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How Social Media is Helping Businesses in COVID-19?

How Social Media is Helping Businesses in COVID-19?

Saturday July 25, 2020,

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The only solution advised holding the rise in the corona cases is maintaining social distancing until we are not having a proper vaccine to cure this virus. The implementation of social distancing has resulted in a lockdown and people are advised to sit at home and work online. Businesses are closed for a while now and the health experts consider that this practice of “lockdown” will have to continue for at least this year. So how can the businesses survive? How will they offer their services or products to the targeted audience?

Why Social Media?

Nowadays, social media platforms are used by almost every age group and gender. Why not target these platforms and try to interact with the large audience on a single platform?

Remember the revolving marketing strategies from traditional to digital marketing? This could be the right time to implement it. I saw various blogs by the marketing experts where some businesses did not believe in the new era of digital marketing and considered traditional marketing the only best way to attract their target market. This virus has changed many things, now it’s time to change the marketing concepts and move towards social media marketing.

How will social media platforms help businesses to showcase their products and services to the audience? The answer is very simple and straight, what do people do while sitting at home, do they work all the time? You must be kidding! They use social media platforms to interact with people and influence their buying behavior with effective social media marketing strategies. The challenge that the businesses will have is the limited purchasing power of the consumers due to the financial condition prevailing due to COVID-19. Hence, it is essential to identify the target market narrowly and work on the basic needs and wants of the consumer.

How Social Media can be helpful?

I have witnessed many businessmen are left with no options and to close the business. These businesses were only relying on traditional marketing and had no social existence. If you see companies having social existence you might witness that these companies are still conducting their business operations smoothly being above the survival level. Our main focus of discussion is to highlight those businesses that have no social existence and how they can now offer their products and services to their target market through social media. As the customer is spending more time online as before, it gives the best opportunity for these types of businesses to develop their social marketing strategies and get in direct communication with the client.

I saw the social media marketing strategies of best assignment writing services and it amazed me on how they frequently conducted live sessions with students to address the new discount strategies they impose. If they can do it why not you? It must be difficult initially but over time, you might get favorable outcomes and flourish your business even in this lockdown as well. Some of the tips that I can recommend you are as following, these tips are specifically for those businesses that do not have social existence at all as we aim to help the most struggling business during Covid-19.

1.      Be Aware and Acknowledge the Current Situation

While initiating the social existence during the state of Covid-19, ignoring the facts of Covid-19 and explaining that everything is just normal is not a good idea at all. Rather than showing a careless attitude and pushing the customers to come to the store for shopping will portray a negative perception in the minds of the consumer. Alternatively, if your social post indicates that you are concerned regarding customer health and advise them to stay home and order your services online with all safety precautions, it will give a positive perception in the mind of the consumers. The social media posts should also highlight how their shopping can help the business to continue their business operations and pay the salaries of employees and ensure they don’t fire anyone and play a positive role in the society. Business owner “Kristin Cavallari” posted on her Instagram account on how buying her products can be helpful in the COVID-19 situation.

2.      Regular Posting

Due to Covid-19 all the companies are posting on social media to attract consumers and the level of competition is dense. As said earlier, the purchasing power of the consumer is limited so only the best offerings can get the attention of the consumers.  Sitting idle at home what will be your preference? Check your social media account? Trust me, majority of the consumers are online majority of the time and regular posting will help you to get the interest of the client. The more you post, the more customer like explore your services and product and more will be the chances to interact with the client. One of the prominent advantages of regular posting is to have direct communication with the client. If the client does not that particular product or services there is a probability that they may ask you customize the product as per their needs and wants! Apart from all the time sharing your product or service information you can regularly update regarding the reforms and measures your business is taking to make it secure against COVID-19. I saw various posts of “thewoodlandshouse” and I was impressed by the way they share their updates and filled in my Instagram outline with their regular post.

3.      Focus on Providing Organic Value

Transform your social media advertisement into a resource that seems to be valuable for the target audience. The primary emphasis should be on interacting with the client rather than scrolling traffic on the ads. This can be done by enhancing visuals, videos and small captions rather than just giving “Swipe up” or “Click on the link” as it is not much appreciated now by the users. For example, the post below is the is a carousel post regarding instagram live. Rather than pushing the audience for making a live or clicking on the description, the post drives the audience to read the blog.