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Springboard to Discipline Spirit

Perennial pursuit of “Success” is actually temporary like a short race which requires a sprint fuel of discipline.

Springboard to Discipline Spirit

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

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Any success is achieved through new ideas and in today’s era of chequered innings, manifestation of “discipline” with an “idea” is an important virtue. It consists of innovative and hybrid social-emotional intelligence and encouraging self-management to the core. The art of discipline is a fundamental building block of inner peace which must be comprehended wisely. The concept isn’t a skeptical term, rigid or boring; it is a fascinating process to unify your uniqueness with consciousness and management which can ultimately be the greatest ally to bridge the gap between an impossible task and accomplishment.

We were being taught from our early childhood, discipline is a product limited to the confines of academics, desk jobs and corporate ladders. It is a fallacious belief, everything in life requires a sprint fuel of discipline because you need to embrace you own uniqueness & creativity with a sense of self-control and practice of obedience. Also, discipline cannot be an only product of survival to the each phase of life. You either got discipline and live with it, or you got to be dead.

No! In lieu of fearing starvation, we need a different approach to survive and the approach is, “your creative idea demands a phenomenal design of systematic arrangements to align goals with actions”.  

Reality Check

A freedom without discipline is like a country without defense.  

Millennial's are the outstanding generation and finally old enough to become leader but to become a new leader requires an extra-ordinary set of skills. According to The Deloitte Millennial Survey, 63 per cent of Millennial's agrees that they do not have the proper training to comprehend leadership and they are unaware about the key attributes to the success.

Confused Millennial's

Confused Millennial's

Today the millennial's are no-doubt passionate, digital natives and desire social impact but they also face a higher level of student debt and unemployment than other recent generations due to lack of one trait i.e. discipline. Their lack of discipline is evident and can be found in job applications which are filled with typos, errors and cover letters which reveals no interest in creative work. They like to emphasize their high opinion of themselves rather than portraying enthusiasm for building good relation and team work. They live in a world of delusion which is a self-created fantasy where many young job seekers come forward with an over-confident executive attitude backed by zero experience.

Millennial's need to redefine their goals and cultivate the power of self-discipline because a success in job highly demands a delay of gratification or the short period of time to enjoy a great reward in the long term.  

Why Essential to the Character?

Self-discipline is built consistently performing small acts of courage, is the only trait to success. It gives you the gumption to stick with difficult tasks, and makes you an invincible leader.

You can imbibe the depth of Discipline within with these phenomenal proven formula's

1.     Conquer Self – Finding “self-discipline” is challenging but becomes easy at the same time when you mix your passion with it. Be Creative with your passion.  It triggers the “upward spiral” of life. Now you wonder, how creativity fuels self-discipline? It gives a sense of purpose to life. Creativity embraces your originality which ultimately raises unique connections between you, your self-esteem and self-awareness. It is the 80% of creativity through which you can conquer your success, 10% of effort and 10% of brainstorming required throughout. You must learn to color outside the lines, ready to make innumerable mistakes and become courageous to work independently. You can always experiment with your ideas by practicing it tremendously.

Be Creative with your Idea

Become Creative with your Idea

2.    Vision and Mission Statement- Common, but very price worth question, where do you see yourself in next 5-10 years??? Once you have a purpose in life, you need to conceptualize a vision statement with your future objectives. And thus, this helps in manifestation a quality decision making which enables a mission statement to perfectly align with the philosophy of your vision statement. This can come up with a long-term desire changing results.

Enlighten a purpose within

Enlighten a purpose within

3.   Body Language Matters: Assertive body language contains a phenomenal power to make an extremely strong impact in your surroundings. Most of the people are oblivious with their body language which can leave a huge negative impact. Oblivious body language is either a conscious or unconscious expression of sadness, anger, nervousness, impatience, boredom, or lack of confidence.

The alarming signs of nervous Body Language

1. Moving or leaning away

2. Crossed arms or legs.

3. Looking away to the side.

4. Feet pointed away from you, or towards and exit.

5. Rubbing/scratching their nose, eyes, or the back of their neck.

Correct your Posture for the positive influence:

1.     Try bearing your weight predominately on the balls of your feet.

2.     Stand straight and tall with your shoulder pulled back

3.     Tuck you stomach in.

Improving your poor posture also helps you cultivate more discipline and awareness about yourself.

Decoding Correct Body Language, Posture and Facial Expressions

Decoding Correct Body Language, Posture and Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions: One of the most important aspects of human Communication. It highly emphasize upon aligning your emotions with your thoughts. You need to be wise and careful with your facial expressions because often it conveys a far more vivid message than words. Any unnecessary wrong expression made can lead you to a misinterpretation. 

4. Digital Discipline: The leverage of digital technologies has achieved several competitive advantages through market-leading in the industry. But for the personal benefits, you need to reduce screen time to pursue some of the healthy interest  that promote health, personal growth or connections with others can help to reduce screen use and provide a sense of meaning and purpose.   


5. Assertive Communication with Verbal, Emails and CV – You need to highly understand the depth of Assertive Communication to express yourself in a positive manner. It is not just communication; you need to listen well to decode your responses well.

Verbal Etiquette – You can quickly build a positive rapport and can gain a confidence of the other person in you. With a firm handshake you take your conversation ahead by following the below guideline.

1.     Listen to the person

2.     Let them finish and then start talking

3.     Don’t interrupt the person in between

4.     If you do interrupt, apologies 1st and then put your point of view in front

5.     Don’t talk too much

6.     Keep a subtle tone of voice

7.     Practice modesty and humility

8.     Be grateful for the opportunity 

9.     Leave an impact after every speech you make

10.  Best way is to script yourself so to avoid grammatical mistakes 

Email Etiquette – The principle of discipline the one should use while writing to any seniors or highly delegates.

1.     Don’t just shoot from the lips, prepare a proper body copy

2.     Do proofed your message before sending

3.     No humors allowed, can be offensive

4.     Have an appealing and clear subject line

5.     Avoid having unprofessional fonts “Calibre”, “Ariel”, “Garamond”, “Georgia”, “Cambria” and Bell MT can always be the perfect options.

CV Etiquette – Very important part of the professional life. It can “make you” as well as it can “break you”.

While preparing a resume remember –

1.     The resume must reflect a clear objective of the candidate.

2.     Do not use jargon's

3.     Highlight the Essential KeyWords: 50% Leadership skills, 50% Problem solving skills, 40% Oral Written communication, 45% team building abilities, 50% Decision making skills.

4.     Font – Professional, Classic and easy to understand

5.     Do not exceed more 3 to 5 bullets in each section

6.     Do not have multiple personalities

7.     Your resume should not be exceeded more than 2 pages.