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10 Steps to boost your business growth over Pandemic

Do you still want to grow your website traffic? Many website owners and bloggers are still doing the best to overcome the problem caused by COVID-19. You can easily hike your business website. Apply these tips you will never regret.

10 Steps to boost your business growth over Pandemic

Saturday September 05, 2020,

5 min Read

As all of us know that coronavirus has reached every corner of the world. This outbreak has broken every country whether you belong from a strong economy or a poor one. Everyone is affected by this problem.

This outbreak is declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). People are trapped in their homes and start to work from there. They have started social distancing and using precautions to keep away from the virus. Some are using hand sanitizer, wearing N95 masks, washing hands rapidly.

Businesses have suffered a lot due to corona, and financial status is not good enough to hold more. So we need to improve it.

You can protect yourself suffering from corona, but how will you protect your website performance, not to go down. Here are a few tips that can help you to stop the declension of your website.

Let's start from the beginning.

1) Start Learning Digital Marketing

If you are a website owner, then it is necessary to have some knowledge related to digital marketing to be aware of factors that can affect your website performance. You can also learn some ways to improve performance.

You can easily merge your business on a digital platform. Digital marketing will help you to promote your business worldwide. Think of some innovative ideas to present the same thing differently.

2) Establish digital relation with customers

If you already have a business, but due to corona it's affected, you can try communicating with customers to give more benefits over digital orders.

Digitally order management and handling is an easy way to keep an eye on your business. You can make new offers to attract more customers digitally.

3) Proper Utilization of Social Media

Handling business websites is more problematic if you are not doing it correctly. It would be best if you made strong connections with customers. You can hike your business if you are socially engaged with your customers. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to improve your revenue.

You can also start updating posts on social media so that customers know that you are socially present.

Create Live Sessions to give your customers new tips regarding your business. Organize facebook events to engage more customers.

4) Use SEO to target traffic

Corona has changed the whole landscape of the world. All business has gone down. People are using the internet to order more than they usually do.

You can grab customers who are left from your reach by doing seo. It's not a new thing. To make your small business grow more during this pandemic, you need to use targeted audiences.

By doing performance analysis, you can reach the root cause. Then you can think of ways to resolve that problem.

Try to learn how to create backlinks and fix broken links, update pages, and use smaller areas to target your audience.

5) List Business on Google My Business

You can easily manage your business from a new start by listing it on google my business. It's a free tool that allows you to list your business on google maps. It acts as a website also to manage your work.

You can directly engage with your customers and easily gather reviews about your product and services. You can attract customers by giving offers that you are willing to do.

6) Promote your brand on Social Media

During this corona outbreak, people spend more time on mobile or pc while browsing some new offers, services, and features. The easiest way to promote brand awareness is to do it by posting high-quality content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

7) Revive old data for new sale opportunities

During the normal time before the outbreak, you have also collected some user data that are not converted into conversion due to some issues. Now it's time to review them and turn them into your customers.

It's always a good idea to collect user data through your website using pop up notifications. You can also analyze your email marketing data to start a new strategy.

8) Free Trial Offers/Services

Customer attraction is the central part of the business; this can be done simply. Provide your customer some free trial of your services and some offers for a limited time. Doing this will increase your business revenue.

The trust factor on your products will be increased; people will also love to share with other people about the free offer. You can achieve user promotion by itself. Increasing free trial periods to more will boost your sale after this offer.

9) Package Selling Approach

We have seen many businesses promoting their services and offers in a bundle form at a reduced price. If you have some single products, then you can try selling all products in a single package.

Doing this will reduce your promotion cost and increase your sales cap. It will also attract more customers to your offer.

10) Free Shipping Offers

The most effective way to grab your customer quickly in any eCommerce business is to provide "FREE SHIPPING." Most popular brands also do the same strategies by making some combo offers with free shipping to generate more revenue.

People are also likely to buy more if there is no shipping on the products.