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Spiritual Quest of Vidushii Luthra – A Master, Healer and Revolutionary Soul

A glimpse into the journey of Vidushii Luthra – a woman who has been walking the path of spirituality since childhood and is healing countless souls now.

Spiritual Quest of Vidushii Luthra – A Master, Healer and Revolutionary Soul

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

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Is It The Right Time To Incorporate A Spiritual Revolution In Our Lives ? This is the question we came upon while writing this unique story of a female yogi.


First of all, let us get a glimpse of the term ‘spiritual revolution’. It is a spontaneous movement that comes with a strong force to take us towards our inner spirit and establish its connection with the greater reality. Spiritual connection is what can lead any individual inward towards their soul and drive them towards the path of self consciousness.  When we are conscious of our inner self, we attract and ignite the healing powers inside our body and mind. And when this inner power leads us towards more positive experiences, it always brings out the absolute spiritual ‘being’ in us. 

A Spiritual Revolution is capable of thrusting upon humanity a new new social situation that may lead humankind to an unparalleled path of universal growth and harmony. For when every second soul is more aware and conscious, the whole society and nation at large are capable of changing.


Over a passage of time, we have seen various assumptions of science, that have outgrown our traditional paths of spiritual realisation. It would be somewhere correct to even say that science has rather diverted our paths but it seems under the wake of the current global pandemic that it is time to amalgamate both the paths of science and spirituality and create a single uniformed quest towards spirituality and consciousness



In this context, we have interviewed

Vidushii Luthra - Spiritual Master and Guide to many, who has walked on the path of Yog since childhood and yearns to heal souls by weaving threads of spirituality within and around us which can transform our daily lives and take us deeper into our own selves that many of us are not friendly with. Knowing the self, the being we call human to small little facets of daily living that she relates so intricately and yet simply with our spiritual roots is what we experienced around our conversations with her. The Founder of the Rudra Universe Spiritual Sciences took us along the path less travelled by many through her own journey so far.

Vidushii Luthra - Spiritual Healer And Preacher

Vidushii is the identity I go with but I associate with different names as per my myriad relations with many beautiful souls around me. I walk the path of yog and my methodology, practice and preaching is all about Gyan yog though I synthesize and prophesize a common path of gyan, bhakti, kriya, raja and hatha yog. Rudra Universe is the name of my mission and I call it so because this is about establishing a new world order by taking along many and most through a deeper consciousness which is very difficult to establish in the current yug.

Vidushii Luthra - Spiritual Healer and Owner of Rudra Universe

Vidushii Luthra

A new order requires a lot of old patterns to get destroyed. So in that manner, the roles I have destroyed earlier within me are those of a journalist, a director, a media person, a communication strategist, a Vedic astrologer and Vastuvid. My previous venture Kaarmic Connexions , however was all about connecting with the souls that are now with me on this mission to walk the path of the Supreme One.

How Vidushii Was Blessed By Her Guru


I have been blessed by my Guru with a conscious childhood which was all about discovering the Divine in all things around me. Through visions and what you would term clairvoyance, my master taught me to read nature and perform my karmas with complete honesty. I am simply doing that today and helping the masses see the deeper meaning of life through whatever means they use to reach out to me. To some I am a master, for some a guide, to some others a philosopher and friend but I simply mirror what someone sees in me. I am far away from definitions and roles and am a free resource in nature. Breaking all limitations is my sole objective and in doing so, I am limited myself in many ways for I have my own karmas to clear but establishing a limitless Universe is what I envision and every breath of mine till my last will be devoted to the divine cause and purpose. I simply live as an instrument of that Supreme Grace.

Finding Inner Self - A Reflection Of Spiritual Quest


Every aspect of nature is unique in itself but the day I start finding or spelling that uniqueness in me, I lose it all. And when you have surrendered to the Divine, there is only One. So if you ask me what is unique about me or my mission, I would say my Lord is unique and so is the work which is carried out to establish His name and grace through my humble mission called Rudra Universe.

I named it so for Rudra avatar is all about taking away everyone’s sorrows and where the Universe is His playground, I could not fathom anything less than the Universe. My sole aim is to establish inner truth and beauty across the world and beyond and how much ever we surrender ourselves for that purpose, we will only fall less for Lord is all encompassing and this Jeevan is too short. So the more we do, the less it is on His path.

 Believing In The Atman And Awakening Your Inner Soul And Spirit


No one is my competitor neither I am here to compete with anyone. One Divine soul had once sent his mission’s chief to ask me if I shall pose any competition to him in future to which also I had responded the same as I am to you today. Each one comes here on this planet with a space created for themselves and competing with someone is like getting into a space that does not belong to you. To each one his own and the Divine fills them all. I am neither better nor beyond anyone for all of us are the same atman. Where Brahm is the ultimate truth, all maya or illusion should be given up and I am no longer a part of any form except that of my Lord. As I said, I flow freely just like Srishti.

Rudra Universe - https://www.rudrauniverse.store/

Vidushii Luthra - Believer of Shristi

Challenges That Floated For Vidushii On The Path Of Spirituality

It is not about being a woman entrepreneur on the path of spirituality, the greater challenge is living through grihasta and walking on the adhyatma path. Grihasta ashram poses many challenges for a sadhak or yogi and if one is able to go beyond the challenges of the worldly life and pursue the path with discipline, that is what I would term as ‘Samayama’

It is not easy to live your roles giving up attachments but if you are a sincere student of the Divine, then you slowly come to live all roles with simplicity and vairagya and eventually give up all vasanas. However, your karmas have to be of that level that you can continue to walk the path balancing both your personal and spiritual life. Balancing those two aspects, it becomes very simple to balance being a woman entrepreneur into spiritual pursuits for when work is worship and where there is total surrender, gender is never a barrier and balancing the personal and professional zones also happens easily.

Enthralling Experiences By The Healer Herself


Positive and negative experiences are a part of everyone’s life but specific to my life, the negative has only been about breaking my own karmas in certain situations to keep walking the path. Until I adorned the role of a Vedic Astrologer and advisor, there were many who consulted me but the moment it came to the spiritual path, many people left me saying life is about money and growth and not about vairagya which is what God’s path demands and that should happen only when one retires or turns old. While many beautiful souls got associated and attached with me on the divine path, many others parted ways for God to them is an old age pastime. The seeds of divine knowledge should be rather sown in childhood so that a child is able to grow and evolve more consciously. My accomplishments are about all souls who are walking with me to realise their Self and offer seva to mankind in their own ways and my losses are the people who are still away from me for every such soul to me is capable of being turned into a divine agent. If each being here starts living more aware, then we can turn Kaliyug into Satyug.

 Vidushii has drawn a line against predictive astrology and she advocates using Jyotish only as the base for spiritual growth

Whenever I am approached in the Jyotish context too, I ensure that I do not let the native get into the lure of predictive astrology and I do not even take them into future. All I do is make people read their charts as the fruits of their karmas, know their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the planetary aspects and take them towards a deeper purpose of living their sanchit karmas in such a way that their kriyaman karmas become the path to heal many others. When you heal another being, nature heals you. My astrological readings focus on seva and dana which are the ways one can support nature and in supporting nature, one day we become one with it.


I do not have one word or method I can put across for taking the masses on to the spiritual path for I will not adorn ten heads but a hundred if Lord gives me that power. I will reach out to the mayavi through maya, reach out to the sad ones through joy, reach out to the furious through silence, take along the needy through fulfilling their needs. Sama, dama, danda or bheda, the ultimate purpose shall be to establish the divine in every heart. Breaking agyan or ignorance and establishing divine knowledge is my sole and soul objective in this birth and since I have surrendered to nature, it is not upon me to care about the USP, nature shall take care of all the uniquely positioned souls (UPS).

In this quest of enlightenment, what matters most is how much you yearn for the Divine. Spiritual Healer and Mentor Vidushii Luthra smilingly says, " Every human is mighty or feeble at some point in their life, and comes upon one point in time when they contemplate “What is the meaning of my Life". This is the time when a being yearns to find the purpose of his existence and there itself begins one’s journey towards the discovery of the self and  what you term ENLIGHTENMENT"