which made running a production unit during lockdown, possible.