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10 Best SaaS-based Startups In India

A list of 10 best SaaS-based companies in India

10 Best SaaS-based Startups In India

Tuesday July 21, 2020,

5 min Read

Start up is the new trend in India & ever wondered what are the hottest & best startups in India, here is a short list on top 10 best startups in India.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) has been the talk of the town for quite a long time now! And to explain to you better, SaaS is considered to be the most trending and modern business technology today. The SaaS-based companies offer software applications through a subscription model. It has been successful in transforming various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, HR and so on.  


Presently, there are a lot of SaaS companies in the market serving different industries, but some have created a great impact right from its commencement through the journey to date! Here is the list of ten best SaaS-based startups in India: 

Note: This is not a ranking based listing, I have gone with Alphabetical order.

Agile CRM 

Agile CRM Logo

Agile CRM is considered to be one of the leading SaaS-based companies in serving SMEs through its comprehensive CRM platform that allows organizations to effortlessly automate sales and marketing services. They offer end-to-end CRM support to manage every stage of the customer lifecycle. With 20,000+ happy customers, Agile CRM is continuing to spread its wings across the globe.  


chargebee logo

Founded in 2011, Chargebee is basically a billing and subscription management platform by enabling organizations to automate billing, manage subscriptions, and streamline revenue operations. With a powerful set of investors such as Tiger Global and Accel Partners, Chargebee was able a series C round of $18 million from Insight Venture Partners in 2018.  



CleverTap is a Mobile Marketing platform that supports businesses to retain, engage, and develop valuable relationships with their customers. Through this platform, they ensure that you, as a business, engage with your users at the right time and convey the message appropriately. With a rich range of features such as automated segmentation, audience analytics, campaign optimization, etc. it acts as a complete mobile marketing solution.  

Founded in May-2013 to raising a series C funding from Sequoia India and Tiger Global, CleverTap is now focusing on global expansion.  



Freshworks is one of the most common SaaS-based startups in India. Founded in 2010, it has come a long way with its operations spread across the globe. They are committed to providing an improved customer engagement solution for organizations. They have developed a powerful cloud-based suite enabled to engage with the customers at every step of their journey. 

With a trusted customer base of over 150,000 companies around the world, Freshworks has a group of high-profile investors like Accel and Tiger Global Management.  


hackerrank logo

HackerRank is a SaaS-based market-leading platform for technical interviews exclusively designed to hire developers with the right skills. It is trusted by a huge chunk of tech managers and recruiters as it helps them find a perfect fit for their organization through detailed reports, automatic scoring systems, code verification, etc.  


Hotelogix, founded back in 2008, is referred to as the best SaaS-based property management system for hotels. It allows hotels to smoothly manage a wide range of functions such as front-desk operations, housekeeping, restaurant operations and so on.  

hotelogix logo

Hotelogix is known for offering customizable suites for its customers based on the language, currency, etc. as their clients are spread across over 100 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Thailand and Singapore.  


KekaHR is a SaaS-based service provider that offers fully integrated workflows to seamlessly handle HR, Payroll and Talent Management. With a vision to enhance employee experience, they have a wide range of products right from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and payroll. Their newest launch is the Productivity Tracker, designed to support organizations to develop a transparent remote culture and sustain productivity.  

Keka HR Logo


With its rapidly growing client-base, Keka already gained the trust of renowned companies such as Vedanta, Dream11, UpGrad, OnePlus that make up to their clientele. One of those very few startups in India which are bootstrapped & successful, so a worthy startup to include in out top 10 Indian based startups.


kissflow logo

Kissflow is another SaaS-based company that offers business process management for organizations through a single platform for all operations. Right from case workflows to project and process management, they have got it all covered. With serving 10,000+ clients and presence in 121 countries, they are rapidly growing, aiming to be one of the best work management software service providers in the world.  


WebEngage is marketing automation and customer data platform for consumer businesses. They offer a multi-channel user engagement through Push, In-app, SMS, On-site notifications, Email, Web-push, Facebook and Whatsapp.  

webengage logo

They were initially able to raise seed funding of $500,000 from GTI Capital and Blume Ventures, Capillary Technologies being the latest.  


whatfix logo

Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that is designed to provide performance support and in-app guidance for software products or applications. It helps organizations to support their customers by driving digital adoption and guide them to know their software in the best way possible. Whatfix plays a vital role in eliminating all the complexities for the users from your enterprise application.  

Bottom line


Over the past few years, the growth of SaaS-based organizations have been touching new boundaries. From the above-mentioned list, the majority of the companies have expanded their wings globally, trying to reach new heights. With the constantly growing numbers, there is no harm in saying that SaaS will be the leader in the market in the future!