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Technological evolution is changing education system in 2018

Technological evolution is changing education system in 2018

Tuesday November 27, 2018,

4 min Read

Technology has been the source of our evolution right from the starting of our civilization. This can be said or proved through the perfect example of evolution of man. At the starting, man dint know the use of tools, as he evolved he used technology to make himself smarter and now we are the smartest beings on earth. Through this technological advancement, education has been an active part. But now education has taken a back seat, and this is pretty bad because a lot of aspiring minds depend on education to re-invent their glorious future or Academic career. Now, technological boom or progress has really taken its part in changing education system which is helping people especially students. Let us some of the ways by which technological evolution is changing education system in 2018:

1. Online tutoring through smartphones:

Technological immersion has been so productive, as we can see through the use of online tutoring through smartphones. Now, no longer students have to slog for hours in search for the best home tutors in order to replenish the lack of education, due to the limited time of their classroom teaching. Now students can receive education just by the click on their smartphones. Smartphones has been a boon and now it is helping to impart education easily and in a better way. With the growth of online tutoring, now students can avail of the best teachers at anywhere, and to add to that they can schedule their learning lessons at any time for the day, according to their convenience.  How amazing is that? This has been made possible through the help of advancement of technology.

2. E learning sites:

Now you no longer have to rely on just the normal classroom education for your education gain. Now to gain that extra bit of knowledge you can take the help E learning sites. Technological evolution has taken the potential of education to its zenith through the help of E learning sites. With the help of these sites, a student can gain knowledge about any subject of their choice and beat the nearest competition, to secure good grades. Plus, one can very well read about the basics of a particular subject, as there are numerous examples present at these sites. Now no one can miss out from receiving elementary education, this is a gift due to the technological immersion or technological evolution.

3. Writing made easy through online writing sites:

With the help of online writing sites like PenMyPaper, one can very easily help themselves to secure good grades. This is the greatest invention in the field of education which has reduced pressure such as anxiety pressure or panic attacks which was faced by students during completion of assignment tasks. Now with the help of online writing sites, one can easily consult experienced writers who can help you by delivering quality write-ups within the given deadline that would help you to secure good grades. How easy is that? Yes, this is the result of technological advancements in 2018.

4. Use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality):

The most trending and the most innovative boon of the technological advancement is the use of AR and VR. This has revolutionized education to the grassroots level. This can be seen through the use of these technologies in classrooms. This is revolutionary as they work on the aspects to trick the human brain to think virtual objects to be real and life like. This has helped to reap benefits by letting students to learn and see land-forms of inaccessible areas that was otherwise thought to be impossible. Not only in geographical land-forms, medical students can too reap benefits as these two technologies has helped them to practice better before performing real live operations. Architectural students can built better designs on the virtual platforms, making them prepared for building safer structure for buildings for future. Now AR/VR has moved beyond education and is helping other sectors like real estates too.

Thus, from the above-mentioned examples we can very well see that the impact of technology is making education smarter and better in 2018.