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Swiggy Daily – A New Business Idea From Swiggy

Swiggy Daily – A New Business Idea From Swiggy

Sunday May 26, 2019,

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Swiggy Daily - A new business idea from Swiggy

Swiggy Daily

Everyone is aware of the demand for online food delivery service. People prefer a food delivery service and online traffic to the restaurant is growing steadily.

Success in the food industry is inevitable but it depends on technology, trends and market analysis. Many entrepreneurs are successful in the food delivery industry because of its demand and potential business.

Swiggy is one of the fastest growing food delivery platforms and holds no 1 position in India. They are partnered with a wide range of restaurants and backed by the latest technology to support their platform.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a business idea then, this article is for you. Here, we are going to discuss Swiggy’s unreleased app “Swiggy Daily” and business flow behind it.

What Is Swiggy Daily?


Swiggy Daily (Unreleased) is a subscription plan from Swiggy where you can get homemade meals from the chosen chef, until the period of subscription.

Ordering food every day is an exhausting task, particularly it is very hard for business people to manage their diet. There is also a concern in ordering food from a restaurant continuously. Most of the millennials outgrow the instant noodles and looking for more.

Swiggy brings a solution for people who are dependent on hotels and restaurants can order from handpicked chefs who can delivery homemade meals. Swiggy assures you with the quality of the food from the trusted homemakers.

How Does Swiggy Daily Works?


  • The user has to sign up with Swiggy Daily.
  • They can join a subscription plan of their choice from their favorite chef or homemaker.
  • The payment has to be made by the user for subscription
  • Finally, homemade meals will be delivered to the user.

Features Of Swiggy Daily:

Subscription Plan:

You can opt-in to the subscription for the period of 1day or week or for months. You can also have the option to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Variety Of Cuisines:

With the Swiggy Daily, You can order a variety of cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Hyderabadi,

Bengali, Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Mughali.

Swap Your Meals:

Swiggy Daily provides you option to skip your meals whenever you want. They also give the option to Swap meals with different cuisines and pause your plan if needed.

Order Before two hours:

The customer has the option to order breakfast, dinner and lunch before 2 hours time. This option helps users to order if needed.

What You Can Learn From Swiggy Daily?


Swiggy Daily is a business idea for future which helps homemakers to earn and the user to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal of their choice.

If you are an entrepreneur, then this business idea will help you to succeed as Swiggy yet not launched Swiggy Daily in the market. If you are interested in building an app like Swiggy Daily then, we are here to help you.

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