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Studying in Australia for Indian Students: A Quick Guide

Guide for Indian Students in Australia

Studying in Australia for Indian Students: A Quick Guide

Tuesday April 23, 2019,

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Australia is situated in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean. It is a standout amongst the most loved locations for international students all over the planet. The major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are a few of the most favorite destinations for students. Australia is positioned as the third most well-known destination for global understudies following the US and UK.

Why Australia?

Australia students

Australia hit a record with 624,000 international students in 2017. This worldwide recognition is because of the excellent education system which improves the personality of its students and equips them with proficient professional skills to land great career opportunities. Therefore, it is not a shocker when every other Indian student you speak to who wants to pursue international education has Australia as a top priority. Keeping a few unfortunate conditions aside, Australia remains a top choice for Indian understudies wishing to get higher education abroad. However, there are a few points that should be considered before you choose to fly to Australia for studies.

Courses and Programs

courses and programs

Australia has a wide range of degrees and courses to offer. Indian students wanting to follow any field can find a subject of their choice in Australia without any difficulty. More than 1100 institutions are offering more than 22,000 courses to help you get the best education which will lead to a successful professional life. A lot of Indians go for Accounting, IT, Health Care, Hotel Management and Business and Management related programs.

Education Expense

education expenses

Australia has an expensive education with high tuition fees and student loans. According to a study, the average tuition fee for an Australian higher education institute is AUD 7,900 which is approximately INR 389,863. However, the fees depend on the level of education and vary according to each course.



With that being said, Australia is still an excellent place for Indian Students because it becomes quite affordable with the Australia Scholarships. Among the many scholarships for international students some are government-funded and some university specific such as Melbourne Research Scholarships by the University of Melbourne for Bachelors, masters and PhD.

Other Expenses

One more thing to keep in mind is that besides the significant expense of tuition fee, there will be other expenses as well; these include accommodation expenses, food charges, phone, entertainment and commute. Remember: Bigger cities have bigger expenses which may vary from AUD 350-900/week. Similarly, living expenses depend upon the kind of housing you choose such as guest houses, on campus, hostels, homestay, shared rental etc. Students can use coupons and discount codes to save extra cash. There are many websites and apps which offer coupons on various brands and products ranging from food, clothing, travel etc.

Average salaries of Australian Graduates


According to research and statistics, a graduate from an Australian Institute will land a starting annual salary of AUD 70,000 which is equal to INR 3,457,285. A well-educated individual can lead a white/blue collar job after completing the studies. You can also get great opportunities through excellent communication skills and networking.

Pros of Studying in Australia

There are pros and cons of studying in any international university. As an Indian some of the main advantages of attaining higher education from Australia are:

1.     Good global exposure

2.     Diverse social and cultural interaction

3.     Solid statement for your resume

4.     Good governance for the institutes

5.     Government-funded scholarships for international students

6.     Global networking opportunities

7.     Earning extra money as a part-time employee which can help with the living expenses

8.     Post-study work visas for Indian students

9.     Post-graduation international career opportunities 

10. Permanent residency if you get a permanent employment

11. Travel exposure

 Cons of Studying in Australia

Safety concerns due to anti-social and racist elements. Be sure to give yourself some time, and you will surely find some great people as Australians as a whole are a very friendly nation.

1.     Expensive lifestyle for an Indian student which can be dealt with if you take up a part-time job like tutoring or serving as a waiter at a local coffee shop.

2.     Low wages and exploitation of international students by local employees so make sure you are aware of your rights.

3.     Some dubious institutes which take hefty fees and offer poor quality education. Contact the Indian Embassy in Australia to make sure you don’t get trapped in a scam.

4.     Homesickness and a complete change of social and cultural environment which can come as a shock to most local Indians. Be patient and travel during holidays to learn the Aussie land and culture. Understanding the locals and communicating with them will help you blend in and adopt the environment.