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Successful Remote Hiring Interviews The Ideal Solution During Coronavirus Outbreak

Successful Remote Hiring Interviews The Ideal Solution During Coronavirus Outbreak

Thursday March 26, 2020,

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Coronavirus is spreading like anything across the world and it has affected plenty of industries and almost every sector you can think of. Due to coronavirus, many companies have stopped their hiring process because no one is willing to join in for the interview or work even if the interview gets cleared. But there some companies who are willing to recruit during this slowdown because of the coronavirus. 

Due to the virus, there has been a quiet surge of jobs in some industries which is related to coronavirus. According to the Glassdoor, there has been an increase in the job postings with the searches related to coronavirus, mainly within the healthcare, biotech and other fields. 

There are have been measures issued by the government to maintain social distancing and work from policies. This has to lead to companies to go for a different approach to the hiring process and make the proper use of the technology. The methods here include video calls and conference calls. Everyone is relying on technology to overcome the problems of hiring during coronavirus. 

Plenty of companies like Google and Amazon are working towards remote hiring initiatives and have given a nod to online interviews. There has been an increase in the use of video calling apps like Skype, Zoom, Slack to name a few. Companies are taking the help of technology during this virus outbreak, the business should not slow down is what they think. 

It marks a new day for both employers and candidates, those who are used to in-person interviews now have to use a virtual hiring process and look for the ways to convey themselves properly. 

Why Remote Hiring Works During Coronavirus?

Reduction in business cost 

Going with remote hiring will help in huge business savings, it will reduce office costs, according to a study, a company with remote workers will save approximately $10,000 per employee in a year. It also reduces any wasted time, researches suggest that on average might be wasting 8-hours a week on non-work related stuff. With the remote workers, the billable hours are the hours they spend on working on projects.

Remote hiring means more productivity

It might sound weird but remote hiring actually works and yes there is research to prove that remote workers are far more productive than the employees. This is because the employees get less distracted with their co-workers or with plenty of meeting requests. You can easily focus on your work without any interruption. Employees can work according to their strengths, remote working will let you choose your own schedule.

Improves employee retention

Replacing your employee can be too much, recruiting new employees would take a lot of time and you will have to make sure that a new employee should stay for long. In this case, remote work improves it, companies have reported that remote working had a positive effect on employee retention.

And Now..

Here’s how you can crack your virtual job interview by keeping these things in check… 

Do’s for Hiring Remotely

  • Look for a quiet environment, which can be away from your kids or pets and make sure everyone knows about your interview process is going on. Barking dogs and noisy neighbours are a big no. 

  • Go with a good quality camera, so that the interview experience is great.

  • Plan your script and know what you have to say and rehearse it properly before your interview begins. 

  • Know how to use the video software you will use for the interview process, whether it’s Skype or Zoom, know the shortcuts of the software. 

Dont’s for Hiring Remotely

  • Get distracted by other programs on your computer, the only thing on your screen should be of another person who is taking your interview. 

  • Look at your mobile phone, no matter if you are addicted you are, you don’t have to look at any time during the interview process. 

  • Stay focused on a place and don’t move around too much because it can create a negative impact during the interview process.