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SMO Vs SEO: Which One Is More Productive for Your Business

SMO Vs SEO: Which One Is More Productive for Your Business

Saturday February 29, 2020,

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Today almost all business entrepreneurs are thriving for the upbringing of their business. They are implementing and considering various tactics to achieve success and grow their business in no time. They want to drive more sales and traffic to their business by hook or by crook, thus they are opting for traditional as well as digital way of marketing. But when it comes to marketing, then they get more confused about which method to choose to leverage more beneficial results for their business in no time. 

Businesses need to understand that marketing is all about getting the spotlight and creating awareness among the end number of customers in a short time span. Every entrepreneur knows that if they want to reach their prospective customers, then they need to consider search engine optimization (SEO) for their business. But they are unaware of the fact that social media optimization (SMO) can also help them to drive the same result if performed in the right manner. 

What SEO and SMO actually means?

To provide you with a clear map about SEO and SMO, let's describe it clearly. This definition might be clear among the two and will help you know which is much better for your business. 

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, it helps businesses to expand and boost their business reach by growing their network online. It helps them to improve their business rank online on various search engines such as Yahoo, Yandex, Google, Bing, and many more. It helps them to stay optimized by improving their business website ranking by improving the process, content quality, information, and much more of their business website. Mainly they can consider two types of SEO, that is: 

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

What is SMO?

SMO refers to social media optimization, it helps businesses to promote their brand more accurately and effectively, which they had never imagined before. Businesses are allowed to develop their own business community by developing engaging social media profiles for their business. Entrepreneurs can share their latest updates about their business, create awareness, and much more by sharing the desired content on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others. 

SMO and SEO: Know How They Differ For Each Other

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help businesses to rank their website on the first page of google. This ensures that customers can easily find a particular business whenever they search for it online. Seo is undoubtfully is one of the best ways to drive the spotlight for your business, it helps to improve businesses to improve their website visibility in front of prospective customers. 

But businesses also have to consider social media optimization (SMO) for their business as it also has much to offer to them when compared with SEO. According to a report, more than 50% of business startups are currently trying to develop a strong presence for their business on various social media platforms. This percent is quite high compared to that which was found two years ago. Now more and more businesses are considering building their business online. 

Advantages of SEO and SMO

There is an end number of benefits that businesses can leverage by considering SEO or SMO or both for their business.  It will not only help them to improve their relations with their prospective customers but will also help them to drive more sales and qualitative leads to their business. 

Instead of relying on traditional marketing methods, businesses can shift to online marketing methods like SEO and SMO to leverage more fruitful and efficient outcomes for their business. It will surely connect them with a large number of customers, improve their business visibility and profit margin. Besides this, there are many more advantages that businesses can leverage by using SEO or SMO for their business. 

Drive Traffic To Your Business Website 

Business entrepreneurs who want to drive more traffic to their business website need to understand that SEO and SMO can bring the same result to some extent. SEO can rank your business website high on the SERPs result, this makes it easy for prospective customers to reach you whenever they search for a business similar to your on the search engine. While SMO can provide you with a high audience base to deliver your message and convey them to become loyal to your brand ever after. 

Increase Your Business Visibility

According to a recent Statista report, it was found that more than 2.9 billion people globally use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger on a regular basis. Thus if an entrepreneur wants to improve their business visibility in a lesser amount of time, then it will be more advisable for them to consider SMO as it provides them with the end number of audiences at the same time.

Image 1

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Social media optimization makes it more convenient and easy for business entrepreneurs to share their referrals with more and more customers worldwide. Instagram has approximately one billion monthly active users, which is much higher than in 2017, only 800 million users were noted on this user-friendly platform. (Source)

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Therefore businesses have to consider developing their business presence on multiple social media platforms. This can help them enhance their business visibility and leverage various competitive advantages. 

Collect Customers Feedback Easily and Speedily

Today every business entrepreneur has realized the importance of feedback. As more than 90% of customers explore online reviews before making the purchase of any product or service. Thus businesses need to make sure that they collect feedback from the customers after providing their business service through Gojek clone or any other app solution. And when it comes to SMO then it becomes quite easy for them to collect feedback from their prospective customers. 

Businesses can develop their business presence on the platform on which they are working presently. It might help them to drive more traffic to their business, which might result in an increase in business profit and sales. Even positive reviews also have a great impact on the conversation rate. In one of the research, it was found that by displaying the reviews, it becomes easy for businesses to increase their conversion rate by 190% for a lower-priced product while they can increase the conversion rate of the higher-priced product by 380%. 

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Target Global Audience

It becomes quite simple for businesses to target their global audience with the help of SEO as well as SMO. With the help of SEO, they can drive more audience to their business website while they can solve all their doubts and issues by considering SMO for their business. Combo of both strategies can help them to grasp more happy customers than that which they have never imagined before. 

Summing Up

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are interlinked with each other. Businesses can share links and webpages on their social media platform, this can help them to rank high in the SERP result. Every like on social media can be considered as voting and can entrepreneurs improve their business ranking. 

In short, SMO and SEO can be used by businesses to enhance their site ranking, traffic, boost popularity, and much more.  The combination of both SMO and SEO can prove o be more beneficial, especially when it comes to bagging online success for your business. To leverage more benefits from online marketing, businesses need to make sure that they consider and implement both the strategy at the same time, this ensures great outcomes for their business. 

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